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Army of the Dead

Below the Expectations
Before I watched the movie, I had big expectations (of course for a zombie movie). It has 150 minutes screen time and you can feel in action just for two scenes (the first building they entered and the last squence). I also did not understand why they did not hire a group for bring them a zombie sample. Why they have to decieve them like it was a heist mission? They could give them money for zombie sample mission. I think, they wanted to add a twist and they gave this decision late. They had to add it later and it just made the plot senseless. There were small and big absurdnesses like that and they really disturb you while you watch. Finally, who is Geeta and why is she so important? I know the present system of the film industry enforce you to give messages to the audience but sometimes people want to watch movies just for entertainment. Not every movie have to give messages.


An "underdog" story from top to bottom
Rocky, is a completely "underdog" story with itself and its production's background. Sylvester Stallone's intention while writing this story and his sacrifices to play Rocky character, are fascinating as movie. Although Sly's acting was not appreciated from the authorities, his acting was quite good despite Rocky was one of the his first movies. According to most people, Rocky's story is simultaneously with Sly's life and this makes movie more special. That's why, reading the background of filming process is highly recommended before watching Rocky.

As most sport movies, the message of the movie is that you should do your best regardless the circumstances. When Rocky is watched now, it has some cliches. However, these cliches do not disturb audience's pleasure. Intercalarily, Rocky can be considered as a clicheless movie according to a film made in 1976. Despite its all filming inexperiences and its all shooting mistakes, Rocky is accepted as a cult for cinema community. Since, these inexperiences and mistakes contribute involuntarily to movie's effort to reflect Rocky's "underdog" life.

When all features of the Rocky are considered as a whole, it can be seen that Rocky is not only a sport movie. It is a movie could change most people's world view. It gives people a way of thinking and teaches them life's dark and painful side. It shows them, the important thing is not to reach the top, but to fight on this way. While doing these all, it achieves to get audience into different feelings. Therefore, Rocky is more than a sport movie. It is a cult gains people a world view and deserves its score absolutely.

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