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Taking Lives

Jolie vehicle.
This was obviously to show off Jolies wears. Lots of copycat scenes. Clichéd and predictable.

Tower Block

Don't bother.
Acting bad. Sets worse. Plot completely stupid. I was told my review was too short? What more can I say?


Shakespeare would weep.
I'm not prone to writing reviews. However, as a lover of the great Shakespeare. I must protest. This movie is one of the worst I have ever seen. Clive Owen as the villain of the piece, is less potent than a carrot 🥕 As David Bowie had a magical influence on him, so he had a miserable influence on me. Clive give it up. We need bus drivers.🚍

Breaking Bad

Nothing gets better than this.
I am unable to write anything that can tell you just how good this series is. I watched it in 2008, and I watched it again recently. Has anything come close? There have been other good series since. However, whatever comes next will have to exceptional to better this. Have fun. 😎

Criminal: UK

Haley Atwell's portrayal of a west London young woman was damn near perfect. This series is not all great acting, but a performance like Haley's makes up for this!!!!


Worth watching.
Not the greatest movie. However, it's lifted by Noomi Rapace. Not the best movie I have seen her in but, still she adds some grit and action. I hope a better script come for her. She is worth it.


Multiple layers.
I have never written a movie review before. However, although this is not a new theme, it is handled very well by the cast. The sets are appropriate to the plot, and it is directed purposefully by Shyamalan. All in all well worth a watch.

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