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This is pokemon but with slugs.
Good show. I love the fact that this show is like pokemon. But u catch slugs.

Parker Plays

Just use YouTube.
Okay clearly Disney ran out of ideas. I admit this show is good enough to be on youtube. This show can be a great YouTube channel. But Disney was like ' hey youtubers are successful, why not make a show about a guy who plays video games like a YouTuber.' What is the point of this show? Cancel it.

Fred: The Show

He should've stayed in YouTube.
His YouTube content was great. And when I say was. I mean was great. His YouTube content was so good. But after this show his YouTube channel went down. So now he no longer post his high squeaky voice videos on YouTube.

The Adventures of Kid Danger

Cancel this stupid show
It's so stupid. The live action was better. And the live action was bad enough. It has do many cringy jokes. I mean ugh. My little brother who is 2 hates this show.

Hotel Transylvania

Sucks so bad
The animations is terrible. The storyline is terrible. The new characters don't make sense. And this show shows how Disney has run out of ideas for sure.


Feels like a discount my little pony.
I mean it's a good show. But I have way more than just some my little pony vibes. It's decent but just doesnt have the good show vibe.

The Fairly OddParents

I stopped watching after this one episode.
This show used to be good. But until this one episode I stopped watching. It's the episode where cosmo gets pregnant. It was so weird. A guy getting pregnant is too much. So I stopped waching this show.

2 Broke Girls

I hate it for this one joke.
See this joke was really offensive. Because in this one episode, they went to a psychic place to see their future. Then one of the girls didn't believe her, so the psychic said that they're future is gonna be full of bad luck. And then as theyre walking to their houses they see a dude jumping off a building and they were making fun of it. They were laughing when a guy jumped off a building.

Monster Buster Club

The show was good.
As a kid I loved the way they transformed. It kinda reminded me of supergirl because they both came from another planet and came to earth. I loved this show. Hated the fact that it got cancelled so quickly

Wonder Pets!

Love this show.
I loved it. It was my childhood. And yes I did say was. Because I realized that the pattern of every episode is the same. But I loved this show. It's so good. I recommend watching of you have a child.

Bubble Guppies

I love the songs
The songs are so good. I mean an adult like me even enjoys it. The song's are amazing. I'm impressed on how they can write two songs in one episodes. I love what they teach to kids. The stuff they teach us is good. But I just don't like when it comes to story time. Like my son who's around like 5 years old even doesn't like storytime because it's always the same pattern. Here's the pattern. 'Oh no he's gonna do something bad to us' ' runs away' ' the scary thing confronts them and tell them why he's not a harm and how he had a good reason to it'. Still it's just the same old same old. I hate it. But the educational stuff is okay too.

Pair of Kings

Best show except season 3
This show was the best. It had a lot of funny jokes. Even my aunt was laughing. But i didn't like how they removed Mitchell musso. And how they sent him away just because a girl didn't like him. Don't get me wrong the new actor was good just didn't have the same feeling. You should definitely watch it.

Dog with a Blog

Decent. Even if there's spoilers on this comment you should just read it. The spoilers don't really matter
I like this show if you ask my opinion. Why I like this show? Because this show is pretty shocking at first when I saw the dog talk. I mean how. When I watched the behind the scenes the dog was very trained. He could do all the dog tricks. I was suprised on how hard they trained the dog. Anyway, this show had some flaws. Like the humour and the animation. Before you ask what animation I'm talking about, let me tell you this is a dog that can talk and do all human stuff. Like there was this one time where they had to make the dog dance and let me tell you that the dace horrible. And the humour, uhh not so good. They are some funny jokes but most of the time it's just not good. And also in the whole show they never revealed how the dog can talk. So watching this to find out how he can talk is a waste of time. But still a decent show.

Teen Titans

Hate the fact that this show got cancelled
I loved this show. It was my childhood. This show has awesome story, great moral values to learn, epic fight scene and the romance. Although we don't see romance that often, you could definitely tell there was gonna be one if it didn't got cancelled. I mean they cancelled it at the show with a huge cliffhanger at the end. I wouldve just ended it the episode before the final episode cause that felt like the right time to cancel it. But anyway I recommend you watch this show 100000 out of 10.

The Lion Guard

I love this show 8 out if 10. For a good reason. And may or may not have spoilers. The spoilers aren't even that major
I love this show because of the song the story and the action. This isn't your typical Disney junior show where's there's an actual storyline unlike other Disney junior show where they just spawn at a random time. The few things I truly dislike are simba and bunga. Simba is not a good character. Not only that how they ruined simba by making him a terrible king they also made his voice actor a terrible guy. He could've done better but the lines he was given were just so wrong. I hate it. And bunga is obnoxious. He's too reckless and put his lIves in front of himself. And I also hate the fact that they prevent predators from eating but I know this is a kids show bUT you don't need to do it like that. And also I know everyone hates the fact that this show was placed in the middle of lion King 2. Which is confusing,so much. But other than that I recommend watching this show for the music. The music they produced is good. Especially fuli (diamond white) has a great singing voice.

Little Bill

Still good
As lazy as the animation looked. I love the story and all the moral values they teach us. This show also encouraged kids to develop their imagination skills. In some episodes little bill have these crazy imagination and kids use that as an example.

Blue's Clues

I loved this show
As much as I loved this show, I stopped watching it after Steve left for college. Nothing will replace him. Even though the other actors were good. But nothing will replace the first one

School of Rock

I get why people hate it but I love it
This show was brilliant. Probably due to the fact they only show the good episode everytime I turn the TV on. But still. This was well written. Doesn't have to many laugh track. But I think this show's already cancelled. Or the 4th season is coming out. Idk. But I don't recommend watching it if you're a die hard fan of the old 2003 classic school of rock. I recommend you watch this if you're bored and need something to do.

The Thundermans

Watch this show please I beg you
This show was great. The action was better. There's no laugh track every line. And there's certainly not a lot of cliche.

Game Shakers

Please watch this show.
I really really really recommend you watch this show. Instead of having a laugh track on every line like henry danger does. They only do laugh tracks only when they have a funny lines. Like really. Even though there's no real audience, they still did the perfect timing. The jokes were good the action was good. I recommend this show 100 over 10. It's not that bad. In fact, they don't have the cliche all family members are good guys. Max isn't a good guy. He wanted to be a villain. Even the bloopers were funny.

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

I know this show is good if there's a whole fandom to it
This is a great show. Recommended watching with your kids. Even though this show was aimed towards girls, guys can also enjoy it.

Captain America: Civil War

I didn't like it that much. But it was a good movie
It was great. The action was great. The fighting choreography was awesome. I even learned some fighting techniques from it. But what I didn't like that the story was forgettable. Because the only highlight of this movie was that spiderman and black panther was shown and the airport fight scene. They did a really good job picking the right actor for spiderman which is Tom Holland. He did a really good job. I don't like this movie because the story like I said was forgettable. The airport fight scene was the best scene of all time. Almost everyone kept their eyes on this one fight scene.

Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens

It's so good.
I really recommend watching it. But if you're a very die hard star wars fan, please don't watch it. I wasn't a die hard fan but I still liked it because I loved the action and everything. I even liked the story. But for die hard star wars fan, some of them don't like the fact that some of the characters were useless such as Finn.


It's not good. It's awesome.
It was so good that I really wish they made a second one. A lot of people are shipping nick and judy and let me say I also want to see that. Really watch it. Although this movie was every furries favourite movie, it's still worth your money and time. It may be a little dark but still one of Disney's best creation yet. Thanks Disney.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive

I loved this show
Even though this was considered one of the worst season, it's better than megaforce. I mean the actors were less cringeworthy. Like ninja steel I also hated the blue ranger. I mean he's annoying as heck. I mean the once a ranger crossover was awesome. But it made operation overdrive look bad. Which was okay. Considering it was one of the worst seasons. Still recommend watching.

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