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Foyle's War: A Lesson in Murder
Episode 3, Season 1

Great episode
I'm a self avowed history nut and I also love great story telling. This series hits on all levels. You really get al feel of how it was for the English during that time. The German airforce conducting air raids, the British army seemingly alone against the German juggernaut and the Americans staying away. There's so much more. I love this series. I've watched every episode over and over and it never gets old.

It Takes a Thief to Catch a Thief

not bad
This show tries to point out to business owners how easy it is too shoplift in their stores. What really gets me is how stupid these business owners are and how resistant they are to suggestions to making their businesses more secure. It's both frustrating and funny. Some of these people deserve to be out of business, that's how clueless they are.

RWBY: Volume 8

I love it! This show has had its critics but I think Monty would be pleased at the direction it's taking. This series leaves so many unanswered questions I can't wait for the next series. I'm not going to give anything away, you'll have to watch it yourself and draw your own conclusions. Keep up the good work.

Star Trek: The Next Generation: Darmok
Episode 2, Season 5

TNG at it's best
When there's a show that runs as long and has as many episodes as this series there's bound to be some weak shows. This is not one of them. This episode totally blew me away he first time I saw it and remains one of my top five episodes. This is what happens when you have two truly great talents and a story that allows them to fully use that talent. This isn't a fast bang bang shoot 'em up episode, rather it explores how different people can find common ground if both are committed to it. It's a lesson we all can learn if we're willing to try.

Mortal Engines

Just ok
This is a great example of how you take a really good book and turn it into a mediocre movie. The books were great but this just doesn't live up to the promise. Movies seldom do, but this could have been much better.

A Haunting on Dice Road: The Hell House

I grew up in Saginaw MI. I went to Douglas Mac Arthur High School at the same time that Terry would have so I would at least have heard of him. I never did, not even his name. At the time there was only one high school he could have gone to. There are at dozens of places around the area that date back well over two hundred years that could be haunted but this isn't one of them.

Whip It

Totally unexpected great flick
I'd never heard of this movie. I came across it by accident and I loved it. I've been a fan of Drew Barrimore for years and seeing this was the first movie she directed I was interested. After seeing the cast I knew I had to watch it and I was not disappointed. One big thing that impressed me was (for the most part) I didn't feel like I was watching a bunch of people acting, I really believed in the characters. They felt like real people. To me that's the mark of a good flick.


Totally unexpected joy
I didn't have any idea what to expect from this movie, but I loved it. It's not your typical flashy, frenetic, slam bang science fiction movie. There's not much flash but there's a lot of great story. The actors never seem like they're acting, they feel like real people. If you want loud fast moving commercial sci fi you'll be disappointed, but if you appreciate a good story with a variety of characters check this one out. I'm a sucker for good story telling and this is one great example. I want this in my collection.

Cop and a Half: New Recruit

Fun little flick
There's not much I can say that hasn't already been said. This is a fun film with likable characters. Lulu Wilson is as cute as can be and it's nice to see Lou Diamond Phillips play a lighter role than his usual more intense parts. Granted this hits all the typical buttons you'd expect but for kids it's just right. All in all I like it and I think it's better than the original.

Sunset Paradise

fun show
I came across this purely by accident and I love it. At first I wasn't sure about it. My first reaction was what the heck is this!? I'm an animation fanatic so I decided to give it a shot. The look and style of animation is totally different than anything else and I like that. Different can be a very good thing. At first I thought it was just a kids show but I quickly changed my mind. All in all a great show. I want to see more.

Enterprise: Acquisition
Episode 19, Season 1

Ferengi are so stupid
When I see a race this dumb on Star Trek I have to wonder how a species this moronic could have developed any machine beyond the simple wheel let alone space travel. I think the only ones dumber have to be the Paklids. All in all a pretty bad episode.

Tesla: The Science of Enlightenment

Simply awful
Tesla was a fascinating man and a true genius. This documentary, however is the worst. There are scenes that are total nonsense like a scene early where the narrator is talking about Tesla's card gambling and the scene shown is a roulette wheel. That's just one of many. The narration has got to be the worst voiceover ever. I'd really like to see a documentary of Tesla that truly respects his genius. Don't wast your time with this turkey.

Women's Murder Club

worthwhile but not great
First off there's a lot to like about this show. Good cast, decent acting, enough action but not over the top. When it comes to the stories though, it's just the same old thing. No surprises. I liked it because I could just turn off my brain and just go with the flow, but that's also where the problem comes from. When I want something that's going to challenge me this isn't where I'd go. That's why I gave it a 7. It could've been more.

The Immortal Wars

0 stars
Throw a bunch of chimps in an editing room with a bunch of film footage and this is what you get.


Old but still good
I gave this an 8 for the original Japanese subtitled version. The dubbed version is only a 4 because of bad voice acting. 90% of the time I'll pick the subtitled versions because I want to hear the original actors and I'm also an extremely fast reader so subtitles don't bother me. Overall this is a really good story for an older anime.

The Miracle Season

I loved it.
It would be so easy to pass this off as just another sports movie but it's much more. It's a movie about love, loss, tragedy and ultimately triumph. You need to understand these girls were children, high school students, teenagers. They had to deal with great loss and the pressure of winning a state championship. They are all hero's and should be an inspiration. I love this movie.

Leverage: Redemption

exactly what I expected
Renewed shows seldom work and this is no exception. In today's world every show must fit a certain social/political viewpoint or it won't be allowed to exist. Gone are the days when shows were allowed to push limits. Now it's all about "feelings." The original show was aimed at a more adult audience than this. The writing is about as simplistic as it gets, the acting has fallen way off. The entire cast seems to be walking through their parts with no attempt to be convincing. Noah Wyle is a favorite of mine and his talent is wasted here. It's sad, I really wanted to like this show but I just can't.

Askeladden - I Dovregubbens hall

Dubbed, badly
This might be a fine film but I can't stand dubbed movies. I want to hear the original language with subtitles. I don't care if I need to read because I'm a very good reader. The original language gives the movie the feel the film makers wanted when they made the movie in the first place. For those who aren't good readers, learn to read. For those who are too lazy to learn to read I don't have any sympathy. I know my review might anger some people but too bad.

Leverage: The Blue Line Job
Episode 2, Season 5

Pretty good episode
This is a decent episode. One thing that did get me, (as a tortoise lover) at about 22:40 Nate refers to the turtle as a "sucato." There is no such thing. There is a sulcata tortoise, an African tortoise that doesn't look anything like the turtle shown. Sulcatas can grow up to 150 pounds and are considered to be one of the larger tortoise breeds in the world. Some people do keep them as pets but they require a lot of room.

Star Trek: The Next Generation: Encounter at Farpoint
Episode 1, Season 1

Great beginning to a series
When this show first was shown it was ground breaking. In todays world it seems cheesy but it really blew people away when it first came out. Almost no one was ready for something like this on TV. The technology was almost unheard of outside of major theater productions. The actors really didn't quite know what to do with their characters but would settle down over time.

Atlantis: The Lost World

Atlantis is a story that's fascinated me for years so I was really interested in this show. A number of things totally turned me off to this yawnfest. First was the totally annoying droning soundtrack that permeated every second. Next was the snail pace. It went by sooo slowww. Third was the narrator who's voice just became boring. All in all I couldn't get past all of this. There has to be better documentaries. This isn't one of them.

24 Hours in Police Custody

Different and good
I've only seen the first two seasons and so far I really like it. It shows the day to day process that detectives go through to build cases. There's not the flash that are a big part of so many shows, just good honest police work. I want to see more. Highly recommended.

Snow White and the Huntsman

Story had possibilities but......
Kristen Stewart killed it. How does she keep getting jobs? A sheet of plywood has ten times more personality. She's just plain awful. When is IMDB going to wake up and give us a minus star option. If they did I'd give this "movie" at least -5, Stewart really is that bad. She ruins everything she touches.

Pengin haiwei

Beautiful movie
This is easily one of the most unusual movies you will ever see. I wasn't sure at first what to make of it because it takes its time to get there. Stick with it because your patience will be rewarded. It will seem totally dis-jointed at first but give it time. All I could say is, at the end, what a great piece of story telling. I'm a huge fan of Studio Ghibli and this rivals any of the best from them. If you appreciate great animation and great story this is a must see.

Hey, Hey We're the Monkees

Re-edited version
I just saw a re-edited extended version from 2020 that filled in a lot of holes from the original version. There's a lot of newer footage of them reforming and performing now with a backing band. If you can try to track it down. It brought back a lot of personal memories because I started playing guitar in 1961, joined my first band in '64 and played a lot of early Beatles and Monkees music. Great times.

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