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  • Very, very difficult to find any faults in this landmark film. The script is captivating; the soundtrack haunting; the cinematography and photography perfectly captures the hazy atmosphere of LA, especially at dusk; and the production values are first class. "Chinatown" is well deserving of its status as a 20th century classic in film.

    Through its story of a civic department run by greedy officials, "Chinatown" captures moral decay in 1930's LA so well. This is the key theme of the film. There is romance, but its secondary to the plot.
  • If anyone ever wanted a summary of 1980's pop culture - it's fashion, music, culture, values, and attitudes - they would have to look no further than watch this iconic show.

    Wow, what a time it was. And what a show - the production values are first class, the location shoots around various Miami sites, the soundtrack of 80's music, instead of standardised TV muzak - everything about this show made it the legendary series it was.

    Best scene? There are many, but the opening scene of the pilot episode, with Sonny and Jimmy Smits standing out the front of The Carlyle on Ocean Dr, smoking a cigarette, wearing Carrera sunglasses and a white suit whilst watching a group of kids breakdancing - in all honesty, is there a more iconic 1980's scene than that?
  • I was a stockbroker in '08/09 and will never forget the panicked feeling on the trading desk on a daily basis. Unfortunately, nothing has changed. Greed still drives the market, inexorably towards the next GFC. Lessons were given out but none learnt.

    And Demi
  • Much anticipation on this film and it delivered - mostly. It was at least 45min too long but that didn't bother me. I've seen it 3 times already - that's a staggering 10.5 hours of my life devoted to one film. But it's one of those movies you pick up subtle nuances with each additional viewing. The attention to details, and the production values, are absolute first in class. I didn't care too much for the CGI de-aging but it wasn't a dealbreaker for me. Overall a solid 8. And yes..I loved the captions over various characters who subsequently died.
  • Richard Gere and Bruce Willis were cast the wrong way around. Gere should have been the Jackal, and Willis the prisoner. Other than that, it's not too bad a movie. The various disguises Willis uses are often laughable, literally. And he has a constant smirk on his face, as if he knows how ridiculous his disguises are, but he's having a laugh anyway.
  • This film epitomises the style, feel, and vibe of late 1960's West Coast. The score, scenery, and dialogue are uniquely of that era. "Cool" doesn't fully describe this film. A landmark film.

    "But seal it, Barney".
  • Superbly acted, written and directed. My only small nitpick - I noticed that Hunnam's American accent slips back into his native English one quite a bit in this episode.