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Two twist to this movie
First off it seemed to be a fatal attraction until the middle of the movie, then it seemed like the woman, Mara wanted some kid of revenge, when Susan's character was talking with her Dad at the beach she mentioned another child she conceived, I had a feeling the woman who was harassing her was her daughter, then She found an adoption paper that showed it was her daughter or so she thought but at the very end the daughter Mara was looking at her friends, girl named kate from the orphanage who died in a fires picture, she mentioned her earlier in the movie at the party that they were at, this was the real daughter, she stole her identity, that was a real twist but I was disapointed that the mom never knew what really happened and that she thought this was her daughter, it would make for a great part two, possibly she moves her in and then clues add up and she finds the truth ? I just think its left too open, no DNA test or nothing was given for proof just that she seen a paper of a baby her baby given up which was stolen by Mara. I think she was trying to still get revenge due to the fact her best friend Kate, girl pictured with red hair in news paper, was her real daughter and she was angry that she was given up and plus she was traumatized by her death, I liked this movie, it was very good, just wish the Hubby would not have almost went all the way with the woman, he cheated made out with her fake daughter .


Very good thriller.
No dull moments, kept me watching, as woman gets locked in a parking garage at her job by a psycho cop who messes with her car so she cannot leave, he pretends to help her but then kidnaps her and takes her back to his office, it takes place at Christmas time and she cannot get home to see her family instead she is stuck trying to get away, he also forces her to beat up for male coworker who has kidnaped and put in the parking garage who sexualy harrsaed her earlier but she refuses so he ends up killing him in front of her, this part is gory but very scary, keeps you on the edge of your seat kind of movie !

Joy Ride

Exciting thriller, with adventure with horror
This is an amazing thriller movie with lots of action and some horror, good actors, two young brothers pretend to be a woman on a CB while traveling and meet up with a cerial killer who drives a truck who finds out they have pulled the prank on him.

Beach House

It could have been good but it was boring
The director could have made this a winner but it was boring, all I seen was the man staying with the family drank wine with the girl and they talked through the whole movie with other added boring scenes. the beach was pretty, my fav part ! I waited for something to happen, it almost got good but then dragged again, the only part that made me think it would get better was the last 20 min and then the end was even stupid !

The Funhouse

Great 80s horror.
Four youngsters spend the night in the fun house at a carnival when it closed and they witness a murder of a woman who is the terrot card reader for the carnival, murdered by a disfigured boy, his father who also works there suspects someone is hiding when the young man drops his lighter into the floor of the upper area, he allows his disfigured son to find them and kill them one by one. Great movie worth watching ..

One Dark Night

Another good 80s horror film
A man who has powers to move things with his mind passes away and even in death he is able to move things with his mind, this time he is moving more then objects and in the mausoleum that he was burried in, his daughter also has a power she knows things and she feels a strong need to go back after his burriel when a young woman who is in high school is being iniciated to join a group with other girls who are planing to terrorise her by breaking in later that night, she must spend the night in a mausoleum to join the group, little do they know what is lerking in the mausoleum is the man who can move things , the movie does start slow and does not get real scary until the last 30 min but it keeps you watching and is definitely one to see.


Great 80s horror movie
The character Susan gets possesed as a young teen when she enters a mausoleum, as an adult she begins to kill the people around her through the possession within her, it's a good 80a horror flick, never a dull moment, good special effects on a very terrifyingly monster looking evil spirit.

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