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'Rescue' is one of the movies that deserve a 'Big NO'
In the concrete jungle of Mumbai, Jatin, a small time house broker, leads a monotonous ife.

His monotony breaks when he happens to come in contact with his new clients - Honey, Meera and Ayesha, three medical students who are looking for a rented apartment. He helps the girls in finding an accommodation.

Things take a dark turn when the trio traps him in their apartment and holds him hostage. Can he escape from the grip of these obsessive women? Experience Rescue, a psychologist thriller with a pinch of black comedy.

Just when you start to believe that the girls are into the darker side of pornography, director Nayan Pachori hurls the 'moral compass' angle at you... and then there is also the personality disorder theory as well.

The thriller 'Rescue' is nothing but a series of bizarre scenes, put together in a random order, and presented under this film title.


'Khamoshi' shines in the beginning but then it becomes unclear, Avoid it.
Khamoshi is inspired by Hollywood movie Hush 2016.

Prabhu deva suffering from schizophrenia . He wants to kill tamannaah as he thinks the property she in living in is his .

Tamannaah is deaf and mute girl, Inspired by hush with Indian twist and turns .

Didn't believe prabhu deva can do such role..., over doing it.,in a Silent movie.

No horror its just tht tammana is screaming all the time..., Gore and blood - missing.

They just copy-pasted (HUSH 2016) with indian taste, fails & hush itself is not a grt movie either ...!!

Game Over

Worth a watch,, not for entertainment but for its new-age cinematic good quality.
Tapsee Pannu

Dealing with post traumatic stress disorder, Sapna (Taapsee Pannu) who has a phobia for darkness, leads a lonely life.

Sick minds can have desire for torture porn, to watch people suffer, beg, plead, run for their life, all thoz things give them a kick.

Sapna is working from home as a gamer. The story tries to draw parallels between her situations, the virtual world and more.

The efforts to make the story seem deeper than it actual is, feels unnecessary.

Set in a house throughout like Ram Gopal Verma's cult thriller 'Kaun'.

The film would have perhaps worked better if it ws solely focussed on its main character and her psychological trauma.

The film then takes a narrative technique of repeating the same situations as it happens typically in a game.

The events that lead up to the climax are repetitive.

Taapsee Pannu is sincere.

She has pulled off such fearful characters with conviction in her earlier films as well.

The downside of film is that a repetition of the events do come in the way of the high tension suspense built up. A pity.

Game Over, the film is worth a watch not only for entertainment but for its new-age cinematic good quality.

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai

After reaching Mumbai, show became jakkas.!!
I love the show, earlier show ws suggested by friends, i m not watching the show from the start bt i always knew the plot. Few days back i just took a look to the show.., n i found a new turn n thts sameer's dream to become bollywood HERO. They (sameer, naina) came to mumbai with father to fulfill the dreams.

A great move to take the story to mumbai.

New characters added

Vanita - a grt lady n good actor. Taklu uncle - good. Shaiba - looker..!!

Show is fun to watch.


Bharat is well-intentioned, entertaining...but makers tried too hard to prove that, is its problem.
BHARAT is about the journey of a man and a nation together. But i wud rather say..'its Salman's journey to get katrinna, thts it'

An official adaptation of South Korean drama Ode to my Father (2014).

The story begins in 1947 in Mirpur village near Lahore. Bharat (Salman Khan) is a kid and his father Gautam Kumar (Jackie Shroff) .

Separated from his father and sister during the Indo-Pak partition in 1947 as a child, Bharat decides to dedicate his entire life to keeping the promise he'd made to his missing father.

Bharat soon grows up as a dashing young man (Salman Khan) and he and his childhood friend Vilayati (Sunil Grover) join a circus.

Here he comes across the sizzling Radha (Disha Patani). Both Bharat and Radha get into a relationship.

However when Bharat realises his stunts might be influencing youngsters to do the same without proper training, he quits the circus. 🙄

He goes to employment exchange where he meets Kumud (Katrina Kaif) and gets smitten by her. Bharat and Vilayati are sent to Middle East to work in the oil fields.

Kumud who is now in love with Bharat stops him from taking high risk mine projects...Bharat however still takes up the work.

But an explosion takes place in the underground mine. It seems near impossible for Bharat and his other colleagues to come out alive..,thts the the story of salman as miner.

The Merchant Navy story track is a time-wasting exercise.

Salman is as always good or bad cant say...,,some will love him like GOD n some will get bored of his regular acting, mannerism, n heroism.,, sunil & disha did good work.

Katrina kaif is good but I think not fit for the role.

Ali Abbas Zafar and Varun V Sharma's screenplay is effective and keeps viewers engaged from start to finish.

On the flipside however, the humour is forced in a few scenes and doesn't make the desired impact.

Vishal-Shekhar's music is good.

Bharat is well-intentioned, entertaining.

The fact that it tries a bit too hard to prove that, is its problem.

Naughty Gang

'Naughty Gang' is good for nothing.
Three childhood friends - Raja (Kaif Khan), Harry (Ramanjeet Singh) and Ballu (Virendra Singh) - have always been mischievous by nature and see no harm doing anything to get their job done.

But when adulthood happens, and they are faced with a few serious challenges that life throws at them, the trio realises a few lessons about it.

Now 'Naughty Gang' is supposedly a comedy but the writer-director Pankaj Kr Virat has completely skipped the humour.

Despite the movie being a two hour and 34 minutes scenes and sequences put together in a flat fashion, 'Naughty Party' leads up to nothing satisfying.

In an interview, the director has called this film a comedy with a social message, but 'Naughty Gang' does not deliver any of the promises that it makes.

The film is bizarre and all over the place. The actors have overacted, director 'over-directed' and the length of the film is a total pain.

'Naughty Gang' is good for nothing.

Save yourself from this headache movie and give this a miss.

India's Most Wanted

Important film but its an average fare thanks to its poor writing and direction.
The plot, inspired by true events, revolves around a four-day manhunt for a mysterious terrorist ("Ghost") by a covert Bihar police outfit in Nepal.

This is an important film because it tells the story of how vulnerable we, as a nation, were a decade ago. How a series of bomb blasts across various Indian cities.

But the film is designed in a way that makes us doubt the truth of these events.

Abdul Subhan Qureshi, the bomb-making terrorist allegedly responsible for serial blasts across India.

Maybe the problem is Arjun Kapoor, As Prabhat, the poker-faced team leader seems disinterested.

The movie does have a good story, but unfortunately, its full potential has not been mined.

The story eventually follows a single thread that doesn't help the movie hit the mark.

On the whole, INDIA'S MOST WANTED is an average fare thanks to its poor writing and direction.

Special mention : Arjun Kapoor needs to reduce Weight (Saandh Arjun dsnt look like a Hero 🙄)

De De Pyaar De

DDPD is a fun ride that tells the fact that when it comes to love, age is just a number.
A middle-aged man living in London falls in love with a girl half his age..!

All started when he tries to seek approval from his separated wife and family back in India.

"This is not an age gap, it's a generation gap," warns Ashish Mehra's (Ajay Devgn) Doctor (Javed Jaffrey), when he learns about his client cum friend's affair with a 20-something hottie Ayesha (Rakul Preet Singh).

But it's not a one-sided love story that has a man dating his beti ki umar ki ladki. It's a full-fledged love affair.

Harmless flirting between two different personalities, leads them to discover that they can be more than just a habit for each other. This is pretty much what the first half of 'De De Pyaar De' (DDPD) is all about.

Ajay Devgn is in top form playing his age and he lets the audience laugh at him for being repeatedly called Buddha and 'Uncle' in the film.

His chemistry with a young and vivacious Rakul Preet Singh doesn't feel out of place.

Tabu excels with her understated performance and measured expressions & her comic timing is spot on.

For most part, DDPD remains light and fluffy with awkward situations and conflicts in the second half.

The songs are weak, but the background score is consistently strong to lift many of the scenes.

The film maturely handles a few touchy topics like divorce, live-ins and age-inappropriate romance, without getting too overbearing.

Director Akiv Ali wraps it up with a slightly unpredictable climax minus the melodrama.

Overall, DDPD is a fun ride that tells the fact that when it comes to love, age is just a number.

Majority of the film is immensely entertaining, a few twists in the second half seem bizarre. But before it turned dumb or foolish, director Ali manages to control things in.

Chhota Bheem Kung Fu Dhamaka

The animation, 3D effects are good, Visually Appealing but Not Much New to Offer.
Princess Kia of the kingdom of China is kidnaped by her own family - cousin Zuhu.

Bheem (voice by Sonal Kaushal) and his friends take up the mission to rescue and get her home.

Bheem, who is now in China, to participate in an annual marital arts competition, is faced with the humungous task of bringing a princess home, by fighting her evil cousin Zuhu.

3D animation in 'Chhota Bheem: Kung Fu Dhamaka' is at par with its Hollywood counterparts. The script, too, imparts a positive lesson on life and the overall look and feel of this children's movie is just delightful.

Chota Bheem and his gang flying off to China to rescue a princess is an interesting idea to explore, given the current air of political hostility between India and her neighbouring country.

But this film was made for children and young adults and in that respect, the length of the animated feature drags a bit too much.

Despite the minor hiccups, 'Chhota Bheem: Kung Fu Dhamaka' largely works due to its strong emotional content. Animation is good.

Student of the Year 2

Jo jeeta Wohi Sikander but No heart No Soul.., poor..!!😞
A small town boy Rohan Sehgal (Tiger Shroff), madly in love with his childhood sweetheart Mridula (Tara Sutaria), follows her to city's top college. But this new term brings friends, enemies and cut throat competition along with heartbreak.

Will he bounce back and beat the odds to become the Student of the Year?

Film's leading man (Tiger Shroff) fits right into the scheme of things when he secures an admission on a sports quota.

But his many talents start becoming a cause of concern for the current poster boy of the college Manav Mehra (Aditya Seal) and his eccentric sister Shreya played by Ananya Panday.

A bulk of the burden falls on Tiger Shroff's strong shoulders and he manages to hit the marquee, when it comes to action, dancing like a dream, playing kabbadi or flipping in the air and landing with a blow, he is just perfect.

While film's leading ladies Tara and Ananya are always glammed up and sport the best designer wear that money can buy.

Tara's performance is underwhelming.

Thankfully, for Ananya, her character gets a definite curve and a convincing backstory that works in her favour.

The film's anti-hero Aditya Seal. He plays his part with perfection looking every bit the spoilt brat with class and appeal.

While there was a lot more scope for comedy, some of the best laugh out loud moments come from Tiger's gang of friends.

The chemistry between Tiger and the two debutantes never really takes off.

Film's narrative remains light and quite focused on the overall visual appeal that often hampers the seriousness of the story.

Music is quite average, unlike the previous SOTY.

Overall SOTY 2 Bad-Dud version of Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander.


Solid writing would have saved the film BUT fails.
The film follows the cat and mouse game between friends-turned-enemy.

Cop Aditya (Aftab Shivdasani) and a 'setter' Apurva (Shreyas Talpade), who heads exam leaking activities in north India.

Director Ashwini Chaudhary focusses on the cop and criminal chase more than the scams that occur in our educational system.

The film hopes to recreate the tension you witnessed in films like Special 26 or Baby. Unfortunately, it fails.

Shot across Jaipur, Varanasi and Delhi, Setters captures the smells and sounds of our cities and towns well. But What doesn't work is the film's inability to evoke tension.

A thriller tht falls flat and thus feels never ending.

Solid writing would have saved the film that has potential to be gripping....but fails.


Sunny Deol's fans will love him in an action packed role.
Haneef (Karan Kapadia) is taken to a hospital after a road accident.

The doctor calls the police after he discovers a bomb connected to Haneef's chest.

After investigation, Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) chief SS Dewan (Sunny Deol) suspects that Haneef is a suicide bomber and part of a larger network conspiring a terror attack.

Haneef loses his memory temporarily and thus, is unable to divulge any more details to Dewan during interrogation.

Karan Kapadia brings a lot of freshness to his role. He is immensely convincing in the role of a disoriented alleged suicide bomber.

Blank' has a complex narrative but not every piece of the puzzle makes sense.

Pity that the screenplay is not that tighter nor impressive.

With some good action sequences and Sunny Deol back in form, Blank does manage to impress you in parts and pieces.

On the whole, BLANK is well directed and performed and is based on the relatable events of terrorism.

Sunny Deol's fans will love him in an action packed role after a long time.

Sharma ji ki lag gayi

Cliché-ridden melodrama and vulgar Jokes.
'Sharma Ji Ki Lag Gai' tells the story on the marital issues of a sexpert.

Professor Sharmaji (Brijendra Kala) is quite a prude, but happens to be the sex columnist of 'Jhunjhuna Samachar', a weekly newspaper owned by the wealthy and influential Murli (Krishna Abhishek). Things stir up when Sharmaji's pretty wife Shobha (Mugdha Godse) is eve-teased by Lallan (Hemant Pandey), who manages to cause troubles despite being behind bars.

While Sharmaji's mannerisms surely reflect our society, this concept has been repeatedly portrayed in Hindi films.

There is so much that could have been done with the basic plot, but the scriptwriters only cared to include distasteful jokes on skimpily dressed women. Unless you are looking for some cliché-ridden melodrama, you can skip this one.


Its a KALANK for Bollywood 😡,,,Good production Values & Good music BUT Story Bores and is Slow at times.

Sanjay dutt : Balraj

Madhuri Dixit : Baahar Begum

Aditya Roy kapoor : Dev

Alia Bhatt : Roop

Varun Dhawan : Zafar

Sonakshi Sinha : Satya

A complex love story set during India's Partition era (1940s), where the young Roop (Alia Bhatt) is torn between respect for husband Dev (Aditya Roy Kapur) and her newfound love for Zafar (Varun Dhawan). The history of India takes an epic turn, from where there is no coming back.

As the name suggests, Kalank is a story that questions the high morals of society, especially when it comes to love and family ties.

The film focuses on how eternal love goes beyond the norms and rules of society, the trappings of religions, and all other physical and man-made boundaries.

At a dramatic moment in the film, Aditya Roy Kapur's Dev remarks that if someone's wife is in love with another man, then what is the point of the marriage at all.

The story is based in a town called Husnabad near Lahore, a few years before the Partition of India and Pakistan. It's a town populated by blacksmiths and a majority of them are Muslims.

Dev and his father Balraj (Sanjay Dutt), who also run a liberal newspaper called The Daily News. Dev's life takes an sudden turn when under strange circumstances he gets married to Roop.

Roop meets Zafar, the local blacksmith and they fell in love, The story is predictable.

What's fresh about Kalank is the sets, the costumes, everything about the film.

The other high points of the film are the problematic equation between father and son, Dev and Balraj as well as the fragile teacher-student dynamic between Bahaar Begum and Roop. But all thiiz are presented in very bored manner. 😐

An epic love saga 🙄based during the 1940s ,,is too away from reality. (Like Movie Saawariya 2007)

Music by Pritam is good, performances of all actors are intense.

At 2 hours and 48 minutes, with a tighter edit the story could have wrapped up much sooner though.

Movie makes u feel bored at times,,Characters are strange and looks serious always unnecessarily.

Funny points are as follows:

1. Madhuri lives in a palace and one has to travel by boat to reach her.

2. Bull fight is funny. Bull is intelligent and returns back when crowd thinks it is over.

3. Kuch rishte karzon ker tarah hote hain unhe nibhana nahi chukana padta hai. Key dialogue of movie.

4. A lot of extra in dances but only two person in the funeral of sonakshi. Why..none knows..!

5. Siddhart Roy Kapoor : Ajay Devgan from HDDCS

6. Varun : SRK from Devdas

7. Sanjay Dutt : BigB from KANK

8. Madhuri : Madhuri from Devdas

9. Alia : Aishwarya from HDDCS

10. Sonakshi: New character

This time Karan Johar dsnt excel.

Ratings: 5/10 for big starcast, music & production values..!!

Vish Ya Amrit - Sitara

What the Hell..!!
Serial started well bt its getting worst now, all of a sudden Mahaguru(kulguru), kuldeep, Netra, Samrat & Maharaja r gone missing.

Vrinda(Shilpa Sakhlani) is over-acting n is screeming all the time.

Serial is heading nowhere, it shd end asap to a good point. Bekar serial.

Albert Pinto Ko Gussa Kyun Aata Hai?

A pointless, witless remake.
Manav Kaul and Nandita Das' remake of 1980's cult classic settles for a mediocre thriller which can't keep up with its characters - or their indignation.

Albert Pinto Ko Gussa Kyon Aata Hai? has an anti-establishment heart, but because of the somewhat outdated execution, it falls flat as a two-hour watch.

Blackboard vs Whiteboard

Pointlessly mediocre execution.
When selling junk food at a roadside eatery poses as hurdle in getting a suitable match for village boy Amit (Dharmendra Singh), he then turns to teaching that eventually leads to substantial amount of change - personally.

With a little help from his TV reporter/lawyer love interest Rashmi Hazarika (Alismita Goswami), Amit changes the fate of a government-run school in one of the remote hamlets of a north Indian state. But, since his noble intent of uplifting the downtrodden school children did not go down well with the local politician (Ashok Samarth), so he finds himself caught in the middle of a scandal by the rich and the powerful.

'Blackboard vs Whiteboard' is one of those films that has all the ingredients required for a decent social drama to work on silver screen. But the film's length, coupled with some very bland acting and cliché-ridden script, makes it a feeble attempt.

Seasoned actors like Raghuvir Yadav, Ashok Samarth, Akhilendra Mishra try to save the film, but the other aspects of this social drama bring about its downfall.

'Blackboard vs Whiteboard' touches upon an alarming topic but its execution and introduction of various sub-plots, along with a lousy and yawn-worthy courtroom sequence, make it pointlessly mediocre.

The Tashkent Files

The storytelling effort is half-baked and lacks the finesse that such a heavy-duty film requires.
A young and ambitious journalist Ragini (Shweta Basu Prasad) receives an anonymous tip about a scoop behind India's ex-Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri's mysterious death in Tashkent.

She publishes a story in the newspaper, which leads to an official committee being set up by the government to investigate the 53-year-old case.

Based on one of the most controversial chapters of India's history, The Tashkent Files tries to recreate a hard-hitting and volatile political drama. The film is based in modern times, as a journalist takes a deep dive into investigating Lal Bahadur Shastri's death from 1966.

Director and writer Vivek Agnihotri explores a lot of political stories, facts and rumours through the story. As the young journo comes face to face with the history of Shastri's death

The story is able to put across such a relevant point is commendable, but the execution of such ideas is far from ideal. The direction and narrative of the film is inconsistent.

Also the music, both the background score and the songs used in montages, are too loud and don't compliment the complex nature of the story at all.

One of the film's strengths should have been the ensemble cast featuring Naseeruddin Shah, Mithun Chakraborty, Pallavi Joshi, Pankaj Tripathi, Mandira Bedi and more. But, apart from Mithun Chakraborty, no other actor gets a character that does justice to the talents of the actors. Even the film's lead, Shweta Basu Prasad, gives an honest performance in an underdeveloped character.

The Tashkent Files makes some shocking claims about India's political history, dynasty politics and the citizen's right to know the truth.

All its sensational content is relevant and important social issues are highlighted, too.

But, the storytelling effort is half-baked and lacks the finesse that such a heavy-duty film requires.

It also doesn't help that the final slide of the movie tells the audience that the authenticity of all the facts displayed in the film cannot be verified.

No Fathers in Kashmir

Loss, love and hopes in the Valley of Tears,, Kashmir.
A teenage girl from Britain, Noor visits Kashmir with her mother only to stumble upon the real story behind her missing father. She befriends a local Kashmiri boy, Majid who has suffered a similar fate and he agrees to help her unravel more truths. But their pursuit ends up taking a different turn.

The filmmaker brings a brutal and harsh reality of the Kashmir Valley.

Noor (Zara Webb) and Majid (Shivam Raina).

When Noor finds out that both their fathers were 'picked up' (the meaning of which Noor eventually understands) by the Indian army years ago, with no news of them since, she wants to find out more,, about extremely conservative Muslims who dream of an Islamic state and double-agents who pretend to work for militants as well as for the army.

Her probing unravels more than what she bargained for including the double dealings of an idolized, radical local leader, Arshid (Ashvin Kumar).

Thee good moments between Noor and Majid,..which bring a smile to your face.,that eventually develops into a tender love story even though their present realities and circumstances are so different.

The story is heart-wrenching and mostly gripping.

The innocent charm of the lead pair Zara Webb and Shivam Raina that shines through - especially Raina who touches a chord as Majid.

This film is not a light watch - it's a poignant tale that leaves you thinking about the half-widows and half-orphans, and many such untold stories.

Romeo Akbar Walter

Boring 1st half 🙄 a bad version of 'raazi'
First thing first, RAW - Romeo Akbar Walter is a slow burner and demands your patience for a good amount of the first hour. And once you blend in, it's a highly engaging and interesting spy drama.

Based in 1971, RAW - Romeo Akbar Walter is about a banker Rehmat Ali aka Romeo, who is chosen by the RAW chief (Jackie Shroff) to be an Indian spy in Pakistan.

Romeo takes the identity of Akbar Malik and migrates to Pakistan. The rest of the movie is about how Akbar helped India during the period that led to the 1971 war and his journey to becoming Walter.

The first half, in particular, is quite dawdling and takes its own time for the setup and build up. For the first hour, you might feel that nothing's really happening and many scenes may seem unnecesary, but by the end of the film, it all makes sense. The writing is good. The screenplay is uneven.

Sonu Nigam's Vande Mataram song is good.

John Abraham has performed well. Playing a spy.

RAW would have been a great film if not for its extremely slow pace in the first half and a run time which is almost two and a half hour,, but The last act makes a film.

You can have flaws, problems, but wow them in the end, and you've got a hit." Romeo Akbar Walter falls in that category..!


Watch Junglee for its spellbinding action, cute elephants and gorgeous jungles.

Raj Nayar (Vidyut Jammwal), a veterinary doctor from Mumbai, visits his father after a long gap of ten years in their Chandrika elephant sanctuary (Odisha). Soon after, a ghastly attack on the elephants by a bunch of poachers, led by (Atul Kulkarni), changes his life forever.

Initially lured by the city life, Raj now decides to protect the gentle giants in the sanctuary, which has always been his father's dream. After a series of unfortunate events that happen in the reserve, Meera (debutante Asha Bhat), a journalist from Mumbai and Shankara (debutante Pooja Sawant), a mahout based in the sanctuary, also join Raj's mission of punishing the illegal hunters, who kill elephants for ivory.

Protect animals, save the elephants is the primary message that Junglee sends across and it does so in an action-packed way. The film also reiterates that if we pledge to stop buying ivory products, it will prevent poachers from indulging in this illegal trade. True to its theme, the film transports you to the calm of a jungle, away from your city, cell phones and chaos (shot in the beautiful locales of an elephant reserve in Thailand).

Known for Hollywood blockbusters like The Mask, The Scorpion King and Eraser, American director Chuck Russell makes his Hindi cinema debut with this one. His fascination for mythology, Hindu mantras, our martial arts like Kalaripayattu and Lord Ganpati is evident, given the Indian essence and exoticism he brings to the story.

While the film scores higher on action than emotion, Russell's attempt at blending the two with a social cause, stands out for a variety of reasons.

All the actors exude effortless comfort around the elephants, which is rare for an Indian film that revolves around animals. The last Indian film that captured the man-elephant camaraderie was Haathi Mere Saathi (1971), starring Rajesh Khanna.

The film's highlight, other than its fight against poachers who kill elephants for tusks, is Vidyut Jammwal's brilliance as one of our finest action heroes. His action is absolutely flawless and perhaps the best in the business. The jaw-dropping, lethal action scenes he portrays on screen and his mastery in martial arts puts him at par with the finest action heroes across the globe.

Action sequences that holds your attention and makes this film a paisa vasool entertainer, that is bound to attract families and children.

Such an adventurous and brave attempt is rare in Hindi cinema.


Mesmerising visuals of Kashmir & a Simple Lovestory.

Kabir (Zaheer Iqbal) stumbles upon the notebook where Firdous (Pranutan Bahl) has penned her most intimate thoughts. He falls in love without ever having known or met her.

You can find love in the most unexpected places and situations. That's what happens to Kabir when he takes up the job to teach at a remote house-boat school in Kashmir. He discovers a notebook that the previous teacher, Firdous used as her diary and he falls in love with her emotions and passions. Featuring a truly innovative concept, Notebook is a film for die-hard romantics. But the film doesn't really do enough with its basic premise. The one-line narrative is interesting, but the screenplay fails to do anything more.

An adaptation of the Thai drama 'The Teacher's Diary' (2014), Notebook makes good use of the talents of its newcomers Zaheer Iqbal and Pranutan Bahl. The freshness of the lead pair and the exotic Kashmiri setting add visual appeal to the movie. The unusual story of falling in love with someone you've never met holds intrigue for most part of the run time, too. But the movie takes a little too much time to set things up.

The young couple don't meet until the climactic portions of the film and once the high-drama kicks in it feels too little, too late.

The highlights of 'Notebook' are the cinematography, mesmerising visuals of Kashmir are great.

'Notebook' is an easy watch where you can appreciate the humour, drama and romance. But the film leaves you wanting for more. Perhaps with more creativity in writing, this young romantic saga could have achieved more.

Gone Kesh

Hair or no Hair. It reminds you that good people end up with good people, always.
Diagnosed with alopecia at 15, Siliguri girl Enakshi Dasgupta's (Shweta Tripathi) biggest fear is losing her hair. Her self esteem and confidence takes a beating as her visible bald patches start drawing unnecessary attention at school. Her hair loss becomes a subject of concern for her parents and mockery for classmates. Enakshi's rare condition not only hampers her peace of mind but also supposedly sabotages her marriage prospects.

Most girls often grow up on Disney fairytales, romantic movies and Barbies - all of which define women's beauty in a certain way. Fair and flawless skin, slender waist, long legs, petite frame and gorgeous hair. Even actresses who don't meet this checklist, aren't really in the 'mainstream'. Those who do, are worshipped and desired.

Our race to fit in begins right from our childhood. The society sets unrealistic standards of beauty and women must live upto those expectations. If you don't, you are considered unworthy of success, love or marriage. Enakshi's hair-loss sucks the happiness out of her life.

Her simple parents are willing to do anything for her hair regrowth treatment and a guy quietly nurses feelings for her. But can Enakshi free herself from wallowing in self pity?

Qasim Khallow's film is a heartwarming tale of conquering fear, crushing societal standards of beauty and exploring the parent-child bond. The film is most relatable for women, who are conditioned to believe that they ought to be perfect if they wish to 'bag a good husband'.

Gone Kesh primarily works owing to its great casting. Shweta Tripathi portrays the trauma of her condition in the most real, understated manner.

Vipin Sharma and Deepika Amin are every bit the loving and supportive parents who sacrifice their own needs and wishes for their child. They believe in their daughter when she herself gives up. Jitendra Kumar is perfect as the shy love interest, who loves Enakshi just the way she is. A scene where he happens ho see her without her wig plays out brilliantly.

Despite the film's slow pace, this one's a winner - hair or no hair. It also reminds you that good people end up with good people, always.

My Name Ijj Lakhan

Over acting ki dukan - shreyas talpade
Show comedy honna chahiye tha but main character shriyas tilpade is the culprit - not funny n over acting ki dukan..! Shriyas khud ko supersyar samaj raha hai.., 2rs actor..!!


Akshay Kumar packs a powerful punch.
An emotional war drama with solid action sequences.

Battle of Saragarhi where 21 Sikh soldiers fought against an Afghan army of 10000 men in the year 1897.

Each of the soldiers leaves behind a quiet impact making you curious enough to Google their names.The canvas of the film is vast and you can tell that the producers have not spared any expenses in making this a big-screen experience.

The Battle of Saragarhi is considered to be one of the most inspiring stories of human valour and bravery, not just in India, but the world over. Director Anurag Singh's film Kesari is a fitting tribute to this story of Sikh soldiers. It's a compelling war drama that combines strong emotions with blood-soaked action and retells an important chapter from the annals of Indian history. The film's best moments are fuelled by a towering performance by Akshay Kumar.

Kesari is a powerful film because it has an innate sense of emotional intelligence and raw shock value, too.

It's not just an action film, it's a war drama that spends time in establishing its main characters and gives the audience a detailed and authentic look at a story of true patriotism.

The central character of Havildar Ishar Singh. The last time a Sardar was as fierce and awe-inspiring was in Gadar. Ishar Singh is as much Anurag Singh's character as it is Akshay's and he's the embodiment of true Sikh values and pride.

Akshay Kumar does complete justice to the role. Parineeti Chopra gets a small but impactful role, and it's her character's fun banter with Akshay that puts a smile on your face and her tears break your heart.

With technical brilliance, intricate writing and thundering performances, Kesari is a loud war cry that evokes strong feelings of patriotism and it also wrenches your heart with its climactic tragedy.

'Kesari' not only makes us feel proud of being Indians but also prompts us to salute the valour of our Sikh community.

But slow screenplay ,,also second half is full of blood n Actions, action sequences r good bt stretched a way long.

For better n more realistic version u can watch - Mohit Raina's "21 Sarfarosh - Saragarhi 1897" an Indian historical period drama television series.

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