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An amazing achievement in the realm of videogames.
This game is brilliant. In addition to having incredibly deep movie and star-making engines, this game features a historically accurate (and quite funny) satire on American history in the form of radio announcers. I might only like this game because I'm a total film buff, but I've wanted this game since it was first released, and it has barely disappointed me (I wish you could put the camera ANYWHERE you wanted. That would be awesome). Now, it is common knowledge among gamers (especially subscribers of "Electronic Gaming Monthly") that film critic Roger Ebert doesn't see video games as a form of art. I like and respect Ebert, and I'm not so sure whether games are a form of art or not myself, but I'd like to see what he thinks about this game. It's probably as close to art as a game can get.


Book Shoved into a Trash Compactor
I have got to say, this movie is just plain disappointing. The acting is poorly done (with the exception of Gerard Butler as Marek), the costumes could have come out of a renaissance festival discount mart, and the science isn't very believable. This is would have been disappointing in any Sci-Fi movie, but it is especially bad in a movie based on a novel by Michael Crichton, who has a pedigree of ultra-authentic science fiction. The epic battle scene is an exciting (although predictable) climax, and the special effects and art direction are impressive, though, and probably save the rest of the movie from being a total turkey. The writing, however, could use the most work. None of the characters are fleshed out and the dialogue, disguised by thick (and mostly inauthentic) accents is quite boring. If they had a better screenwriter, like Crichton himself, or David Koepp, the movie may have earned 3 stars, unlike the 1 star movie it is.

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