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The Long Riders

Best Jesse James film ever!!
This movie really captures the way the James/Younger Gang really was. The acting brothers was brilliant in my mind and will probably never be seen again. All actors are great in the film. Stacy Keach is a very underrated actor. However, David Carradine steals the show as Cole Younger and Keith is quite good himself. It is quite accurate and all characters are very realistic. The atmosphere is great and the film really captures what the James/Younger Gang had to go through. The North Field Raid is probably one of the best western movie shootouts if not the best shootout scene of all time. I am very interested to see The Assination of Jesse James...and see if it is up to par with The Long Riders.

Frank & Jesse

Really Good Western Portrayal of Jesse and Frank James
This was the second Jesse James film I ever saw. I first saw American Outlaws and realized that it wasn't very accurate. This is not a great film like Dances With Wolves or Tombstone, but is very good in my book. It shows a lot about what the former confederates had to go through after the war. The movie really shows the darker side of Jesse James and how passionate he was about what he did. Rob Lowe, Bill Paxton, and Randy Travis are great. But why do they have to change things like Bob Younger being a mute, their first bank robbery being in 1869 when it was in 1866, the fact that Jesse was shot once in the head and the second shot missed, and Bob Younger being shot by his brother Cole when he was actually captured with Cole after the North Field Raid. I believe that these things could have been changed and made a even better movie. Besides some other little things this is a fine historical movie and one of my personal favorites. If you like it see The Long Riders.

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