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Bronco Billy

A simple but fun movie
This movie may be predictable but man it sure is funny, sweet and has a really awesome bar fight scene so many props getting smashed and destroyed it's quite the spectacle check it out

Pale Rider

A pretty decent western
Corrupt greedy rich jerks trying to ruin the lives of a small community and Clint Eastwood gunning down the bad guys it's basic but still worth checking out

The Outlaw Josey Wales

A classic tale of revenge
One of Clint Eastwood's favorites on top of being a tale of revenge this movie also showcases the tragedy of war and what it can do to someone check it out!

Forrest Gump

Ignorance is bliss
Just about everyone knows about the life is like a box of chocolates line and for good reason this movie is excellent my only issue is the love interest is kind of annoying in a oh why are you doing this kind of annoying Check it out though if you haven't seen this gem before


A grand movie
This movie is great with its medieval action and an undying will for freedom! But it's a bit long only a few minutes shorter than 3 hours it could've been trimmed down a fare bit. Overall this is a great movie check it out.

Beetle Juice

A really weird movie
This movie does offer alot of cool spectacle and it can be pretty funny but it's also nonsensical. Now I have no problem with a movie being odd but this just makes so little sense that it's more of a huh what? Kind of weird rather than a oh wow kind of weird.


A grand fairy tale
This movie is a fun little fairy tale The remake is pretty good but you should definitely check out the original check it out

Kung Fury

A perfect movie
Gore, Kung fu action and dinosaurs man it has it all and it's free for all to see

Grim & Evil

This show rocks man
It's so ridiculously awesome the whole series is hilarious and one of the best kinds of weird check it out

Ed, Edd n Eddy's Big Picture Show

A perfect finale
A perfect end for one of the greatest cartoons ever every Ed Edd n Eddy fan needs to see this. It's a must see

Back to the Future Part II

A great movie
This sequel is very derivative of the first one but it also does a great job of expanding with the same formula. It's still pretty good though check it out

Ed, Edd n Eddy

A perfect cartoon
This is definitely one of the greatest cartoons of all time it perfectly captures the fun of childhood in its own way Every Eddisode is great check it out

Rebel in the Rye

A great movie about an interesting fellow
This was a pretty good movie about JD Salinger I guess I mean I never met the guy so for all I know this movie could be super Phony but I enjoyed it and it's well done check it out and be sure to read the novel The catcher in the rye.

Hellsing Ultimate

A super awesome and violent time
This is an excessively violent and gory spectacle brought together with grand animation and some lovely voice acting. The only thing that bothers me is the soundtrack it's good for the most part but a few of the later episodes have some odd choices for the music. Overall this is just spectacular check it out!

Johnny English

A great spy spoof movie
It's pretty funny my only issue is most of the jokes are really easy to predict so not a whole lot of room to feel surprised but you should still check it out

District 9

This is a gruesomely awesome movie
It offers a very interesting twist on the old aliens walk among us troupe and delivers a bleak tale full of blood, guts and some really good special effects. Check it out it's a great movie.


This movie is a silly mess
I'm pretty sure this movie is trying to be dark and serious but man is it silly there are several bits where I can't help but laugh the best part is definitely Bullseye he's so silly. But sadly a few silly bits can't save a mediocre movie

Going Berserk

This movie is not so good
It's just weird and stupid if I'm being honest most of the jokes don't work and the whole film just feels like a random series of events with a few laughs but overall it's not so good

The Great Outdoors

This movie is ok
For the most part it's just a typical family comedy set up in the great outdoors but the conflicts that show up in the final act all come out of nowhere it does end on a high note though with something I thought I'd never see ever

Uncle Buck

A fun little family comedy
This is a fairly typical family comedy it may have a bit more language than your average PG flick these days but it's still a funny good time.

Ghostbusters II

A great movie
It's honestly better than I remember it does have a few lame sequel troupes but overall it's a very good movie check it out.

Ghost Busters

This movie rocks
It's a wild good time with great performances and lots of crazy effects

Back to the Future Part III

This is pretty good
It's definitely a little derivative of the previous movies but it's still a fun little western

Back to the Future

A wonderful movie
This is a wonderful good time filled with great performances and lots of great laughs

Kick-Ass 2

A grand sequel
This movie rocks man it has more excessive violence and foul humor it's just awesome check it out!

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