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Resident Alien

The first episode got me hooked. Can't wait to see what happens does next.

Hubie Halloween

Hubie... That was fun
It just simple and fun.. There is nothing to it. That what I love about Adam Sandler, what you expect is what your going to get with dash of silliness .... When it comes to comedy.. Adam has a specific agenda.. That he will do something that nobody else does. It does not matter how silly it is. Its pure fun. It's entertainment at it's best. He keeps 4 things in mind while developing these kind of movies. Its going to fun, silly, entertaining and have a happy ending. That's is why I think no matter what critics say.. He still rolls in the big money as he is just pure entertainment.

Warrior Nun

Horribly untasteful
The show is slow, the protagonist is just horrible... I wouldn't blame her ofcourse or rather the writing and the writers are horrible. I just finished watching the old guard.. On Netflix.. And kept. Me glued in.. And the Show Warrior nuns had the same context... Super power with quick healing etc.. Etc... However the show let me down... Didn't expect it to be this boring and horrible. I didn't feel any connection towards the protagonist... From the start she was a snotty little girl.. Who just wanted to enjoy and the boy drama... When will that stop. Can't you just make a show with action and a proper story line...the show would have been great if the writes were not this lazy, I liked everyone beside the protagonist.. She was horrible simply horrible...

Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich

Not so under rated
It's one of those movies where you think it's very superficial and understated..... However don't let this one fool you. It keeps you in your toes thinking what the hell am I watching...and then let a you grasp for more. There are few moments where you would think the movie is heading south however the ending was parallel... Giving a new edge to part 2 keeps you wanting more.

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