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Bad Candy

Little bit of good and bad
Can't pick a better name for the movie. It's like trick or treating and getting home emptying your bag out. A few segments are like getting full candy bars, while a couple others are like getting candy corn. It's worth a one time watch. I'll give it a 5/10 and 1 extra for the creepy clown.

The Shining

Favorite of all time!
I don't give out many 10s, but this is my favorite horror movie of all time. Seen it too many times to keep count. Still stands up to this day and will always be a classic. Jack Nicholson gives one of the greatest performances of all time. If you like horror movies and never seen this one, you must live under a rock. Must see movie for any horror fanatics.


Big Surprise
Thought it was going to be the regular stalker film, but big surprise it was way more than that. Good acting and with the beautiful Christine Ko was the icing on the cake. Definitely a 6/10, but had to give an extra for the clever ending that I never seen coming. Worth the watch.

Buck Breaking

Wow, this was awful. Should have known that by looking at all the 10s from a week old IMDB accounts. Tariq's been working overtime making all those accounts. Don't waste your time and money with this propaganda. Just awful.

Terror Eyes

A different and a wild ride!
Very unexpected, very wild found footage movie. Definitely an original movie. After reading reviews, I almost didn't watch it. Since I love found footage movies, I decided to give it a try. Glad I did. I enjoyed it a lot. If your into found footage movies, you have to give it a try. Twists and turns all throughout the movie. I give it a solid 7/10. Don't let the bad reviews keep you from checking it out.

The Canyonlands

Not as bad as some reviews say
It's definitely not a masterpiece, but it's a solid 4/10. Acting wasn't as bad as reviewers are saying. The social media girl was a bit annoying I will admit. Enjoyed it until the ending and after that it went a bit downhill. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone, but if you're just looking for a popcorn movie and nothing else to watch I'd say go for it.

Finding Eden

Pretty Good Low Budget
Wasn't expecting much from this one, but surprisingly it was pretty good. Very basic low budget apocalyptic movie that kept my interest. It helped itself being short and to the point instead of long and drawn out. Not going to add anything to the genre but worth the watch.

I Am Alone

Unexpected Good Movie
Went in with very low expectations, with the zombie genre being littered with trash. Came out overly impressed with a movie that was pretty original and very well put together, especially for Found Footage movies. Movie deserves more recognition. I just happened to come across it and glad I did. Definitely recommend seeing this one, you won't regret watching it.

M.O.M.: Mothers of Monsters

A Fun Ride
Pretty good movie that leaves you guessing all the way til the end. Definitely worth the watch. Wasn't expecting much, but got a lot more. Didn't add much to the genre, but kept me very entertained throughout. I'd give it a shot.

After Midnight

Not Bad
Not sure why all the bad reviews, but it's definitely better than all the 1 out of 10s it's getting. Just the crazy ending that wasn't expected at all should get it more stars for being unique. It kept my attention and curiosity throughout, wondering what was going to happen. I would recommend giving it a shot.


Not bad, but not great
If you like found footage movies you might enjoy this one, otherwise I'd leave it alone. Basically it's just a home movie, a pretty boring one too, for the first hour. Not until the last 20-25 minutes does the movie even have any action. If you can handle movies that end up not making much sense, go for it. But the ending doesn't fit in with what was going on in the found footage.


What a Wild Ride
This isn't a great movie, but it's entertaining and worth the watch just based on it's creativity and huge twist I never would have thought of. Without saying much ruining the twist it really leaves you thinking after its over. Definately worth the watch just for it's uniqueness.

3 from Hell

Loved it
With Rob Zombie's movies people usually love them or they hate them. Have to say I have enjoyed all of his movies. Only way that it could have gotten it a 10 was if we saw Captain Spaulding one more time. I was still more then satisfied, especially after having to change the script because of Sid Haig's health. RIP to a horror icon and one of my favorite actors. If you liked the first 2 in the movie series, I see no way you will be disappointed. Definately recommend seeing it.


Very Enjoyable Fun
Went in thinking it was going to be the same old haunted house killing movie, but was very surprised. Had some originality, a plot, and some pretty good character development. Fun movie to watch. Definitely recommend it, you won't be disappointed.

Dave Chappelle: Sticks & Stones

Just Don't Give a F---!
Highly entertaining. Doesn't care who he offends. How comedy use to be and should still be. Best stand up i've seen in a long time! Loved it!


Please Move Along
Nothing to see here. This movie has no plot, no character building, awful dialogue, and by far the worst soundtrack of any movie ever. 72 minutes of piano playing what seems like mostly the same repetitive song over and over again. Until it stops and you get some terrible dialogue from the characters that is so bad most the time, that you wish the piano music you hear the whole movie would have just kept playing. Yes it's that bad. Really, no point of the movie. It had no beginning and no ending. It just got started and ended totally random spots. I would avoid this movie at all costs, unless you want to torture yourself for a little over an hour. Only reason I give it a 2/10 is that by some miracle I finished watching it and only give 1's if its so bad I can't finish it. If it was probably any longer then it actually was, I probably wouldn't have accomplished that.

Butterfly Kisses

Pretty Good One
I wasn't expecting much when I came across this found footage movie, but after watching it I was pretty impressed how it was made and put together. Keeps you entertained and keeps you in suspense about whats going to happen next. Acting was pretty good. Overall I was impressed with it. Way better than most found footage movies. It would go in my top 10 and I've seen a lot of them. It definately deserves a watch.


Seen Worse
It was a pretty competent movie. Intro was pretty cool but lasted way too long. Acting was pretty good from the main two girls in the movie. Other then those two it was a little lacking. Ending kind of irritating dialogue from the sheriff, but overall it was an ok movie and didn't feel totally let down after it was over. Good if you can enjoy low budget movies.

Shot Caller

Great Movie
Anybody who gives this one a low rating is a fool. This movie was great and action packed, while it left you wondering what could possibly happen next. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau from Game of Thrones was perfect throughout the movie. Everyone played their character well. Basically its about how someone's life can be turned around in the blink of an eye. Being over 2 hours long and just kept me wanting more toward the end. I rarely like to give 10/10, but for this one I just had to. It couldn't have been much better. I'm just wondering how I never heard of this movie, until running across it one day. I recommend everyone seeing this one.

Butcher Boys

Really Enjoyed It
Not really sure what all the low ratings are about, but I loved this movie. If you like Texas Chainsaw Massacre, this movie was written by the co writer of it. Has a very similar feel to the series of movies. I enjoyed the whole movie throughout. My opinion, don't pay attention to the ratings and give this movie a shot. You won't be disappointed.

The Curse of La Llorona

I thought it was a pretty good movie. Great acting, good story, and overall a really good movie. I would rate it lower then The Conjuring Movies and both Annabelle movies, but way above The Nun which is the only universe movie I didn't enjoy too much. Definately worth watching with a few pretty good jump scares. I would recommend it.


Exactly the reason I hate looking at the reviews for movies. Made me expect a lot more then I got out of this movie. I'm not saying its awful, but it starts out really slow and the reasoning of the whole movie is pretty ludicrous after watching it when you think about it. I won't go into that for spoiler reasons. Not sure if seeing its IMDB score made me want more and a better payoff at the end, or what, but to me it was an average movie. Its watchable and entertaining, but nothing special.

I Trapped the Devil

Hard To Watch
I try to give every movie the benefit of the doubt. This one was almost impossible. The middle of the movie just drags and drags with nothing interesting at all. About an hour in I was so bored i just fast forwarded about 15 minutes just to see the ending and it wasn't even worth it. I usually pride myself on finishing movies I start watching, but this one had me struggling. Other then atmosphere this movie has nothing going for it. I'd skip it if you have something else to watch.


Holy Cow!!
I was going to give this maybe a 5, because watching it you think nobody would have fell for all of this, or let it go on for this long. After doing a little research, the whole movie, almost everything in the movie is true. Definately makes you think after watching it. Really makes you think, just sometimes reality is stranger than fiction. Definately worth watching, just to see what people will do, just because someone they think with a little power told them to, or would be in trouble.

The Twilight Zone: Six Degrees of Freedom
Episode 6, Season 1

One of the better episodes, so far
I have been pretty critical of the previous episodes. Saying that, I actually enjoyed this one. It actually made you feel like it could be a Twilight Zone episode. Even has an ending with a wtf moment. It kind of dragged along in the middle, but felt like the payoff was worth it.

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