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Jesus Revolution

Surprise hit of the year! Great movie!
This is the underdog movie you have to root for. It was opened in limited theaters for limited shows. Only the 6PM show available in my local theater. THEN, it had amazing reviews and great Rotten Tomato numbers and suddenly it is at 5PM, 7PM and 9PM! We saw the 7PM show with about 30 other movie goers. The key to it is they put special care in making it unlike most "Christian movies." The soundtrack is first rate with Fleetwood Mac and Edgar Winter Group! The acting is amazing and real. Oh sure, Hollyweird will shun it like they do all things Christian but like "Passion of the Christ" the boxoffice and the word of mouth will carry this along. Also, there is a similar Jesus Revolution going on today in the USA that is on the TV! Even local media can't ignore it. The story here follows one boy who is lost in the 70s drug and hippy world until he finds a home with the church. Kelsey Grammer does an amazing job as do all the actors here. I loved this movie!

Operation Fortune: Ruse de Guerre

PG13 without the F-word overflow
We get it. Guy Ritchie is off his game seeing his ex become the face of the "Saw" franchise but wow. The opening scene has 20 F-words. I don't know anyone that talks like that and I have 20 years with the military. Plaza is comic relief - does a good job. Statham and Elwes play the tough guys. Hugh Grant does a good job as the sleezy billionaire with no moral code. It is a ridiculous fun world tour with Josh Hartnett as the Hollywood patsy. The crew I was with liked it but the cussing was like blood in a Tarantino movie -- too much and unnecessary. I look forward to more from this team of entertainers.

The Good House

From the writers of boring movies like "Let him go", "Family Stone", and "Polka King." You see some Sigorney 73 year old side boob as the high point. Lots of therapy, a gay ex-husband, too much debt, autistic kids, affairs and lies, shady business deals, overpriced cars and houses, alcohol addiction -- just a liberal mess that passes today as "drama." It will probably win awards because it lost money and checks all the boxes. Strong women and weak men. All we needed was a climate change March and some anti-gun rhetoric to make it complete. I would not watch this again if you paid me. Skip it very hard.

Glass Onion

We were bored
The original movie was fun and had some good twists. This is 8 interesting stores meshed together for a boring one. Like a play that they get a handful of A-listers together and it isn't good enough for theaters, but Netflix. LOL. We loved the COVID conspiracy joke. Have you seen movies where there are a bunch of stars but no magic? ISHTAR anyone? This is that in 2020 with a James Bond out of a job. His accent is fun. Overall more glitz than substance. Mom fell asleep. We were checking email and texting friends during the movie, not a good sign. They are setting this up as a series of movies. They have to get better.

Clerks III

Unfunny and offensive
Wow, this could have been much better. Lots of throwbacks to the original and other Smith works. Kevin Smith had a heart attack so this is a shout out to that. Depression after coming face to face with mortality. So many terrible and offensive Jesus jokes. Drugs and more drugs. More terribly offensive Jesus jokes. Lots of "all Christians are boring Virgin" jokes. Smith has always been a B-role character but this movie drives it home again. Failure after failure. He gave up pot and junk food to lose 100 pounds after his heart attack. This is the baby that was birthed from that experience? Just an awful Failure. Wish I hadn't wasted a dollar at Redbox on it. Pass!

Sebastian Maniscalco: Is It Me?

Funniest comedy on Netflix
This guy slays. Old fashion classy comedy that makes you uncomfortable but laughing. I have COVID-19 this week and am watching all the funny. This is the best of the crowd. Doesn't shy away from controversy but doesn't push bad politics on the crowd. No pumped in laughs. He is relatable and we were dying. Gotta wonder if he is this funny in life. He talks about how silly liberal schools are. He relates his wife using heels in the snow. He talks about guns. It is all good. He brings the funny. Feel bad for children who find him offensive or say he doesn't have punch lines. The best comedians don't spoon feed you. Watch this!

Hot Forever

Boys bad, conservatives dumb
Wow. Usually she is funny. Self depreciating. This was 30 minutes about bras. She stopped mid concert to praise abortion. You hear the audience erupt in support but then they pan to the quiet, shocked, bored people being offended. She did lots of her "guys are dumb and only want sex" jokes. Women are victims, always. Feel sorry for her really. We laughed twice in an hour. Lots of squeeking and cartoon voices that she falls back on when she is nervous. She is usually funny, not here. I would not recommend this one. Worst of the handful on here. If you want someone to make fun of the South and praise ending babies then this cringe is your jam.

Freddie Mercury - The Final Act

Good music, lots of spin
The music was solid. They pushed hard against linking his lifestyle choices with his death. They talk about Rock Hudson's death from AIDS and poo-poo people linking the lifestyle with the disease. They make fun of the president for saying "gay cancer" as a slang for AIDS although almost all deaths then made that link. Today they have a 600% greater chance of AIDS but QUEEN defends Freddie's lifestyle. They say people didn't understand him. Remember in BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY when he was in truck stops sharing needles and toilet stalls? That is all choice. They talk to boyfriends of his and they talk about his choices that killed him. The show goes into "gay plague" and fight the fact it was appropriate. Rock Hudson, Freddie Mercury, George Michael, Liberachi, Jermaine Stewart, David Cole, Easy E, etc. Great music. Very sad.


Great true story well told
Yes, I liked this one. Great flight scenes done without green screen. Amazing shots! Made you appreciate the skill required to ride one of these old birds. As a former USAF pilot, I was smiling like a little kid with a donut every time they took to the air. The uniforms were wrong for that time period. The winter in Korea is cold and they would have been wearing "poopy suits" for that (rubber suits that made you look like the stay-puff marshmello man). The leads were amazing, crying on command and demanding you pay attention. The victim and racism thing was heavy handed and they beat you with it at every turn, that got old. They missed a critical scene when the pilot saw the Marine for them to reconcile near the end. The fact this is a true story made it even better. Would recommend!

Titans: Inside Man
Episode 5, Season 4

Worst of a weak season
Superboy, Raven, Nightwing and Koriandr fall to magic. Dudes making out to feed the agenda but no other love connection or nudity. Beastboy becomes a virus. A snake kills Lex but a child with a staff kills it. Who writes this crap? Honestly, when Dove left the whole thing went down hill. The first 3 seasons were good. This was not good. It was boring and silliness. Fighting and killing innocent people taken over like zombies by magic. Terrible. I hope of it is renewed for a season 5 we have less dude love and less invisible bad guys and more TITANS vs. Bad supers. Hope you get the magic back next season.

No Name & Dynamite

Um, so confused
Good movie but weird. Great scenes strung together with no plot or reason. If someone could have put a few hours into music and pulling it together, it would have been an 8 star review. Acting was good. Action was believable. Special effects were well done. A great experience but CONFUSING. Have you ever seen a movie where they filmed a few dozen scenes then put them in a hat and shook it up. Then they rolled them out on a table and boom. Like a comedian with a one hour show that just has a hundred jokes but can't string them together just shoots them out randomly to anyone listening. Enjoy but keep expectations low.

My Best Friend's Girl

Jason Biggs plays the same character in every movie, sad sack victim. Alec Baldwin plays himself .. old leech. Dane Cooke plays a rent an azz, he is the dude you hire to piss your girlfriend off to call you for a second chance. Kate Hudson plays the girl everyone falls in love with immediately for some reason. It is funny but terrible. The pizza place was so over the top offensive. I laughed but would never recommend it. The ending was obvious and wack. Seriously, lost a star for the RUST shooter who beats up reporters and calls his very young daughter "a fat pig like mother. " see it but be ready to be offended.


good but could have been great without bad politics
Time travel movies are my jam. I usually love them. The chance to go back and fix things that went wrong, who wouldn't want that? James Franco does a good job as the anti-hero, drug into a friend's mission to save JFK from being assassinated. The movie develops well and is well written by Steven King. He might be off his meds but does a good job with drama, gives it a shadow of scary and off-kilter. Unfortunately, his sad politics shine through here and give it a slimy sheen of liberal with hate of guns, hate of military because they are bad people with no morality, hate of meat (yes, he works that in) and hate of law enforcement. The military thing is the one that really hurt. Every military member he introduced was evil at the core with no redeeming values. Too bad. Without his bad politics, this could have been a 7 or 8 star run. See this but take your time getting to it.


Starts slow gets going later
Novak does a good job here. Starts off-balance as a New York is cool with sport humping and getting paid for podcast and Texas is slow and inbred. Shifts gears in the second act when he figures out he is dead wrong and the South has life figured out. After all, people don't move North to retire. The last chapter is good, redemption. It has a solid ending. Overall a good watch. The wife got bored but I have lived in Abilene and visited New York and could see lots of truth in this. There were some laughs. Ashton Kutcher was a surprise. The family grows on you and like most Southernors, are open to the stranger. Overall, a win!


Best Elvis since Elvis
This guy channels Elvis, best impersonation since Gary Busey did Buddy Holly. The family blessed the movie. After making the movie, he said it was hard to get back to being himself. Reviews say this is the dark Elvis, the underbelly. Meh, didn't go into Pracilla being underage. Didn't dig too deeply into the drug problem that killed him. Overall an amazing movie. He should get awards for the performance. Conflicted and pushed by Col Parker the shuckster. I remembered seeing him on TV in his Aloha concert. Wish I could have seen a few artists in person: Elvis, Prince, Stevie Ray Vaughn and Queen. Watching this movie even reinforced this truth.

American Gigolo

Amazing remake
They got the original song, big get. The actors were top notch. I thought Gere was the only one who could play this part but the new guy kills it, embodies Richard. Rosie was the only severe disappointment, cost them 2 stars. Just zero there talent, a blank wall. The story is good, compelling but dark. Lays the groundwork for the movie. Art is born out of struggle. Julian becomes an artist. He is bought and sold his whole life. It gives depth to the character that wasn't there before. Good music. Good sex. I'll watch it. It will be interesting how they roll it out. If they keep it fun and stay away from agendas.

Purple Hearts

She was a hot mess
But it got better. As a third generation career military man, they got the military stuff right. She starts as an ultra liberal California girl whose mess of a life is the government and everyone else's fault. Illegals are entitled to citizen rights. Guns are bad. Military's mission is wrong. Medical care is a right. Hating the people trying to kill you is weak. THEN she starts to see life through his eyes. Real life. They marry so her diabetic health care is covered and he can pay an old debt. Don't watch the commercial because all that is in it! We liked it. It was predictable and Hallmark with a twist but it was true to life. The military stuff was well-done. One of the better things on this channel this year. Getting crazy good reviews.

Happy Christmas

No! Unwatchable
Dunham should have clued us in to skip this. Pretty sure they just had an outline and said "be funny." This had to be a $100k project: terrible direction, bad editing, bad sound, bad acting. Only the baby was worthwhile. Grainy like a VHS video from 1988. Boring as the 4 of 10 rating would make you think. Anna must have owed Dunham money or lost a bet. "A drunk aunt comes to visit and overstays her welcome" was the pitch. They release this but shelve "Batgirl?" Terrible, bad, not good. Do not waste time on this stinker. Oh, I need a book because I didn't like it. Gotta type more about Dunham and her book where she says admits to assaulting her brother and sister as children. This is that but in a ninty minute movie.

Selling Tampa

Lived in Tampa, what is this?
Thought this would be a fun tour of beautiful Tampa. Wanted to see beaches and beautiful homes. Instead, we got a dark drama like wives of Atlanta but some real estate stuff to distract from the dark drama. This was unwatchable. The going rate is 3 of 10 but no way this was up to a 3. If your life is boring and you demand drama of others without any beautiful beaches then enjoy this hot mess. Pass and hard pass to the pass. For some reason, if you give a low score on here you have to write a book. This is the book. And on and on for lots of words. To fill out the book you see. Book .. the past tense is booked. And future to book.

Reign Over Me

Boring and circular
Adam Sandler does a good job as crazy. I am from the South. This mental state of the cast, the quiet desperation, is that 24/7 NYC? The whole movie has a damp towel over the crowd the whole time. Homely dentist attracts hot women who obsess over him and ruin his career. Depressing, Ludacris and dark. Take Fight Club with no violence -- that is the tone. Jada plays herself, a self obsessed dominant wife. I have to keep talking because this site does not allow low scores without a book. I have to type twice as long a review as if i had given it an 8 rating. So to review, Sandler is the high point and Jada is the low point. Sandler got props from Brad Pitt for his work here. Skip it hard.

Me Time

Not funny
Like they had an outline and told Kevin Hart "be funny!" He didn't be funny. Lost two stars for having one third jazzy hands and a star for telling his kid you're a girl now but it is your choice so whatever you choose. Just sad. Suppose to be a week of me time with strippers and too much BBQ and skydiving. It was the most boring action filler ever filmed. Mark Walburg gets naked if you wanna see that. Kevin Hart does his Risky Business impression. Just not good. Because this forum makes you type a much longer review if it is below 5, I have to keep talking to fill the space. Should have been straight to Walmart bargain bin. Instead, it was zzzzz.

Gabby Giffords Won't Back Down

Nope, don't bother
CNN produced this glorification of a victim of a terrible shooting. Does not show her husband getting denied when he tried to buy a rifle at a gun show after his wife became the face of the anti-gun movement from the left. Her positions shadowed Obama who said "BLM makes for good TV." It is hard to watch the medical stuff. Skip this CNN fluff.

The Blind Side

Best sports movie ever
Wow, no wonder this is 9/10 on here and winning awards. Best sports movie I have ever seen. True story too? Crazy good. Best performance by Sandra Bullock. See this!

Thor: God of Thunder

Best B-movie of the year
I liked it. Good plot, well acted. Special effects were pretty good too for the budget. We laughed Outlook a few times. We liked it. Would recommend it.


Best Predator since the original
Wow. This movie was on go from the opening scene to the closing frame. Sure, some plot holes but overall an amazing ride. Predator prequel does not disappoint! See this!

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