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The Hows of Us

For a Filipino Film I'll give it a score of 9/10 It is one of the best RomComs in the Philippines ever!

But if you stack it against Hollywood movies. a score of 7/10 would suffice.

Acting Lead Actors: 10/10, they portrayed it masterfully. Supporting Cast: 6/10, could have casted a better "Yohan", they gave him a lot of screentime and his portrayal is lacking. The cousin and friends of Primo needs more workshops. George's friends were the bright spots.

Story/Dialogue The plot is simple and direct to the point. It somewhat dragged when they went to Amsterdam. Dialogue was good 7/10

Direction/Cinematography CGM is one of the best when it comes to RomComs here in the Philippines. 9/10

As of Sept 7 it has 404M php gross, and its only been up for 10 days.

PS: To the other reviewees, please be fair, don't bring your Crab mentality here.

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