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55 Steps

It's about time for this lady to get an Oscar.
As many others, I didn't saw this movie because I was familiar with the story of Eleanor. I saw it because of those two names in the cast: Helena and Hillary. I know it's not the legal drama most of you were expecting, and it doesn't show that much about living inside of a psychiatric hospital. But I think it shows what's more important. First, the cause they were defending is noble and very well explained to the public, causing anger and sympathy at the same time, which is the point. Second, it teaches you that, even on that time, it was very much possible for a normal person not just to don't judge but to love, to care and to admire another who suffers from mental illness. And that is beautifully showed on this movie. At last, I have to say that, in my opinion, there are few actresses in this world who could do a good job as Eleanor, and Helena was just perfect to me.

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