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Rocket Power

Come on people, give a review of the show not a comparison
Okay, for starters I'd like to say I was also a kid when Rugrats and all those other great shows were on TV but can you seriously knock Rocket Power because it was all about extreme sports? I thought the plots were good enough to entertain me even as a young teen, my younger cousins loved the show and I've shared a few discussions with friends about the show who also remember it as being entertaining. Rocket Power had characters that every kid could relate to, who doesn't love that when you're young and don't care about how much of a plot there is? It's not a movie for adults people. As you can see I gave it a 6/10 because I agree it wasn't the best cartoon in the world but it wasn't meant to be the next Rocco's Modern Life. Get over it...fast. Really fun show and well worth the $4 you'll pay to get it on Amazon.

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