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Roseanne: Hit the Road Jack
Episode 14, Season 9

DJ's friend
The girl that played DJ's girlfriend is a poor actress and ruined the episode for me. She's just reading out the script line for line and rushes her lines and instead of displaying excitement it just seems like poor acting. The character itself is also really annoying.

Vampires Suck

Great spoof
Original twilight movies suck. They are so dramatic and poorly acted. This movie hilariously points out how ridiculous the twilight franchise is!

Hubie Halloween

My whole family enjoyed!
This movie was perfect to watch with my kids. There's nothing really bad or inappropriate in my opinion. Adult stuff went over my kids heads. It's pretty funny and good story line. Don't watch this to criticize it, watch it if you wanna relax and have some laughs!

Roseanne: Sweet Dreams
Episode 8, Season 2

Pointless and Boring episode. I didn't like it and it's not funny throughout the entire thing!

Uncut Gems

I'd give this a 5 but the acting is good so 6 is good enough. I just couldn't get into this movie. It's just constant screaming and stress lol. Not a whole lot happens that really matters. I wasted my time!

The Conners

Why a 5??
I've watched Roseanne since I was a kid and I own every season. I love the Conners show and I think it's great that Roseanne and everyone agreed to keep it going. I still love the Conner family! This is a funny show and nothing wrong with it. I laugh every episode and love these characters!!

The Grudge

I liked it!
Just left the theatre and I'm dissapointed in this 4 star rating. I think it deserves better than that! I thought it was good and good scary moments. I love scary movies and I'm not a movie snob like so many of these people on here. Loosen up!

Silent Hill: Revelation

So bad
This movie is bad. The acting sucks and can be cringey and overdramatic.

The Office: Dinner Party
Episode 9, Season 4

One of the best and funniest episodes!! I laughed through the whole thing

The Office: Fun Run
Episode 1, Season 4

Best episode
This is my favorite episode!! So many of the famous hilarious Office quotes are from this episode. It never gets old!

The Movies That Made Us

Home Alone
Just watched the episode about Home Alone and it was so great!! I've always loved this movie and learning all the cool facts about it was so much fun!! Can't wait to watch other episodes.

The Super

What the..
I felt like the movie was decent until the last 30 minutes or so. I was disappointed. I figured out some of the "twists" early on. Also why is this even called super??? They tried way to hard to confuse the audience that it was hard to follow and left a few loose ends. Acting was decent. Many questions left unanswered.... Ugh.


Love this movie!
I've seen this movie several times and I cry every single time. Its a great movie. Definitely a good lesson to be learned as well.


I'm about to fall asleep! This is boring and not all that good. Definitely not scary.

Bird Box

Really people?
I gave 10 stars to compensate for all the low ratings. I'd say 8/10. Seems like everyone jumped on the bandwagon and started hating this movie before watching it with an open mind. It's a good movie and people should stop being so dramatic with their criticisms.

Poltergeist II: The Other Side

So bad
This was boring and so cringe worthy even for 1986.

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