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The Curse of la Llorona

Seen it all before
Run-of-the-mill cliche horror with jump scares you see coming a mile off. The characters make baffling decisions and the ending is poor. You may have some fun if you go in with extremely low expectations.

High Life

I'd Rather jump in a black hole
The movie is weird and confusing with a terrible ending. It feels like whole scenes were cut as certain parts made little sense with bad editing and I even had to read Wikipedia to fill in the gaps at times. The acting is the strongest point but the set looks cheap, the story is strange and it's as pointless as the mission they are on.

Pet Sematary

Decent if unremarkable remake
It's never boring and doesn't drag like a lot of modern horror films. The cast did a good job but this movie lacks the emotional impact of the original, they changed the ending too which I'm indifferent about. I didn't hate the ending but it was a bit lacklustre in comparison.


Probably an unpopular opinion
It was pretty much exactly what I expected which is a really enjoyable and lighthearted superhero film with some funny moments and that will be enough for most people but it just didn't blow me away. No way this is a 10 like some are suggesting and to nitpick, adult Billy acts nothing like young Billy at all. Don't get me wrong - its still a fun movie which I can recommend.

Alita: Battle Angel

Flawed but visually stunning
You can't help but admire the world they have created with remarkable CGI and special effects as-well as having some amazing action scenes. Its not without its problems though as they tried to cram far too much into the movie making it feel bloated. There are also pacing issues and a lack of emotional connection but it's still worth watching and preferably on the biggest screen you can find.

Escape Room

A disaster of an ending
Starts off fairly strong with interesting escape rooms but there comes a point in the third act where the movie just goes badly down hill with one of the worst endings in recent memory. They are clearly trying to set up a franchise with the sequel bait but with an ending this weak and unoriginal I can't see anyone wanting to watch it, The film isn't clever and doesn't have a decent twist to save it. Its just a rip off Saw (minus the gore) probably in the hope they can make more money. It's a shame because there are some enjoyable parts but expect any future films to go straight to DVD.


Overlong and cheesy
All action with little character development and so much CGI the movie looks animated. The jokes mostly miss and feel forced with DC trying too hard to imitate Marvel at this point. There are still some fun moments but the movie is way too long.


Style over substance
Take away the camera filters and lens flares and you are left with an unoriginal revenge film for which there are many better, there's far too many unnecessary slow-motion shots which stretch the thin plot out unbearably to over 2 hours. Critics seem to be lapping it up for its style but I need more then that.

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