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The Highwaymen

The production steals the show...
Historically this movie is worth watching. It could have been enhanced by cutting a few scenes shorter. Sometimes it drags on. Costner and Harrelson fit their role beautifuly. Maybe they lack energy but hey, they're supposed to be two retired Rangers! A shame we don't get to see more of Kathy Bates. Exceptional the scene of the return of B&C after they have been riddled with bullets. To what length people will go to get a piece of memorabilia! And wait for the end credits, please.

La migliore offerta

One of my fave by Giuseppe Tornatore
Giuseppe Tornatore's script and direction are perfectly crafted and balanced, and you wouldn't expect anthing less from him. Each twist takes you by surprise. Virgil Oldman (Geoffrey Rush) is a sad and lonely art expert auctioneer with a long and fruitfull career. Initially you don't want to vet for him, but then it becomes clear that he is hurled into a set up. On the contrary you find empathy for Claire (Sylvie Heoks), an heiress whose agoraphobia leads you down the wrong path, and together with Robert (Jim Sturgess), they create a sound con artists team. It all works like the gears of a Swiss watch.

Finding Steve McQueen

Not bad at all
So there are no car chase (sorry one), no big explosion (oops, there is one actually), no hot steamy erotic scene (none, really), no bloodshed (not a drop), no body count (not even a broken arm). It's funny, entertaining, good soundtrack, a couple of scenes could have been slightly shorter. All in all, if it's not going to make its way to the Oscar, it certainly made its way to my heart.

Bikur Ha-Tizmoret

Not much, and yet... much is said in this film. A polished diamond in the desert. It's heartwarming, delicate, unexpected, funny. The Band is coming to town...oops, the wrong town, much the disappointment of its members! But when Dina takes matters into her own hands, the setback turns into an opportunity to experiment a simple and human relationship. Bravo to Eran Kolirin!

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