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The Equalizer

This is a great show.
This was a very great show. I watched it after the Superbowl & it was so cool. I loved how exciting it was. Queen Latifah's character Robin was a badass. I loved how she fought good against the villains who tried to hurt a girl named Jewel who was accused of a crime that she didn't even do which was killing a lawyer. I even liked how she (Robyn) disguised herself as many people when she was trying to defeat evil. This show is certainly worth watching. I also applaud Queen Latifah for being the first Black female actress to play as the main protagonist.

Divorce Court

Divorce Court rocks!
I love watching Divorce Court. It has been my favourite show since I was a little boy. I loved when Judge Mablean Ephriam hosted this back when it used to air on my local UPN station from 2004 until 2006. I also liked when Judge Lynn Toler hosted it because she was so cool & I loved how she was able to provide wisdom & advice for couples. She was why I love watching it. I liked seeing Judge Faith Jenkins in it as well. I also liked watching the 20th Television logo at the end of it until 2019 when Greedy Disney bought it (20th Television) & as a result of this, something called "Fox First Run" had to produce the series. I especially liked hearing Joe Catalano say either "All Rise. Court is now in session. Judge Mablean Ephriam presiding. You may be seated" or "All Rise. Court is now in session. The Honorable Judge Lynn Toler presiding. You may be seated". I also liked when Nick said "Divorce Court is now in session. The Honorable Judge Lynn Toler presiding". It was also nice when Juan Bustamante said "Court is now in session. The Honorable Judge Faith Jenkins presiding." I just wish that I could be able to watch as much episodes of this show as possible.

The Boris & Nicole Show

Such a beautiful Talk Show to watch
I enjoyed watching The Boris & Nicole Show. It was so beautiful as I liked its set, theme song & audience. It was so underrated & I liked how They spoke about very interesting topics. I wish that Fox Television Stations & Lincolnwood Drive didn't cancel it after only 4 weeks on the air.

Dance Fu

This film was so cool
This film was so cool. I enjoyed watching it on DVD when I was a teenager. It was so cool. I especially liked the way Kel Mitchell performed his characters. It was great from start to finish. This film was so funny, magnificent & exciting. I am glad that I seen it.

Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H.

This is my favorite Hulk cartoon
This is my favourite Hulk cartoon. I like that in this one, The Hulk was so great as a leader & he was able to speak clearly instead of speaking in third person. I also liked when in certain scenes where they were shown in some camera or something he & members of his crew broke the fourth wall as if they were in a really cool reality series. I wish that The Walt Disney Company & Marvel Entertainment could revive & renew this show for a third season.

House Arrest

This was a really nice movie.
This was a really nice movie to watch. I enjoyed watching it on Tubi as it was really funny.

Dance 360

This was a lovely show
Dance 360 was a really lovely show. I enjoyed it as it was so cool. I especially liked how dancers would dance on a circular floor to good music & that whoever had the loudest reaction from the audience won. I really wished that UPN didn't cancel it.

Fatal Attraction

Worst Show ever
This was the worst show ever. I hate how it shows the deaths of many people as well as other true crime stuff. This show is a lot more depressing than an episode of "The Dr. Phil Show". This show is so sad that a person who dealt with something horrible would feel worse after watching it. 😞

Ride or Die

I love this movie
I love this movie. It was worth my time viewing. If you wanna know how was this film good, I'll tell you. This film was good because it had nice rap music, the action was nice, I liked how the main character Conrad McRae was a badass through shooting bad people & beating them up real good & also this film looked cool. I'm glad that I was finally able to see this one. In my humble opinion, this was one of the greatest 2003 movies ever made by Sony Pictures but it's not like that to critics. But who cares what they think? They ain't my daddy, momma, preacher, doctor, teacher or of any importance to me.


"This is a nice show"
I say that this is a nice show. I remember seeing a promo for it on a 2002 Divorce Court FOX 31 Airing that I seen on YouTube. I hafta admit, Fastlane is pretty cool but it is a damn shame that the show was much too expensive to produce episodes.

Kingdom Come

I love this movie!!!!
I like this movie because it was really funny. The funniest scenes that I can think of when watching this was the one where Charrisse was running her big mouth to Junior & He pulled out a gun to silence her after they nearly crashed when they were driving, the one where Marguerite & her son Royce were changing the radio stations due to Royce wanting to hear "Help Lord (Won't You Come)" by MC Hammer & Marguerite wanting to hear Church music, the one where Marguerite was hitting her son Royce with a bible after he spoke to her about wanting to get on welfare, the one where Charrisse was acting like a Drama Queen by falling on the floor & crying in hysterics when she seen her husband Junior & his mistress Bernice Talbot in the same room together, the one where Reverend Hooker was passing gas when trying to preach for Bud's funeral, prompting everybody (excluding Marguerite) to laugh, the one where The kids were busy covering a car with Toilet Paper & etc. I thought that this movie was funny & I still do. I even liked the music that constantly plays when a Slocumb Family member is going through something. It is a really good nostalgic movie to watch. I guarantee it!


This is a great Spider-Man film to watch & relive!
I like this movie. I remember watching it at a young age & I was happy. I especially liked how Tobey Maguire was Spider-Man. He looked exactly like Peter Parker & he was the best actor for the part. If it wasn't for him & Columbia Pictures, this film would have NOT made as much money as it did. I can honestly say that this is gonna be a delightful action movie for you Spider-Man fans worldwide. If you haven't watched this film already, you should. It is that good, much better than into the spider-verse.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

I seen some of it. It was okay but I really don't wanna see it. I can admit the animation was okay, It looked fascinating but this one is not my type. I don't hate this one neither like it. I prefer Sam Raimi over this one. It was kind of weird to see Peter Parker go barefoot in some scenes of this, which I am NOT used to. If I were to give this film a rating,it would get a 71%. I know a lot of folk love this one & it won awards (good for that) but I am Not into this one. I respect the opinions of those who like it. It looks quite cringey.

Da Boom Crew

I like this show
I like this show because it is cool & the music intro for it was dope. It is just the best show I ever seen. When I first tried the show, I felt like cringing but then when I tried it again, I instantly fell in love with the show.It looks cool but the ratings were so low & everybody hated this one more than Esther Rolle hated Jimmie Walker's character on "Good Times". It looks just like the Proud Family but only better.

Five on the Black Hand Side

I like 5 on the black hand side
I like "5 on the black hand side" because it is a real cool movie from the past. I liked everything about the movie which were the studio(s), the theme song, the actors who starred on it & etc. I especially liked the humour in it which was really good through the jive talk & etc. I even watched this movie with my Mother whom was 8 when this film was released & I hafta tell you, Even though I was born 27 years, 49 days & a month after its release, I can still appreciate it. This film is so good that If I were to have a smartphone, computer or any other technological device, I'd stream it if it was available on any streaming service (e.g. Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube, etc.). I give props to everybody who had something to do with this including United Artists, Metro Goldwyn Mayer, Oscar Williams & etc.


I like this show
I like Gargoyles. It is a good show to watch at Nite. I remember watching this show on Disney XD back then & I'm so thrilled that I did. I give props to Buena Vista Television for creating this show & airing it on syndication & The American Broadcasting Company during its third season which is "Gargoyles:The Goliath Chronicles"

Gargoyles: The Goliath Chronicles

I like this one.


I like this show.
I like the series "Sparks". The reason why I like the series so much is because it was very hilarious. I was NOT alive when this series was airing on the now defunct UPN, but I can still appreciate it. My favourite actors on this here program were James Avery (RIP), Kym Whitley, Arif S. Kinchen, Terrence Howard, Miguel Nunez, Jr. & Robin Givens (NO OFFENSE BUT I FOUND OUT SHE WAS A DRAG QUEEN). This show is very cool but ironically, it was short-lived because of the ratings. I even like how this sitcom was Distributed by 20th Century-Fox Television, MTM Enterprises & The Weinberger Company. I knew very little about "Sparks" until I watched episodes of it on YouTube. I'd be very happy if 20th Century-Fox Home Entertainment (IF DISNEY DOES NOT BUY IT) could release both seasons of this show on DVD.

Total Dramarama

It's NOT so bad come to think of it.
The way I see things, Total Dramarama is NOT bad now if you think about it. It's pretty good because it shows most of the contestants as little kids being supervised by Chef Hatchet & A character from another series known as "6teen". It's kind if nice to see Chef Hatchet retire from being a chef but becoming a Daycare provider. If I were to be a teacher & it was my student, I would give it a "B+" because of its progress. I like everything about this but I would like it better if they could've included Devon Joseph also known as "DJ" to the characters but made him be voiced by another actor & that he looks the same way that he did on "Total Drama Island", "Total Drama Action, "Total Drama World Tour" & "Total Drama:Revenge Of The Island" but the things different about him is that he is small like the others & does NOT have a beard. I also like how the young contestants do NOT hafta worry about Chris McClean's antics & him eliminating anybody or making them feel bad. Fresh TV, IF YOU ARE READING THIS REVIEW, IS IT ALRIGHT IF YOU WERE TO HAVE A SEASON 2, DJ COULD BECOME A NEW KID AT THE DAY CARE & THAT CHRIS McCLEAN COULD BE A RECURRING CHARACTER? I ALWAYS WANNA SEE THAT. I TRIED THIS SHOW IMMEDIATELY AFTER I WATCHED THE 4TH SEASON OF THE ORIGINAL SERIES & I HAFTA TELL YOU. IT WAS NOT PERFECT BUT IT STILL WAS LOTS OF FUN. THIS SHOULD BE THE TYPE OF SHOW THAT WOULD MAKE KIDS FEEL GOOD ABOUT. THE LITTLE KIDS IN THIS SHOW SURPRISING LOOK ADORABLE BUT I SLIGHTLY DON'T LIKE THEIR VOICES THOUGH.

All of Us

I love All Of Us
All Of Us is a really good show I like. The reason why I love All Of Us is because it is a really good show about a divorced man having to share custody of his son with his ex. My favourite character of this show is Bobby because he was a very adorable little kid who loved both of his parents despite their marital status. I remember watching episodes of this show on UPN & on The WB's replacement channel The CW when I was a really little boy. I even liked how I watched it on The WB On Demand back when it was available. I liked how Will Smith & his "wife" created this show along with Ali Leroi, Warner Bros. Television & etc. It makes me feel good to see this show but what makes me feel bad about it is that in order to watch a full episode of this online, I would hafta buy it & I currently don't have Money. It would be nice if Warnermedia decided to release ALL 4 seasons of it on DVD so that I can watch it any time I want & NOT see commercial interruptions during it. Another thing, I also like the show's theme song & It goes like this: "Often I wish that we could take the time to see the need there is to be a family, yeah. Cause it's All Of Us. Sometimes it can be tough. Times & Seasons change but we will still remain... It's just All Of Us (It's Just All Of Us) (2X during season 1 & 2 but 1 time in the later seasons)." I like the show so much that I wish I can meet the cast of this series, take a selfie with them * watch an episode of this show with them. I even liked how during the opening sequences, it shows hands moving pictures of the footage of the show. I am so happy to watch sitcoms like this on TV & I would NOT want to miss any episode unless it is a bad one. I give props to UPN, The CW, Duane Martin, Lisaraye McCoy, Elise Neal, Tony Rock, Terri J. Vaughn, James Vincent, Laivan Greene, Will Smith, Jada Pinkett-Smith, Betsy Borns, Warner Bros. Television, Overbrook Entertainment & everybody else who had something to do with this show. Thank God 4 All Of Us

Heavy Metal 2000

I love this film.
I really love Heavy Metal 2000. The reason why I love this film so much is because it has really cool Heavy Metal music, The main character was beautiful & I loved the animation. Last nite, I tried the movie hours after I watched the original & I tell you they were both equally good. One thing I like about this movie the most was when it shown the main character Julie when she stripped naked, swam across a cave & she put on her clothes which looked similar to that of Taarna from the original movie. My favourite scene of this film which was hilarious was when Julie met up with an ugly creature which wanted to kiss her. she was very reluctant about it but still did & when her friend Zeek told her that they hadta go somewhere, Julie calls the creature a "Son of a B****", tells him to kiss her fist & she knocked him into the lava river. It is a shame this film was hated by a lot of people including Rotten Tomatoes & a number of movie critics. I know it is NOT really like the prequel but I still like it. The way I see things, I would say that THIS MOVIE IS WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY BETTER THAN THAT STUPID MOVIE KNOWN AS "BEOWULF". It was a really fun movie & If I were to get enough money & it was being sold in the form of a DVD at a retail store, I would pick it up & pay whatever amount of money it cost along with the tax. Screw whoever says this film is garbage. I am Mastuh 8845 & I LOVE THIS FILM TO DEATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Plus I also knew it looked like it was made by Disney even though it wasn't.


it is a really good show.
I love this series known as 227. The reason why I have a FREQUENT TOLERANCE & FANDOM for it is because it is really funny. The funniest things about this show are how Mary & Sandra always bicker & Mary's sassy attitude. It is really cool & I like it as much as I like the theme song for it even the people who funded for it like The cast members, The producers, directors, editors, writers, the networks & etc. I even like Sony Pictures for creating this series in the form of its past subsidiaries which were ELP Communications, Columbia Pictures Television & Columbia TriStar Television. Sandra was my favourite character in this show because she looked really beautiful & I love how she spoke & said Mary's name.

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