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The Psychotronic Man

Solid gold white trash cheeze
Peter Spelson is Rocky Fosco, a Chicago city barber with a big quiff, sideburns and a pimp moustache. He drives around listening to crap country music and fixes his hair a lot. Spelson wrote and produced this very bad, no budget supernatural psychic killer flick with his pal Jack M. Sell (the guy responsible for the music, editing and mis-direction). Obviously made fer a coupla' bucks, our hairy barber is soon blacking out and dreaming he's in a flying car surrounded by smoke and disco lights. He tells his doctor (in a sequence that flashes back to the previous two minutes) and fixes his hair some more till the headaches go out of control and he drives around and fixes his hair. Then a farmer has a flashback and Rocky kills him by using his newly acquired Psychotronic powers (which involves him fixing his hair while staring intently). Duuuuh. It's rubbish, but absolutely brilliant rubbish and the type of loose brained ESP horror trash that won't quit getting crapper/better with each passing moment and it's just an ahead of it's time amateur Scanners (80) made by inept mental patients. It's genius I tells ya'. Solid gold white trash cheeze with wonky tunes, a little blood, disco dancing, the worlds slowest, dullest, longest car / foot chase and a title way cooler than it's content. Watch it twice!

Neutrón contra el criminal sádico

Another cheezy, B+W tortilla of Mexican wrestling
Another cheezy, B+W tortilla of Mexican wrestling hokum with Wolf Rubinski as the black masked super scrapper Neutron. This sadly dull, nearly lame episode opens with night club singer Margi (Gina Romand) butchering a tune. Then, after refusing to bail out her skag sister (in debt to mobsters), the sister is kidnapped by a bad guy dressed like Zorro who then murders her with a big knife and films it!! (early Mexican snuff?). Margi then goes to the police and we watch the plot unravel (it's about a maniac, a mental hospital and a mysterious..... nothing) and then Neutron shows up, nearly punches people, seldom fights extra's, watches the parade of quirky suspects go about their business, doesn't wear his patented lightning bolt mask (why? why?) and sits on a lot of desks while chatting to the person sitting behind the desk. Margi also belts out a few more numbers to extend the running time of what's barely enuff story for 30 minutes. And, despite the appearance of a 'fake' blind man, a doctor with a funny pointy beard, more snuff murders and the line "Don't move, I'm a master of Judo and all that jazz" this is a limping entry, even by Neutron's standards. Where's Dr. Caronte? Where's the atomic bombs 'n' wrestling zombies? ZZZzzz.


'Hello Kitty' without the 'o'.
Wow. A truly fantastic 'trip' movie that has tons of super-surreal imagery, dark intent and a black, pretty strange sense of how cartoon animals must see the world. It's populated with a very cute off-world bunch of characters that bend and flow with warped backgrounds.As with all cool fantasy, the wandering plot is secondary to the eye-popping visuals and we follow a little cat and his zombie sister as they encounter death, deluge, water elephants, samurai swordsmen and pigs that fish. I'd never heard of it, but now I love it - probably because it reminded me of the surreal pencil-work of American cartoonist; Bill Plympton. It's a demented delight for fans of odd, pretty things and it had me glued to the screen for fear I'd miss something amazing. Simply put, it's 'Hello Kitty' without the 'o'.

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