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Yesterday and today
An exceptional tribute to The Beatles and to love.

Well done.

Let Go

Dismal and Unimaginative.
I was appalled at how bad this movie was. Despite having a few fairly big names, all of the performances were catatonic and uninspired. I picked this up at Wal-mart and I am more concerned about the hour and a half of my life I will never get back. There is definitely a place on or near my ten worst movies list. Even the potential eye candy was lethargic and forced.

Kevin Hart was neutered. Simon Helberg played a caricature of a two dimensional thug. If he's worried about being remembered as Howard Walowitz, he should be glad if he is remembered as Howard Walowitz.

I couldn't tell if Ed Asner had had a stroke or if his character had dementia. Either way, it was a great loss.

Minor embarrassments turn into mediocre epiphanies.

Buy this movie today for someone that you really don't like.

The Happening

I didn't know this was a disaster film!
Atrocious would be too kind. M. Night Shyamalan is too full of his own flakiness. The script, so called plot, direction, and acting were well beyond horrible. I think everyone involved with this bomb should go lick a tree and shoot themselves in the head!

Run and hide! Don't waste a minute of your precious life on this movie. Please God, if you are out there, don't make me watch anymore "films" by M. Night Shyamalan!

The only reason this movie got a two from me was it ended!

This is on par with Jabberwocky, Toys, and Hudson Hawk for being bad, bad, bad!

One of my worst ten movies ever!


This started off like a bad rip-off of Bruce Almighty and then tried to turn itself into a drama. How sad. How sad indeed. No great drama. No great acting. No great plot. Nothing original. Not quite a waste of time, but nothing memorable.

Wait for the DVD, then forget about it before you spend your money. You'll be glad you did!

There is nothing Adam Sandler can do to make up for 8 Crazy Nights! What a sharp stick in the eye that POS was!

I do not believe that this will ever be the #1 movie in America either! SO there, Sony!

The Sentinel

Huge disappointment
I saw the preview for this movie and thought it would be great. I went out and read the book, which was phenomenal. The movie blew. The plot was changed, major characters were removed and new ones added. The movie characters were very two dimensional, the acting was shallow, the screenplay sucked. It lacked motive on everything.

The movie starts with a man being killed by the bad guys for discovering something that the bad guys want discovered. The president, first lady, and all of the secret service lack character, depth, and passion.

Keifer Sutherland's character is supposed to be the foremost investigator, who follows the facts where they lead and will discover the truth, yet ruined his marriage and his relationship with his best friend on a mere suspicion.

Eva Longoria's character is there for T & A only, (despite no nudity and not being in the book) and her loyalty to Douglas' character is feebly explained.

I would rate this movie poor and strongly suggest reading the novel instead.

Walk away. You won't be missing anything.

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