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Shut Up and Kiss Me

Shut up and Poz me!!!!
So basically this movie is about Grey's self-centered ideas of love, in which if Ben loves him, he should let him walk all over him, allow him to cheat around and possibly infect him with HIV, because he is honest and tells him from the beginning that he doesn't care enough to compromise in anything, but Ben has to completely change how he thinks, acts and feels about all things for them to be together...

And Ben insecure, stupid and desperate for attention, allows it all just to have someone...

At the expense of himself, his ideas and his dignity (He didn't have much of either tho, so the loss was not significant).

LOVE! *with a sarcastic tone* ◔_◔

The acting/directing is just as terrible as the script, but kudos for it being very realistic, because the world is full of narcissistic brutes with aids and weak minded losers so desperate not to be alone that they would do anything just to be with someone, even if the person they are with doesn't give a penny about them or how they feel and think...

This movie successfully depicts the workings of a completely toxic gay relationship!!!

The movie is supposed to be based in Ronnie Kerr's life experiences and in the movie he plays Ben... After watching the movie i kinda feel in real life Ronnie is actually represented by Grey, but if it indeed he is playing as himself, then he has to be very stupid to have allowed someone treat him like the Grey character does and then dedicating an entire movie championing his selfish ideas of what love is... All in all, an entertaining, but very poorly executed and stupidly written movie about having no self esteem.

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