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Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Fallen Arise!!
Sophomore release of Micheal Bays' Transformers.Decepticons arnt defeded yet!!

This is an awesome movie. The story line is strong. The acting,directing,and wrighting are great. It was sad to see the prime damage the Smithsonian.

Peter Cullen is the voice of the Peterbuilt (Optimus Prime).

This is at least the third time Peter Cullen has voiced Opimus Prime.

Peter Cullen is a permanent AAA list actor.

Megan Fox,Julie White, and Isabel Lucas are hot!!!

Smokey and the Bandit

One Truck Drivers' Opinion
Two truck drivers run bootleg beer from Texas to Georgia with a Texas mounty on there tail.

This is a fun ride of a movie. Jerry Reed was at the top of his game when he wrote "East Bound And Down". This is one of the most popular songs on Colsons Country Classics on WKZS in Covington,In. Because of this song,Jerry Reeds' Greatest Hits is a requirement to be in the cab of every truck driver. Every time I mention the subject of trucker movies,"Smokey And The Bandit" are one of three titles that come up(the other two are "Convoy" and "White Line Fever").

But I've always been troubled with the fact that every law enforcement officer is seen as incompetent boobs. Now I know what Hal Needham was trying to do. He was trying to show that Sheriff Justice was the only law enforcement officer that had the grit to pursue an outlaw trucker called Bandit. And if you call Mr Needham out on it,he will say, "Its just a movie". But it still bothers me.

In the DVD commentary,Burt Reynolds says he wanted Sally Field to play the lead. But someone in the decision making process said that Sally Field wasn't sexy enough. Can you imagine that. Some one thought Sally Field want sexy enough. I think someone was experiencing some kinda blindness.

Burt Reynolds and Jerry Reed drove the Kenworth 18 wheeler.

Bill Saito drove the Chevrolet big rig car hauler.

Macon McCalmon drove Peterbuilt big rig tanker.

Laura Lizie Sommers drove the Peterbuilt big rig.

A Mickey Dolenze look-a-like drove an undetermined big rig.

Hank Worton drove the Peterbuilt big rig.

This is the first of at least 3 times Jerry Reed drove a big truck.

Jerry Reed was a permanent AAA list actor.

Burt Reynols,Laura Lizie Sommers, and the Mikey Dolenze look-a-like are permanent A list actors.

Bill Saito,Macon McCakmon, and Hank Worden were permanent A list actors.

Sally Field,Laura Lizie Sommers, Linda McClure,Susan McIlver, and Ingeborg Kjeldsen are hot!!

Ice Road Truckers: Deadliest Ice Road
Episode 1, Season 3

O.T.D.O. (Season 3)
Hugh and Alex go to Alaska.

This was pretty cool to see ice road truckin in Alaska. But there are several problems with this season.

1.Engine brakes. Who told The History Channel people that its a standard practice to use engine brakes going down an icy hill. Does Carlisle Trucking really encourage this? An engine brake is exactly what it sounds. Its a brake. There is always a minuscule risk in braking a big rig by brake peddle. But a least you can control maneuver by the amount of pressure you apply to the peddle. With an engine brake,your stopping maneuver is very sudden and you have little control of your stopping rate. Using your engine brake on a icy downhill road increases your chances of jackknifing by over 50 percent. Whats even worse,Hughy was trying to do this on a icy,curvy downhill road. Hugh should have known better.

2.Sloppy editing. On Tims first run,we are told that he his carrying food stuffs. But during the trip,we keep seeing a trailer with Hazmat placards on the trailer. Im pretty sure food stuffs arnt hazardous. If the paperwork isn't marked hazardous,and the trailer is placarded with hazmat placards,D.O.T. will not be happy;and they will check.

3.Whats up this the dillweed that abandoned Alex because of chains. This is an important point for future reviews of Ice Road Truckers.

The funniest thing I've seen on Ice road truckers is when Hughy tried to bribe the D.O.T officer. That was pure cahonas and hysterical.

Lisa Kelly is hot.

Terminator 2: Judgment Day

He Threw Ya From The Truck?
I was at a shipper,talking to the forklift driver. He was telling me stories about being a big truck tow truck driver.He was telling me about driving through Las Angeles in the tow truck. All the sudden a cop jumps on his truck and pulls the driver out of the truck and then drives off with the mans tow truck. Apparently that kinda thing was happening often in l.A. back then. A cop hijacked a tanker truck full of liquid oxygen and then crashed it in a steel plant. I was thinking,"talk about the wild,wild west!!"

Shane Wilder and Robert Patrick dive the Freightliner big truck tow truck.

Terrance Evans and Robert Patrick drive the Freightliner tanker rig

This is the first of several times Robert Patrick drives a big truck.

Robert Patrick is a very permanent A+ list actor.

Shane Wilder and Terrence Evans are permanent A list actors.

Linda Hamilton,Jennette Goldstein,Noel Evangelisti,Gwenda Deacon and S Epatha Merkerson are hot!!!

Terrence Evans and Jennette Goldstein performance is outstanding!!!

---One Truck Drivers Opinion---

Breaker! Breaker!

One Truck Drivers' Opinion
A truck driver searches for his missing brother.

The only thing to say about this movie is thats its a Chuck Norris movie. Enough said!!Evan though,this movie has one of the best lines in cinema. When Norris defeats The Polish Angel, The Angel says "Thats no fair,he was trying to hypnotize me. So,this movie begs the question,could Norris take on Stallone in an arm wrestling match?

Chuck Norris and Micheal Augeastine drives the Kenworth 18 wheeler.

Chuck Norris and Micheal Augeastine are permanent A list actors.

Deborah Shore and Terry O Conner are hot!!!

The Sure Thing

What's Wrong With Her?
I was in a parade late one night chatting withs the other truck driver on channel 21. One driver was telling a story about picking up a couple of coed hitchhikers. The dude coed was telling the driver about heading to L.A. for "The Sure Thing." He asked what was wrong with the chick coed,who was supposedly asleep in the bunk. The dude coed said she was taken. He then says that he's probably too late for some reason. So the truck driver grabs a gear and tells the dude coed he'd drive all night so the dude wouldn't miss "The Sure Thing",and he did. That started the conversation on drivers who had "The Sure Thing". Some old timer bragged he had a hot 20 year old blonde waiting at home for him. Another younger driver said he had 300 ilbs of a hot lovin brunette waiting on him in the next state. Another fella said he had a male lover waiting for him at the next truck stop. Nobody said a word on the c.b. for a hundred miles,until we got past the next truck stop. Surprisingly,nobody exited the highway at that time. So then someone started a new topic,"Who's hotter;Ginger or Mary Ann?"

Larry Hankin drives the International 18 wheeler.

Larry Hankin is a permanent A list actor.

Daphne Zuniga and Nichollette Sheridan are hot!!!

Larry Hankins' performance is outstanding!!!

Big Rig

One Truck Drivers" Opinion
This is an interesting documentary. It got quit abit of the various aspects of the trucking industry. But,I've been in it for over twelve years and have heard it all. Some of it is stale.The funniest part is when the truck driver beaned his son with the baseball.

I was taking my father to see his grandson quarterback Newberry football. On the way there,we stopped at Uncle Petes because of this documentary. Uncle Pete was busy,but finally came over to our section of the restaurant. I spoke up. "I saw you on that big rig documentary". His response---"Whoopee". WOW!! Was that a waste of time or what!!!

Loretta and Doris are hot!!!

The Brady Bunch Movie

Carol,No One Has Answered For Over A Decade
I was tooling through the Las Angeles area when a voice comes over the c.b. 'Breadk 1 - 9,this is Christmas Carol. Im looking for a blue eyed blond by the name of Jan. Tell her mama bear and papa bear loves her." that's when the chatter started on channel 21. Someone says Jan ran off with her boyfriend Tyrone. Someone else says an alien named Pedro abducted her. Some one calls Art Bell and said Bigfoot abducted Jan because they needed breeding stock. Then Schultze came over the squak and says,"Christmas Carol,i got a 20 on a blue eyed gal named Jan. I dropped her off at Clinton Place." I was wondering why Schultzee took Jan all the way to the White house.

This is a funny movie. Well wrighten,directed and acted. Well Done!!!

Ann B Davis drives the Freightliner big rig.

Ann B Davis is a permanent A list actor!!!

Shelley Long, Christine Taytor, Jennifer Cox, Harretta Mantel,Florence Henderswon,Jean Smart,Beverly Archer,Yolanda Snowball,Ann b Davis, Elisa GHabrielli and the cougars worshiping Davy Jones at the prom are hot!!

Olivia hacks' performance is outstanding!!

---One Truck Drivers' Opinion---

Mad Max 2

One Truck Drivers Opinion
Post nuclear apocalypse survivors try to deal with an outlaw bike gang.

I know!I Know! Its a post nuc holocaust flick! But its still a very cool movie!!The story is well told and there are questions about the plot. But that just allows Tina Turner to come in the next movie and solve them. George Miller,Terry Hayes,Brian Hannent,Mel Gibson and the rest of the cast and crew did a good job on it. Well Done!!

Mel Gibson drove the Mack big rig tanker.

Mel Gibson is a permanent A list actor!!

Moria Cloux and Virginia Hey are hot!!

Arkie Whitaley was hot!!!


Hop On Buddie
I was checking out a history channels story about saboteurs during World War 2. They where talking about a man who was wrongly accused of setting fire to a airplane factory. To prove his innocence ,he had to take a cross country trip while being pursued by the law. Part of the journey was made as a guest of a friendly truck driver. It was even rumored that the truck driver helped the man escape from the clutches of the law. Im thinking, "Tha twas brave of the truck driver to take on a passenger during was time. He might pick up a saboteur or worse yet,get hi jacked."

Murray Alpes drives the Sterling big truck - train.

Murray Alpes was a permanent A list actor.

Pricilla Lane, Alma Kruger, Dorthey Peterson,Katheryn Adams,Margeret Moffett,Billie Mitchell, Lynn Romer,Jean Romer,Marie LeDeaux and especially Anita Sharp - Bolston were hot!!!

---One Truck Drivers Opinion---

Over the Top

One Truck Drivers' Opinion
A truck driver tries to reconnect with his son via the arm wrestling championships despite his ex father in laws objections.

O.K. I know!!This movie is a tad bit over the top in story telling, directing, and acting. But its still a cool movie. Probably because it is well written,directed,and acted. Plus the different characters that are in this movie. The trucking industry was treated very fairly in this movie as well. Well Done!!

I've been a truck driver for only 10 years plus. The old timers tell me they actually did these inpromto arm wrestling matches at the truck stops. So this begs a question. Could Stalone take john Schneider in an arm wresting match? Would Meatloaf a Day defeat Tom Wopat in a match of the muscles. How about Richard Conte and Richard Arlen in a match up. Or Joseph Pevney and Pat Phalen. Who would win, Jerry Reed or Roy Schnieder.

Sylvester Stallone drives the Autocar big rig and the White big truck. David Mendenhall drove the same Autocar big rig. Stallon is a very permanent A list actor. David Mendenhall is a permanent A list actor

Susan Blakely,Flo Lawrence,Reggie Bennet,Stephanie Blake,Connie Woods and the name placard ladies are hot!!!

Kansas City Confidential

He Used A Flower Van!!
I was tooling thru Kansas City,listening to the local public radio station. They were doing a show on past crime in Kansas City. One time, a gang robbed a bank using a flower van,drove to an abandoned warehouse and drove the flower van in an awaiting big rig and drove out of town. I was thinking,If I was the one driving the big rig,I would demand a bigger share of the loot.

Dona Drake was hot!!!

Coleen Gray is hot!!!

---One Truck Drivers Opinion---

The Gang's All Here

One Truck Drivers Opinion
A trucking company owner tries to get out of debt by killing some truck drivers.

This is a neat movie. Well written ,directed,acted, and cast. The interracial angel was particularly heartening. It just goes to show,crime doesn't always pay.

Pat Gleason drove the International big truck.

Frankie Darro drove the Brockway big truck.

Frankie Darro and Pat Gleason were permanent A list actors.

Marcia Mae Jones was hot!!

The Day the Earth Stood Still

I Thought Cattle Farts Where Destroyng The Earth
I was at the truck entrance guard shack waiting for a dock assignment. In striking up a conversation with the guard,I find out he was a former truck driver . But he had to get off the road for family reasons. In the middle of swapping trucker stories,he started telling me about a dream he had. A large orb had landed in Central Park. He jumped in his KW to join the exodus from New York City. When he thought he was free and clear on the open road from the masses,Some sorta swarm of metal locust attacked his tr. They were quickly eating his truck. Just when they got to his cab,he woke up. I asked him,"How many luuds did ya take before you had this dream?".

Ben Cotten drove the Kenworth 18 wheeler!!

Ben Cotten is a permanent A list actor!!

Jennifer Connelly and Kathy Bates are hot!!

---One Truck Drivers Opinion---

Thieves' Highway

One Truck Drivers' Opinion
A returning war vet becomes a truck driver to avenge the maiming of his father.

This is an outstanding movie. Written by the same person who wrote "They Drive By Night" (1941),A.I. Bezzerides. This tells the story of the cutthroat business of trucking, which still persist today. I definitely reacted when Richard Conte left his exposed truck load for a couple hours with a strange woman. Im screaming,"Some ones gonna take your cargo and strip your truck." But as we learn that was part of the plan. This was well written,acted, and directed.

Millard Mitchell dives the Mack big truck.

Richard Conte drives the Studebaker big truck.

Joseph Peveny and Jack Oakie drive a separate Syudebaker big truck.

Millard Mitchell,Richard Conte,Joseph Pevny, and Jack Oakie were permanent A list actors.

Valentina Cortese,Barbara Lawrence, and Tamara Shayne were hot!!

Joseph Pevenys' performance was outstanding!!!

Breaking Away

Once A Cutter,Always A Cutter!!
I was at the exit 5 Beacon in Indianapolis. I was talking to the driver who had his truck in the south bay. He was telling me that he only had one speeding ticket in his whole driving career. He was driving near Bloomington. He was pacing a young bicyclist. he got up to 60 mph,when smokey pulled him over for speeding. I asked,"I thought you guys,back in the day, got extra points for hitting a bicyclist".

So,When the kids in Bloomington get bored,they go to Terra Haute to find some kicks instead of Indianapolis. If this is true,how come Bloomingtons own Johnny Cougar didn't do a song or a video about this fact. By the way,was Johnny Cougar there for the shoot of "Breaking Away"? Why wasn't Indiana basketball legend Bobby Knight in this movie?

An Unknown Actor drives the Peterbuilt 18 wheeler.

That Unnkown Actor is a permanent A list actor!! Barbara Barrie,Robyn Douglas,Amy Wright,Lisa Shure, and Jennifer Mickel are hot!!!

---One Truck Drivers Opinion---

Joy Ride

One Truck Drivers Opinion
A couple of young men are harassed by a truck driver after they punked him.

Another psycho trucker movie. At least with this one there is a rhyme and reason for the truckers rage. J J Abrams said in the commentary that Rusty Nail was already physically deformed from abuse as a child. As a result ,he is psych deformed from the mental abuse from other children. Its too bad that wasn't communicated during the film. Otherwise,its an entertaining film.

Leelee Sobieski and Jessica Bowman are hot!!!!

The Blues Brothers

There Is A Smokie In My Truck
I was sitting in a cafe at a mom and pop truck stop. The cook was a former gear jammer.He was telling me that he was tooling down I-57 out of Chicago. He felt his rig rock violently. He looked out his rear view mirror and saw a cop car hangin out of his 53' trailer. But he said he promised his wife to take her to an Evie concert. And if mama isn't happy,no one is happy. So,he just grabbed another gear and kept on going.

Carrie Fisher,Aretha Franklin, Kathleen Freeman,Twiggy, the Soul Food Cafe dancers,the chick dancers at the Tripple Rock, and the chick dancers outside of Rays are hot!!!

---One Truck Drivers Opinion---

The Hitcher II: I've Been Waiting

The continuing story of Jim Halsey. Only this time,his girlfriend gets involved.

Its always a hit or miss with sophomore outings. It seems lately they have been less miss and more hit,or non miss. This movie is definitely a non miss. The writing,directing, and acting in this one definitely makes it worth your while to see this movie. And lets face it fellas,There is nothing more sexy than a hot,dirty,highly aggitated brunette with a gun!!

Jake Busey drives both the Kenwoth big rig livestock truck and the Freightliner big rig tanker truck.

Jake Busey is a very permanent A list actor.

Kari Wuhrer and Marty Antonini both drive the Kenworth big rig livestock truck.

Kari Wuhrer and Marty Antonini are permanent A list actors.

Kari Wuhrer is smokin!!

---One Truck Drivers Opinion---


One Truck Drivers' Opinion
A group of people at a truck stop are terrorized by possessed trucks.

This is another attempt at Stephen Kings' short story. But this time,with few exceptions, only the trucks are possessed. No evil electrical knives.pop machines, or arcade machines. Its not as entertaining as Maximum Overdrive,but it is still interesting. Except, we still have truck drivers who cant out think or out maneuver a bunch of lumbering trucks. Bob and Pete;quit looking at Hopes' ass,get out there and start puttin' crowbars in radiators. Then blind them by smashing out their headlights. A running man can accomplish this in no time flat.

Gene Pyrz drives the Western Star 18 wheeler.

An Unknown Actor drives the Freightliner chemical big rig.

That Unknown Actor and Gene Pyrz are permanent A list actors.

Brenda Bakke and Sharon Bajor are hot.

Brenda Bakkes' performance was outstanding!!

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

What The ...
I was driving my log truck somewhere on the back roads of the northern Illinois/southern Wisconsin area. I promised my woman that I'd be home early to help put up and decorate the Christmas tree. Im trying to pass a slow poke in a station wagon. When all the sudden,the fool drifts under my trailer. Now Im crappin major bricks here. One wrong move and that family in the station wagon is history. Luckily,he finally drifts out from under my trailer. Now I need to stop and change my drawers.

Beverly D'Angelo,Miriam Flynn, and Julia Louise - Dreyfus are hot!!!

Miriam Flynns' performance is outstanding!!

---One Truck Drivers Opinion---

Smokey and the Bandit II

One Truck Drivers' Opinion
The second of a film series of three,this time our heros must take an elephant from Florida to Texas.

This is the worst of the three. even though the final round up was kinda cool. Why would the snowman sleep on the ground at a rest stop,when he has a very comfortable bunk in the truck? The Bandit is a major prick in this one. If Don Williams sang a song to my woman and myself,I wouldn't disrespect the man by walking out in the middle of the song. O well, I guess even the best of us has to have a bad day. It was cool to see Ben Walton make a cameo appearance.

Jerry Reed drives the GMC 18 wheeler!

This is the second of three times Jerry Reed drives a truck in this series.

Jerry Reed was a permanent AA list actor.

There are a couple unknown actors driving indeterminable trucks during the round up.

These unknown actors were also permanent A list actors.

Sally Fields is hot!!!

Fast & Furious

Doms Revenge
I was reading an article in a truckers' trade magazine,about how the druggies would load up some muscle cars in a 53' box trailer and smuggle these cars into Mexico. Then load up these cars with dope. Then, as they were headed to the border to smuggle the drugs into the U.S.; they would use some kinda jamming or cloaking device so the border agents cant detect them,as the cars drive through a tunnel under the border patrols noses. Im wondering," How much does the truck driver make?"

Well done Neal Moritz,Justin Lin,Chris Morgan,Gary Thompson, Vin Deisel,, Paul Walker,Alejandro Pation, Jordana Brewster, Michelle Rodrequez, Gal Gabot ,and Liza Lapira.

Alajandro Patino drives the Peterbuilt big rig tanker train.

Alajandro Patino is a permanent A list actor!!

Michelle Rodrequez,Jordana Brewster,Gal Gabot, and Liza Lapira are hot!!!

---One Truck Drivers Opinion---


Opitmus Prime Is A Peterbuilt
This is an outstanding movie on several levels. Between Transformers,Bad Boys 2,Armageddon, and Pearl Harbor,among others;Micheal Bay is one of my favorite directors. Well Done Micheal Bay,John Rogers,Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman, and everyone else who had something to do with this movie.

Peter Cullen is the voice of the Peterbuilt big truck (Optimus Prime)

This is at least the second time Peter Cullen has voiced Optimus Prime.

Peter Cullen is a permanent AA list actor.

Megan Fox, Rachel Taylor, and Julie White is hot!!!

---One Truck Drivers Opinion---

Ice Road Truckers: The Road to Season 2
Episode 0, Season 2

O.T.D.O. (season 2 review)
The titans of the ice road go to the Artic Circle.

The subtitle of season 2 should be called "How To Move An Oil Rig" . But,when there isn't enough drama to fill a season,I guess they gotta fill the time with something. Polar Bear proved he is the king of the ice road by fixing the crapper trailer that was sitting in subzero temperatures for a year or so. I wonder why dreadlock blond didn't come up. I suppose she knew she was a hot item and The History Channel wouldn't pay her enough. The funniest part was when that guy got mad at Rick and destroyed The History Channel camera. I wonder who had to pay for that expensive equipment. You couldn't figure out how to operate a wench,Rick???? Drew,no one wants to watch you drive a truck naked. Put your clothes back on boy!!!

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