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Salt Fat Acid Heat

Enjoyed the show
I was seeing something different on some foods we are not familiar how they are harvested in different regions. I have never tried miso but she was even surprised of the process of how it is made. OK I particularly enjoyed the acid segment. Both my parents are both from Yucatan loved how they showed the true region and flavors.

La casa de las flores

Can't wait for 2nd season
I was hesitant to watch. So glad I did. All the different characters make this show.

Made in Mexico

So disappointing to watch
I get it is a reality show. But with that title I expected a more realistic life of the people of Mexico. Not these rich snobby people. Which one of them is from San Diego, CA. Really!! I watched 2 episodes out of courtesy. Will not be watching anymore. I have family that lives in Mexico D. F so I know not everyone lives the lavish lifestyle they are showing. Netflix so disappointed in you.

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