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The Blue Lamp

Pioneering Police story
The movie that gave birth to Dixon of Dockgreen and Dirk Bogarde. If you never seen it, watch it to see what life was like shortly after the war. It catches the period perfectly in every detail. Good number of faces that would become well known in the movies, are in this ground breaking masterpiece. It's gritty and for the day very hard hitting.

Young Sherlock Holmes

Classic fast paced gem
Sets the mood and atmosphere quickly with a strong British cast who all went on to appear in many TV popular programmes & movies such as Midsummer Murders and Heartbeat to the Great Escape. With a little Steampunk feel inventions, great script, fabulous photography this is a very underrated gem that's endearing to all ages. It's based on Sherlock, but not a written book, however it is written and produced to a very high level, embracing all that is Sherlock Holmes. Well worth watching several times, enjoy!

Home Alone 3

Better than expected
Fast past with more traps and gags for the crooks. This is a worthy follow up that doesn't have the original cast. The story is good and the crooks great, in this romp based around the Christmas Season yet again. It good fun for all ages and doesn't disappoint one bit.


A forgotten gem
Back to the Future meets WW1 in this stiff upper lip adventure. The special effects are excellent as is realism. Peter Cushing is the perfect retired gent and the rest of the cast shine in this fast paced time travel saga. It captures a feel of Biggles beautifully with lovely humour and sharp exicution of an 80's movie. Sit back and enjoy a great romp.

A Matter of Life and Death

Imaginative and well exicuted classic with a wonderful cast. Timeless story of romance during WW2. Guaranteed to form a lump in the throat as this story unfolds with such style and an eary piano tune in places. A must see film for all.


Slick Si-Fi
The stories are so different with each episode, keeping the interest going to see the next. Also with each see many stars in their young days in this well executed series. The beginning title scenes out shine many of today's series shown on tv. Some parts are dated such as vision of modern computers and such, but the excellent cast, acting and script over shadow such things. It is a gem among Si-Fi, enjoy! 😊

Martian Land

Wardrobe by Ebay
The wardrobe seem to consist of armore for dirt bikes and paint balling. Helmets were for Welding, seats in spaceship curtesy of Ford Escort, while the controls from the cockpit of 50's aircraft that wobbled constantly. Most seemed to be bits begged, borrowed or stolen from movie sets from the past 3 decades. Acting was a little iffy in places but who can blame them when everything was so cheap! They were really trying to make a silk purse from a Sows ear. As long as your willing to look and laugh over some beers, then give it a miss.

Field of Dreams

A dream of a movie
In my top thirty of movies, this wonderful film touches the heart of all ages. Doesn't matter how many times I've watched it, it still has me engrossed it's good feel factor. Marvellous cast, great script with a haunting music score, it's a must see and dream 😊

The Fly

Horror Classic
As a boy in the early 60's this film left an impression that stayed with me. 'Help Me' scene is disturbing for its day in this fast paced horror. Vincent Price is on form, as is all the cast in this well excited gem. Yes it's dated but it sets a disturbing atmosphere right through to the iconic end. Considering it's age, it's aged well, sadly the fly didn't! Seriously, it's a film worth watching once, twice if you dare! 😳

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