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Safer at Home

Not a terrible thriller
This movie definitely has its drawbacks. Too much COVID talk (granted, that's to be expected in a movie about covid), screen recordings, bad character build-up (we're supposed to care about these people?), etc.... And the beginning is slow. But once the main event happens, it actually gets interesting. It's not great overall (the ending is especially disappointing) BUT it's a decent enough thriller. At least, you might be entertained.


Had promise but failed miserably
I knew this movie had bad reviews but I decided to watch anyway because it was directed by M Night... I now regret that decision. The premise is promising but the execution? Terrible. The film was slow, the dialogue was terrible, the acting was mediocre, and it was more scary than boring. Do yourself a favor and skip it- no need to age two hours for this.

Mommy's Little Star

Amusing thriller about the evils of TikTok...
If you approach this movie as a comedy, you might like it. Compared to other lifetime thrillers, the material is actually (kind of) original, plus there are lots of funny moments. One of the better LMNs I've seen!

A Perfect Pairing

Genuinely one of the most boring things I've ever seen
I rarely give movies ratings as low as one star, but damn, this was bad. Even bad movies usually have some sort of entertainment value, but this was just... boring? There wasn't an ounce of originality in the plot- literally every typical trope was used, leading to one of the most predictable films in existence. You can actually guess every single thing that's going to happen, because it's just that boring. It's also unnecessarily long (lots of dumb filler scenes) and the leads have no chemistry. You can kind of feel the acting.

Overall, do not waste your time. I don't normally regret watching movies because like I said, even the bad ones can be entertaining- but I regret this one.

We're All Going to the World's Fair

Very slow
Be warned- this is a slow movie. Like, really slow. About 50% of the time, it feels like absolutely nothing is happening. The only highlight is that the main character is a good actress (but not good enough to save this rather lackluster film).


Started off good then got slow
This movie started out strong- it has dark comedy vibes, and wove some good humor throughout the interesting premise. But towards the middle, it started to get really slow and tread water. Like, to the point where we started to get sleepy. Classic case of good idea, but not enough content to make it work.

No Exit

Entertaining kidnapping thriller
This thriller doesn't deviate all that much from your standard formula, but it's still good. It has its twists and definitely keeps you entertained. Would definitely recommend giving it a watch.

Grey's Anatomy

Not worth investing time in cause it gets so bad
The beginning of this show is good, then it gets okay, and then it gets so, so, bad. Like, painful to watch bad. But when you've invested like 15 seasons into it, you don't just wanna quit. So best not to start at all.


Way better than I expected
Based on the trailer and images from this movie, my initial thought was: this is bad. However, I decided to give it a try anyway and was pleasantly surprised. It's darker than your standard thriller, and offers a few exhilarating moments along the way. Sure, some parts are a bit predictable (every thriller is kind of predictable these days), but it's still an entertaining movie.

The only thing I didn't care for was the "iPhone filming"- I get it's art, but quality cameras would've been better. It's not a huge issue though.


Pretty decent thriller
A lot of thrillers fall into the trap of being unoriginal and predictable- this one manages to avoid those old tropes and add some new twists to the genre. It's not the most original film out there, but it's unique enough to keep you entertained. I will say it's a little slow to get started- however, once it gets going, it's worth the ride.

Evil Eye

Honestly pretty funny
Okay, this movie is objectively bad (or at the very least, mediocre). BUT- if you're Indian American, watch it with your family/fellow Indian Americans, and treat the whole thing as a comedy- it's genuinely entertaining.

Can You Keep a Secret?

Wasted potential
I came into this with pretty low expectations- I figured it was going to be your typical "goofy romcom that's not very funny and relies on old stereotypes and semi-attractive white leads." And it does fit that mold in a lot of ways. Like, the originality is minimal here. However, it's not terrible- there's some heart there, and a few jokes made me laugh.

However, it feels like they really wasted the potential this plot had. The whole "secret" premise is pretty non-consequential. It would've been more interesting if she had more serious secrets- I think the movie could've done a lot there, but it dropped the ball.


Not bad, but not great either
This movie is a perfect example of mediocrity. It's entertaining enough that it doesn't feel like a waste, but it doesn't do enough to get you excited either. It's maybe a step above your typical lifetime thriller.

Good Luck Chuck

Quite possibly the worst movie I've ever seen?
Wow, this movie is bad. It's probably the worst movie I've ever seen, other than the human centipede (which takes the top ranking spot for sheer grossness). If I was given one time use of a time machine, I'd spend it on making sure I never watched this.

I'm not sure where to begin when describing this movie. It just kept on getting worse and worse. It's horribly unfunny- 90% of the humor is just "boobs" and "let's just try to offend people." And some of the things are just disturbing for a so-called comedy. Whoever wrote this script needs psychological help.

Black Bear

Weird but in a good way
I'm not going to write a recap of the story because honestly, it's hard to sum it up. Instead, I'm going to tell you whether or not you should watch this movie (in case you're on the fence about it.

You SHOULD watch if: You like Aubrey Plaza, enjoy dry/sarcastic humor, and are open to "weird" film concepts

You SHOULD NOT watch if: You like fast-paced, action-y movies or are looking for a movie with a cohesive, open-and-shut storyline

Ultimately, I think the film "tried" a little too hard, but it was still enjoyable and quite funny. If you fall under the first category, I'm not promising you'll love it, but you'll probably be entertained. If you fall under the second category, it might not be for you.


Pretty decent for an indie thriller
The best way I could describe this movie to someone who hasn't seen it is "lifetime material." If you've seen a lifetime thriller before, you'll know exactly what I mean. It's decently entertaining, but nothing too exciting or original. Kind of falls apart with some contrived twists, but the first chunk ain't bad.

How I Met Your Father

Bland remake that lacks the charm of the original
I'll start by saying that I think the original HIMYM definitely had its flaws - while I enjoyed it, I think a lot of people here idolized it (which means no remake can meet their standards). I don't think HIMYM was perfect, so I came into this show with an open mind. In fact, there are a couple parts of this remake that I really appreciated (for instance, having more diversity than just a cab driver with an accent). But ultimately, I think it fell flat. Here are my main criticisms:

1) Too many characters: The core group here has like 6-7 characters. Which would be manageable, expect that they're pretty segmented. Instead of having one group with a couple of outsiders joining in (like Friends or HIMYM), there are like 2-3 separate groups merging. It's hard to keep track of and it's not as interesting because they all already have pre-established connections - part of the fun is seeing someone entirely new come in and form those connections.

2) Boring dynamics: What made the original HIMYM compelling was the dynamics between the characters. You had the main couple (Marshall and Lily) and the weird outlier (Barney). In this show, the main couple is barely shown together and there's no good equivalent for Barney. I think you need that sort of off-color, problematic character to laugh at. This series is too focused on making the entire main cast likable, which backfires because none of them really are.

3) Modern stuff: This show tries way too hard to insert modern references. It opens with a video chat instead of face-to-face convo (like the original), it makes too many Tinder/online dating references, the main character is obsessed with being P. C. (which is like the most stereotypical and boring portrayal of a liberal ever)... There's even a bartender who only speaks in slang.

4) Not funny: Most of the jokes fell flat. It felt like this weird combination of "Disney meets adult humor." It's like 40% kids jokes, 40% forced sexual humor, and then maybe 20% actual funny.

Even if you don't compare it to the original, it's not that good. I think it could work as a one season thing, but I don't see potential for anything more.

EDIT: I also want to add that a lot of the "diversity" complaints are really disappointing. It's one thing to complain about a show being too "woke," it's another thing to act like simply showcasing diversity is being "woke." News flash- POC exist. Showing a black person onscreen isn't a crazy leftist agenda. It's also disappointing to see people assume that these actors only got the job because of their skin color? Like, I didn't know only white people could be actors... Anyways, there's plenty of fair things to criticize this show about (like the unfunny jokes). The fact that (gasp!) a couple of brown people are there really shouldn't be a criticism.


Justifies cheating
This is a pretty boring movie that justifies cheating on your partner. Seriously, the only people who will enjoy this film are those who cheated on their partners and want someone to make them feel better about it.


Not that different from your average lifetime thriller
This movie has convinced me that Netflix lies about who gets on their top 10 list. This movie has a terrible plot and mediocre cast- your average lifetime movie is 10x better. Don't watch unless you're looking for mess.

I Still Know What You Did Last Summer

Not as bad as people say
I went into this movie expecting it to be absolute trash based on the general consensus of reviews. However, I was plenty surprised. It's not incredible, but it's definitely not as bad as people are saying. I thought it shared a lot of similarities with the first film, and Jack Black was a good addition. The only thing I'd criticize is the unnecessary sexualization of the main teenage girl. And the racist stereotypes. Ok, it's outdated, but it's really not a bad slasher flick.

Walk of Shame

Honestly a pretty good time
This movie is far from a masterpiece. It's pretty corny at times, and also has a couple of racist moments that are just glossed over. But ultimately, I enjoyed it. While some parts are hard to believe, watching the main character wind up in bizarre situations was entertaining enough. If you're looking for a chill comedy and don't have Oscar level standards, give it a shot.

Hall Pass

Cheesy, unfunny, and just not good
I'm not sure what to say about this movie other than it leaves you with a bad taste in your mouth. The subject matter is more depressing than funny, and most of the jokes just don't land. While the actors are good, the actual characters are for the most part unlikable (particularly the main two leads). Would not recommend.

Night Teeth

What even is this
Radio rebel turns into a vampire, wants to suck blood to fit in but also wants romance cause she's quirky and not like other vampires. That's it, that's the movie.

When a Stranger Calls

So boring I fell alseep
The movie doesn't actually pick up until near the end. By the time things get exciting, I was so bored that I just didn't care anymore. If you need help falling asleep, just watch the first 3/4 of this movie. Also the acting is terrible.

Careful What You Wish For

Not great, but could've been way worse
This film is... interesting. Whether you'll like it depends on what you're looking for. The first half is more of an erotic thriller, the second half is like an actual thriller. Neither side really delivers, but it isn't terrible. If you're a Nick Jonas fan, throw this on in the background while you do other things.

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