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Bob's Burgers: Sheshank Redumption
Episode 15, Season 11

Bad show now
Really bad Yeah I'm thinking this show is bad now I'm thinking I could write a better episode I'm thinking I don't really know why I'm reviewing this I'm definitely not a guy that reviews episodes of shows but idk whatever art is dead and the guy who made Home Movies' show is terrified to make a joke.

The Tony Danza Show

One of my top two shows named The Tony Danza Show.

The Tony Danza Show

Really cool
One of my top two show's names The Tony Danza Show


Fargo is everything I want in a television show
I just finished watching all three seasons of Fargo, and honestly I've never seen a better show. It adds onto the original movie and builds the world, adding new stories and interesting characters. The energy and personality of the show changes each season but it always feels like Fargo. The music, the directing, the writing, the acting all comes into place so well and I am amazed with the end product. The heroes and villains are all people you love to see and are all written so well you can't help but appreciate it. Seriously. This show is amazing and I'm trying to act all serious and professional but yikes wow oh geez this is a good show watch it

Diners, Drive-ins and Dives: Meaty Mashup
Episode 5, Season 29

An unbelievable masterpiece. Period.
Scorsese. Fincher. Some of the most accomplished filmmakers in the modern age are now, at least in my view completely obsolete. Because of Fieri. Television as a medium has progressed significantly in the past few decades, but this episode of the already world renowned show Diners, Drive in's, and Dives is truly not only the peak of television as a medium, but all of film. Quite possibly all of art. In this premiere to season 29, (probably one of the best seasons yet) Guy Fieri does the unthinkable. He eats food, on camera, with minimal to no cuts or edits. Not only this unbelievable scene something that truly exists, Guy goes the gargantuan, godly step of saying the food, is good. This riveting and life changing sequence repeats, MULTIPLE TIMES, THROUGHOUT THE EPISODE. After seeing this season premiere I immediately called my girlfriend in tears of joy and told her we were breaking up because she would never provide me the amount of happiness this episode did. I've realized that I've been living a lie, and maybe all I truly needed to find the meaning of life was staring at me on TV. After rewatching this episode no less than 1400 times, I sent in my application to be apart of the camera crew of this show. I'm leaving my old life behind tomorrow, and I couldn't be more filled with glee. I've already dyed my hair a stunning shade of white and grown a goatee. I gave all my possessions to my step father and gave my dog to my ex. You don't need those things when you have Fieri. I wanted to write this review to commemorate the episode of television that changed my life in unbelievable ways. This meaty mashup made my meaning be realized. I've come to accept my true savior, the great Guy. Go Guy.

Clone High

So happy this show is kind of coming back
Clone High. A truly surreal experience of television. A pretty straightforward premise that doesn't take itself seriously at all, and one of the funniest things i've seen in my life. It's like a comfort show to me and many others, and you can just watch it on youtube since MTV doesn't really care about it. No surprise the creators, Phil Lord and Chris Miller are big time Hollywood boys now. I highly recommend this show to anybody who enjoys absurdist humor with fun characters and the best theme song ever created.

Update: weird people online have ruined this show for me.

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