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So Moral Is To Just Cause Extinction?
Setting aside stupidity of whole thing, of controlling population through chaotic rebellions rather than simple birth control, never mind implausibility of maintaining a train without ever stopping it, or its tracks, we have main hero choose EXTINCTION of ALL HUMANS rather than let few children be sacrificed. How does that even make sense? To anyone?

Train crashes, only two survivors are 5 year old black boy and a 17 year old Asian girl, whole world is frozen, and then we see Polar Bear as he sees them. So they become his lunch. The End.

I guess point of this story is that we should destroy ourselves because we cannot all be equal? We are all still stuck on a planet which is dying. Our sun is dying. There is nowhere to run to. Oil is running out. If you agree with logic "Tail" people use, you should not be a hypocrite then but open up your front door and let anyone who wants to come to your home, eat your food, sleep in your bed, right in. Think about that.


Just Bad
The story does not work for me. First, back in primary school I built a self sustaining ecosystem, a biosphere. So I know quite a bit about that topic, and this whole movie is based on a premise of biosphere on a fast moving train, circling Earth which has frozen.

Put in simplest terms it means that you cannot mess with production without messing something up. If system is designed to support 1000 people and be self-renewing, and you have 100 stowaways, and then you have children, you very quickly damage your self-sustainability. So you cannot just breed out of control, it has to be based on how many are dying, it all has to be very carefully controlled.

Second, these stowaways are incredibly stupid. They want to be able to breed, they want bigger rations, they want equal rights, and they had several uprisings where they murdered people trying to steal control of train. Supporting them would be like supporting rights of people to come break into your home and take what is yours, and to murder you if you do not give it to them. Yet, viewers are expected to side with those people.

Third, people running the train are also incredibly stupid. There are precedents with how you deal with stowaways on your ship/train. You throw them off. Keeping them alive means sacrificing resources you might not be able to spare. There is episode of I think Outer Limits which deals with that, there are numerous stories involving that from Age of Sail, and there are precedents specifically involving trains made by the USSR with their Siberian Trains. Cut off heat, lock doors, and stowaways will freeze to death if they stay. If you want to be nice you can briefly slow down and give them chance to jump off.

Fourth, whole Murder Mystery plot is weak, acting is just terrible, main actor seems unable to act but just speaks his lines with basically same facial expression no matter what.

And Fifth thing is simply that this show does not try to entertain anyone, but to provoke people. Its not even thinly veiled. Its about illegal immigration, income inequality, ... yeah, I get it, but I do not believe anyone who actually has their own home would like it if people just came in through front door, opened their fridge, ate their food, slept in their bed. We already saw just how willing all those Celebrities who were supporting illegal immigration on social media were to just let 20 random people come crash at their houses. NONE ACCEPTED to do that. We already have too many homeless, too many poor, and I just don't see how anyone can try to push adding more to that without first fixing existing ones. Don't spend 15 billion bringing in refugees, spend it on building low income housing and creating jobs for poor you already are not taking care of. Anyway, this show is misguided, and really just plain bad.

Why Women Kill

Actually Awesome
Amazingly enough, this show manages to promote proper marriage and family values, those of trying to make things work, and standing by your spouse. Yes, there is infidelity, and these are not even close to perfect marriages, but in the end you still get feeling that women portrayed honestly just wanted their marriages to work out, and went to rather extreme lengths trying to salvage their marriages, even as things were in shambles. Deserving of utmost respect. Sort of wives any man should be happy to have.

Whether ending of Season One is happy or not will differ on what one expected. Really its three ending as each marriage had its own epilogue. I found one executed like a masterful Hitchcock, second was bittersweet, and third to be as happy of an ending as one could expect.


Who is this show meant for to enjoy?
It starts off ok, as it sets tone of basically being comic book show. Not realistic, but too over the top. They kill few Nazi's and ones they pick all seem to have been very guilty. If it kept up that tone my rating would have been maybe 7/10, not higher because writing itself is pretty bad, like much weaker version of something Tarantino would have made, but still decent.

But couple episodes in, and its just utter nonsense of torturing people, some of whom may have been scientists in Nazi Germany, but then legally entered USA as part of Operation Paperclip, and integrated themselves and cut off all contact with Nazi's. Torturing and murdering someone like von Braun makes no sense.There is world of difference between being a physicist or a rocket engineer and being some sadist who tortured and murdered people.

Then we get these really stupid clips inserted of a faux 70's show type, where they just take potshots at white people in general. How is that ok? Nearly every single episode has stretched out segments of pure racism towards white people. If you need to wonder whether that is fine just try replacing "white people" with a different demographic and see if that would be also fine by you. When they do clip saying how all white people know someone who at some point said something derogatory about Jewish people, I cant help but think, ok, that is true, but all Black people also know someone Black who has said something derogatory about White people, or all Jews know some Jewish person who said something derogatory about Muslim people, etc, etc, ... should we all start feeling shameful of our race which we did not choose because there are random extremists of every race out there? Its sheer stupidity. And race shaming like they do in this show is NOT ok.

What I personally found most idiotic however were all those scenes where dead people are talking to them. They way there were done is such a sad attempt at drama, and it kicks you right out of mood show sets to begin with that you feel like you are not even watching same show any more. Show also cartoons Concentration Camps, and it is done in very poor taste. Then there is a scene where guy cant disarm a bomb, but he can simply leave and live, yet, we get his dead kid showing up, and he just chooses to stay there and die. Why?

Also, most people they go and kill seem to be 70+ years old. That never made much sense to me in either case as when you are 70+ you'll understand just how much pain and suffering you start being in as your body starts to fail. I checked "Nazi Hunters" list for 2020, and they apparently still got dozen or so names on it, but going through it you see every single individual on that list is in 93-100 years old and NONE will ever actually ever go to prison anyway, so why bother? Concept of 1000 70 year olds trying to start 4th Reich with very few younger men involved is utter nonsense. To top that off, those younger men seem more interested in killing each other off then in their new Reich, even tho whole reason for them even being together is so that they can start up 4th Reich.

This could have been a much, much, much better show if they skipped connection to Operation Paperclip (which was simply USA hiring 1000 German scientists, NONE of whom were deemed to be war criminals, or all that into Nazi politics), skipped insulting white people, and were stopping same chain of events but where 'bad guys' were more plausible, as in young radicals, and not scared old men. As it stands, meh, could have been awesome, falls flat as racist mess of a show. Too bad.

Lucky Day

Better Than Average
I would have rated it higher than 6, but last third of film, including conclusion, was very weak.

Funny thing is, in end credits, guy who got throat car slashed by Luc when he was stealing his car is called "Gavin McAnus", and it was such an obvious parody of Gavin McInnes. I guess it is missable if you do not know who Gavin is or that leftist media keeps calling him "Gavin McAnus". Would really like to know why add Gavin in movie just to make fun of him, I guess its personal.

Most likeable character in whole thing is actually the villain, Luc. Even tho he does some pretty horrible things, it is done with dark humor.

Rest of the movie sadly just drags on, too slowly, and towards end even Luc cannot carry it any more. It felt like they just wanted to wrap it up.

If it were not for few hilarious scenes which will stay with me a while, film would be maybe 3/10. Luc character by himself adds 3 points for first half of the film. And everyone should see it just for that.

Really this film could have been a LOT better with tighter script. For example virtually all scenes involving child could have been removed as they added nothing to the movie. Parole Officer role was really under developed. There were few poor attempts at Tarantino styled banter, but those fell flat. Mark Dacascos was just wasted, no idea why add him for cameo role like that. And ending was just terribly bad, not funny, poor attempt at tear jerk moment which had no effect on me whatsoever.

I would however watch a movie with just Luc being Luc.

Robin Hood

NOT Robin Hood AT ALL
1. This film has nothing at all to do with Robin Hood. At all. They just stole the name and made propaganda movie about 2019 USA Politics.

2. Final riot scene you can tell even if you only saw couple YouTube videos of Antofa that it is so blatantly Antifa fighting American Riot Gear dressed police protecting Capitalists.

3. "Robin Hood" uses terms like "redistribution of wealth".

4. Combat scenes are all basically modern small unit tactics, but using bows and crossbows instead of assault rifles. It got ridiculous very quickly.

5. This is supposedly Medieval England, yet there seem to only be 2-3 women in whole film, and easily half of the cast are not European at all. I get that modern Hollywood tries to stuff token minorities in anything they produce, but I am fairly certain that Robin Hood only involves Anglo-Saxons as demographic.

6. Little John is black, ... and nothing like in books, or older films, ... Friar Tuck, again, is nothing like he is supposed to be, whole rest of the Robin Hood gang are entirely missing from the film.

7. I gave plenty of films a 1/10, this is one of very few where I would like ability to give rating of ZERO.

Pig Hag

On one hand it is easy to feel sorry for the main character, at first. On other, as movie goes on it becomes very blatantly obvious that it is her own fault, and that she has zero intentions of changing anything about herself.

If it was a movie about obese, unlikeable child, maybe it would get a 5/10, but by the time woman is 36 years old she had at least two solid decades to correct herself. You do not wake up at 36, childless and weighting in at over 300 pounds, alone, lonely, trying to find dates online, and with your only friends gay men, and then asking any guy you meet if he ever had sexual contact with another man, without making a LOT of bad, bad, bad choices along the way.

By the end of the film any sympathy I had towards her has left the building. What I was left looking at was extremely lazy, unpleasant, psychotic, insane character, ... without any point being made. Nothing actually happens of any consequence throughout entire movie. She begins as a lonely weirdo, and ends as such, and yet apparently meets plenty of men willing to have sex with her which is just messed up and seems to attempt to portray all straight men as unable to control themselves, even if woman looks like Jabba the Hutt.

As a man I can tell you that I, and most other men, would rather become a monk than tap her. Maybe most men have lower standards, but this woman falls below even very low ones.

Captain Black

This movie is pushing some weird point of view, it was not made to entertain. Ok, spoilers, dont read below if you want to see this nonsense.

Guy who is not into comic books finds one, repeats dumb phrase main char from comic says, which is utter nonsense ("Be your own friend", yeah, because apparently nobody else wants to be your friend), dresses up like that char for a party, bangs a 17 year old dressed like that comic chars sidekick. Then it just gets downhill from there. Ends with him most likely going to prison for dumbest things I've ever seen in any movie.

Friendly advice: If you banged some chick at a party, and you find out she was 17, dont go talk to her when she is with her parents in restaurant you work at. And if someone is in abusive relationship, and they stay in it, you beating up person is never going to make things better, just land you in prison. Stay out of other peoples business ...

I guess film is what white knights dream they do, I dont know, it was just plain dumb film I could have been fine without ever hearing about.

If you want to see what a really solid take on a man whose life breaks down looks like watch Falling Down instead. At least that film had a decent point to it. This one does not.

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