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Outer Banks

Some of the acting stands out more than the show
It seemed promising at first, the actors are all looking more than capable and it's a show about a lost treasure, and with it being rated for a mature audience, I thought, now this could be really really good. In the end though, I felt it was a wee bit too childish at times, it reminded me of that old Disney show with Kurt Russell in it as a teenager getting up to all sorts. The plot just felt too illogical at times, there wasn't enough realism in what was going on and what the kids thinking was, they didn't always act in the way that you'd imagine anyone in this situation would act. Feels like a PG14 series at most, I haven't seen anything in it which teenagers don't already know all about. Maybe as the series continues it will get edgier/darker, or if it's off a book and the material becomes more difficult reading later on. I would say that it's aimed at the younger audience in particular. It can be fun at times, a nostalgic type of fun, but there really isn't enough depth nor enough twists, nor scares in the plot, it's pretty straight forward stuff.


Strangely entertaining
I liked it, I like that they've shown us something different from the norm, something a little odd. I was glued to the screen, captivated, it's a mystery but it's one that you'll be saying TF!. If you like reading or viewing some of Stephen king now and then, then you too could probably appreciate the movie for its surrealty value. The movie does have a message too, however, it's a bit bleak but it is there, you could say it's somebody's metaphor/anxieties about suburban-life.


I'm only three episodes in but it looks terrific so far, it pulls you straight in on that first episode. The sci fi element is really great, it's believable, they're working on truly groundbreaking stuff, far fetched, yet, for tv it is plausible. The atmosphere of the show is at times eerie, with unnerving sound bites creating tension at climatic moments, and you get a fair bit of what's going on early enough in the story.

Some guy who's working at an elite tech company is getting a promotion, he moves up but not all is what it seems, and then his girlfriend comes into the picture. The story becomes somewhat of a thriller/mystery on the front line of the tech industry.


Inconsistent - But it has got its moments
I've watched season 1. The series starts off really well, the storyline in the first episode is great. I liked the whole gothic vibe, and the story seemed interesting. The setting, and the acting for the most part, it all looked good. The first two episodes I found very entertaining.

Dracula has mystery to him which I'm looking forward to being revealed, but until we get this it's difficult to say how good a Vampire story it is. It's definitely a different one, that's for sure, but I like that they've tried to be different.

Dracula himself comes across witty, with a devilish charm. Van Helsing has humor in the characters favor. Later on the VH character gets more serious, which the actor is more suited to, I believe.

I have to say that I wasn't impressed by how episode 3 ends. I was fine with the episode right up until the ending. I can get past minor plot holes - but I now believe this will be one of those series that you'll have to leave your brain at the door. It's a bit up and down for me, it has its entertainment value, it's a good series rather than being a top quality one.

The Mandalorian

Not impressed, a little bored
I find the story so far - Not to be of the standard I expected when going into it, with it being Disney and Star Wars and all. The dialogue is sparse/weak, and the Mandalorian in particular, he sounds like a bad fortune cookie especially when he's talking to fellow Mandalorians. It feels like nothing much is happening and that fans are expected to love it for Yoda, droids, and Mandalorians being in it. The show looks like it was needlessly made on a cheap budget. So like with the original movie, they've tried to get the most out of it - through clever camera work and effects, while going with a rustic, dusty, vibe.

For anyone who's wondering what it's about, it's about a bounty hunter in a galaxy far far away, yeah, sounds cool, but they haven't pulled it off.

I'm on episode 5 on season 1. I'm giving the rating now because I feel others have hyped the show too early. I hope that it's a slow start and then, unexpectedly, we get blown away. I'm not a huge Star Wars fan so am looking at it like a stand alone series, and I reckon I'm being kind in giving it a 5 rating. I'll change it if it takes off, but, it'll need a lot more than a Roger Rabbit character bouncing around the screen.

Too Old to Die Young

Wild wild west
The bad The characters are all much like the old western trope, the strong silent type, a man of few words. Almost every character in the series is this type, both male and female, very similar personas. The pace is a bit slow, sometimes the camera will still and zoom in slowly for dramatic effect, but it happens much too regularly for it to have the desired purpose. Between the characters (dialog), and the slow paced camera work, it feels like there's more episodes in the series than the script suggested.

The good It's a gritty series, and when things do eventually happen it's rarely in an obvious way. The show starts off as an interesting and gritty thriller, but before you reach the end of the season, it becomes something else. I really liked that about the series, I thought I knew what I was watching, but before I knew it, I was watching something else entirely.

The story is what I liked most. What connects everybody, the reasons for the things they do, how it all unfolds. Without giving away too much of the plot. We're watching a cop Martin Jones. Vigo, an ex federal agent. Yaritza and Jesus both belonging to the Cartel. Damien, a crime boss. Martin the cop is under the thumb of some criminals, and we're watching as some folks lives collide in unpredictable ways.

Another Life

Plenty going on but it has some bumps in the storytelling
This is a difficult show to properly rate for me. I'll start off by saying - I love sci fi and space faring television.

There's a lot about this show to like. For one - You have an alien craft/tech landed on earth with the whole mystery of ..what is it? where did it come from? why is it here and all that. Then we're following a bunch of people traveling through space trying to reach the home world so to figure out the aliens intentions, that's all great. The set, the technology, the spaceship, it holds up well so that looks good too. The problem I feel they made, and it's a big one, is that they went into it all much too soon. On the very first episode some stuff begins to kick off on-board the spaceship. The thing is that you'd need some build up to the events that occur. You'd need to see people getting a bit highly strung, feeling a bit confined while experiencing the pressure of the mission, rising tensions and claustrophobia. We don't get that and instead they just go full throttle into the action of it, we see the consequences but not really what led to them. Remember now, these people are supposedly the best of the best that we send. So I feel that there's been some sloppy writing and it takes away from the realism. The acting seems fine, you can only work with the script you are given. It could have been a terrific show because there's a lot going on in the story, you see that in the first season, things along the way, planets and moons to possibly visit, and this is before we even get to the mystery of the visiting aliens. Another concern early on was the wardrobe, in the early episodes I didn't like that some of them looked/dressed like hipsters. That smooths out a bit further on in the show, they begin wearing darker sweat gear or their uniforms more often. I think there is a very decent sci fi show in here still, probably not great but if you're a fan of sci fi then at-least one more option for you to binge.

Personal note - I'd put it ahead of Killjoys, but not as good as the cancelled series Dark Matter.

The Boys

Top Tier
This is definitely a top tier series after watching the first season. All round it's just excellent. I love the whole superpowers going to these peoples heads. I also like that the actors chosen are not too well known. The humor is very funny. The action is exciting. The writing with the dialogue and the story itself, it's all really top quality stuff. If you don't know much about it well then it's better that way. The premise of the show tells you all you need to know - A group of vigilantes try to take down some corrupt superheroes ( some superheroes are supervillains). The wardrobe sometimes they can blunder easily with these types of shows, but that too looks terrific. I'm now looking forward to next season with the first one being such a huge hit. Hopefully they'll keep the writing team together.

Perpetual Grace, LTD

I like it
This is a very entertaining show, it's very much an enjoyable experience. I just love how odd the characters are, the show has some similarities to Fargo and the Coen brothers in how odd the characters can come across. I think casting done an excellent job, some great choices for a show like this. It's still early doors and it won't be everyone's cup of tea, I'm on the eight episode in first season and am definitely interested to see more. The story is an interesting one, a bit of a con man vibe to it, one were the good guys aren't all that good, and the bad guys at times don't seem all that bad. Like I said, oddly entertaining. The ranger who's looking into these characters and trying to get some answers, he seems a bit bewildered by it all himself. Give it watch would be my advice and see what you make of it all.

Swamp Thing

Looks good but only skin deep
The effects/cgi look great, and it's different to other sci fi series (which can be good), also the production quality looks very good. The story is ok, but I think they're gonna have to move away from the whole swamp thing (the location). I find that the show doesn't keep my interest, at times it can be very good but other times I'm looking for the fast forward. The casting is where I think they erred a bit, the female protagonist, personally I feel she was a poor choice. In general I believe the casting could've done a better job (Durand was a good pick), the show looks like it has money being spent, but some of the characters look more suited to your lower budget sci fi shows or a smaller part in a bigger production. Maybe I expected more - or should give the show more time because a lot of people do seem to rate it (I'm on season 1 episode 8) It's a straight forward series, no real mystery or second guessing, no darkness to the show, it's not particularly clever in any way. It's just a bunch of people around a swamp and nature has mutated along with a number of people, it looks cool but you soon get over that.


Insanely good
What a series, odd, peculiar, it's just insane! I really like the out of the box thinking with this show. When I first tuned in and seen the animation, I thought to myself, oh! here we go, is it a cartoon, is it a regular series, but after that it grew on me pretty quickly. How would I describe this show for anyone wondering what it's all about, I haven't got a clue. I can tell you that it's a very funny show, and if you're easily offended well then the language here might not be to your taste. The storytelling is just off the wall crazy, bonkers, whoever it is writing the stuff has a vivid imagination, very creative writing. I look forward to seeing where they go next with it, I won't even try to hazard a guess. Great Sci fi, I hope the SyFy channel don't go and axe the series.

Doom Patrol

It's just great Fun!!!
You gotta love this show, it's not like the other superhero/villain series out there, the ensemble sets it apart from all the others. I really like how odd it is, you have to appreciate a mind that can think this stuff up, creating a story and characters -so bizarrely entertaining. When I first tuned in I was thinking that this doesn't look like it will work - Alsti Girl, Cliff Steele, Larry Trainor, I wasn't really feeling it, I did like Crazy Jane straight off though. The powers were a little weird, the characters seemed a bit of a mishmash, but I eventually realized that it all played into the storyline and it wasn't just being odd for the sake of being odd. I've just about watched the first season in total now, and it looks like it's a hit. Fans of the comics, the superfans, I'm not sure if they have any issues with its authenticity. As an average person watching, I found it to be quite funny, the humour is just the right amount. The storylines and the characters are all done very well, the acting holds up, costumes and cgi also look good. Yes, I'd definitely recommend watching if you're looking for some fun entertainment.


Really liked it ..more please!
Excellent mystery thriller. I knew nothing about the show before watching it. I'm surprised by the low ratings, maybe people expected horror, action, I can't say. If you're expecting horror and gore, this isn't like that. It's a well crafted mystery and it does a good job in keeping you interested.

The series is about an old urban legend - The one in which an organ is donated but then the recipient begins to take on the personality or a trait of the previous owner. That's what I found was done really well on this show, how they mixed some facts with some half truths and superstitions, and it gave it a great sense of realism. (As I watched) I got a sense that something was hidden, it's bubbling under the surface - I got more and more answers, but it still felt like there's something I can't quite put my finger on. That's what is so great about mystery, it's intriguing. The story and the characters are well written, well acted, it's a very good tale and I personally am looking forward to a second season.


Snakes, back-stabbing, and vultures ..what's not to like?
This is a terrific series. If you like the sort of drama that you'll get on shows about the monarchy, or political dramas, with the back-biting and the plotting of downfalls, all the sneakiness and the scandal, well then you should really give this show a watch.

The acting is very good, you get a sense that these are some very powerful people. The show is about people in positions of authority, mainly the stock market and politicians. We get to see their rivalries, friends and foes, and it makes for some great television. The writing is very good too. It has a lot of intricate scheming (however) it's certainly not a slow boil as things can sometimes take a turn for the worse with the drop of a hat. I found it to be a very interesting show, it certainly keeps my attention. I hope that helps.


This is an excellent thriller series with some black humor. I like this type of genre, it's a very enjoyable experience. The only thing that I have down as a slight against the show, is that the episodes are all only a half an hour in length. I would enjoy it even more if they could stretch them out and give us a one hourly episode format. If you like the sort of humor from Breaking-Bad, or Killing-Eve, then you should like this show also.

My favorite character from this show has to be the guy who plays Victor Zsasz- in Gotham's tv series - NoHo Hank in this. He's oddly funny in this show, he's a less subtle comedy relief than others, some-how he comes across with a large heart, making him fairly cute.

The casting team has done well on this show, they have some interesting characters - You know that look - the bottom of the barrel look that many stage actors have in spades, they pull it off well here.

While the show does have its funny moments, it still has a strong thriller/drama element to it. The lead role (Barry) is caught between a rock and a hard place, he also has a lot of stuff going on in his life that he is finding difficult to come to terms with (as do we all), so we watch Barry as he struggles and ponders on his past and present choices. We also get to see both the good and the bad influences from the people that are closest to Barry.

If you do decide to give this show a watch, I doubt you'll regret it, as I believe that just about everybody will enjoy this one. I find that it is one of those shows that you'd love to binge each episode straight after the other. Highly recommended.

The OA

What a great story
Wow, what a brilliantly original series. I'm two seasons in now and found them to be a real treat, can't wait to see how the rest of the story unfolds. The mystery element is just amazing, you're just going along for the ride and seeing where it will take you. The people who thought this up are a uniquely imaginative bunch, credit to everyone who worked on it because they've done an amazing job in bringing it to life.

If you haven't yet watched the show and are a fan of sci-fi with mystery, give it a watch because I think you will enjoy it. I went into the show knowing very little about it. I find it is best that way, but each to their own. It really is a terrific story. It has some theories that we're all aware of, which they have brought to screen in a most magical way.


S**t hits the fan & hits it some more.
A very entertaining movie, from the opening scene's, right the way through, it keeps your attention. The acting is fine, the action is good, and the story itself, it's all good. I don't usually go for the whole Nazi horror thing, it's a little cliche, but this one is actually good. Going by the old tv guide ratings, I would say that this is a four out of five star movie.


Loved it
Absolutely loved it, epic movie. The acting, directing, top notch. The script is amazing, a little dark, and brilliantly odd. I read that it's from a novel, I haven't heard much about it, but if this movie is anything to go by, it'd be a quality read. Someone has put allot of thought into some dark stuff. From the opening scenes, your thinking, hold on a minute, what the f is this. I don't think I know the male lead, Christopher Abbott, but he certainly looks the part here. Do you know that old saying that goes "but he seemed so nice" suits him. Mia Wasikowska, she's one of my favorite actors, and she plays this role superbly. I'd like to say more but it's difficult without giving anything away. Both of them are great to watch in this, bizarre, but great to watch. I like the way it all plays out, all the way through, it's captivating.

Violet & Daisy

Hits the mark
Very entertaining movie, it's a little different, peculiar relationships, with the main characters making an adorable pair. It's more the idea of the whole setup, that makes this an interesting watch. You can't help but like the two girls, despite the business that they're in. The guy who wrote the script, has a dark sense of humor, not pitch black, but a little odd none the less. The first time you watch this picture, shocker, is best - Not really a movie that you'd watch over and over again, but it is a great watch on your first sit down. Highly enjoyable movie.


Terrific stuff!
Terrific movie, it really is. If sci fi thrillers are your thing, then you've come to the right place, this is an excellent one. Loads of action for the action junkies out there, and a great sci fi story for people who love that stuff. It's not a completely original setup, but there is enough newness about it, for fresh ideas. The technology is very, very cool, some of the stuff, I haven't seen in any other movie, I liked that about it. The characters are all played to a high standard, and the story is fast paced, but tight. I would certainly recommend this movie, I enjoyed it quite a bit.


Headless chicken movie...
Truly gripping piece of cinema. From the first to the last minute, it's a hectic pace. From the very beginning, you sense that you're in for a treat. Very dark, pitch black sense of humor. It being built around the housing crisis, gives it a sense of realism, dramatic stuff. When humor and horror align just right, like it does here, it's a really great mix. The acting is top notch, I don't think you could ask for a better lead than McBride, he fits this character superbly. The only thing I could say, against the movie, is that I wish it were longer. If you like a fast paced, thriller/horror, with a huge splash of comedy - This is for you.


Headless chicken movie...
Truly gripping piece of cinema. From the first to the last minute, it's a hectic pace. From the very beginning, you sense that you're in for a treat. Very dark, pitch black sense of humor. It being built around the housing crisis, gives it a sense of realism, dramatic stuff. When humor and horror align just right, like it does here, it's a really great mix. The acting is top notch, I don't think you could ask for a better lead than McBride, he fits this character superbly. The only thing I could say, against the movie, is that I wish it were longer. If you like a fast paced, thriller/horror, with a huge splash of comedy - This is for you.


Odd, strange movie. Not your typical horror movie. Dark, Gothic theme, beauty meets the grotesque, and becomes art. Not everyone will enjoy this type of film making. If you like movies that are a little different from the norm, then this should peek your interest. I haven't watched the original, and I'm not one of those people who write every remake off, believing original is always best. If a movie is good, then it's just good, no two ways about it. I found this movie to be entertaining, without being mind blowing or spectacular in any way. It's a steady enough pace all the way through, so if you love your action scenes best, then this might not be for you.


Sci fi porn.
Absolutely a top notch movie, sci fi doesn't get any better than this. Everything about it, is just fantastic. The person who dreamed this up, and the people who've made it happen, are some seriously talented individuals. Really clever story telling, masterful. If I could give it a 10 plus plus, I would.


Give it a watch, and don't expect to be blown away.
Good movie, not an especially good movie, but it is entertaining enough. Interesting theme, and the acting is fairly decent. I don't know if this is an independent movie, if it is, they done a fine job. If not, it's still a worth a look. Some gore, nothing too shocking for those who don't particularly like that stuff.

I'd say it's a solid 6, but those with a keener eye for the subtext, may have a different view to mine.

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