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what can i say
Its better than expected. Knowing the cast i thought it would be worse. Then again, is it worth watching? Ofc not. Its sad, get rid of these useless shows. Its never gonna be anything.

The Sinner

I dont like 4th season that much
I really likd first and third season. Second and forth ones dont have likable main characters beside ofc the great detective himself :D. I just dont like this percy and esp that shes comming back to talk and all, i know its the whole point of it but i dont like the season, i do like the atmosphere tho.

Love & Hip Hop: Miami

Sad show
I truly feel that shows like this can make other races become (more) convinced that we are simply behind especially intellectually. This nihilism is so extremely sad, im ashamed.

Black Mafia Family

Sick and tired
Im ashamed to be black because of tv shows like this. I can understand why ppl look down on us and will keep doing so. Its just junk. Very saddened by this.

True Crime Story: It Couldn't Happen Here

Could be good
Could be good, but needs a diff host. You obviously see how she doesnt truly care. This one i find so dissociative and seems sociopathic. The stories are very good though but again the hosts sits in the way and is distracted, her focus is off cuz of her narcisism that comes along with it. Im sorry for this bad review, but its the truth. We want honest hosts, not these types of ppl. She also says things like we are gonna hang out here and here today, i mean how can you say that about the family member of a murder victim. So sad.

The Great North

pls kill off judy
Judy is just so annoying. Ppl dont like that type of humor nor bitchy behaviour. Her voice is so annoying too, its really just not funny. This episode of 2e01 i have to let my cat in? I needed something to rhyme? Seriously? I love the atmosphere of the show but pls just fix the details and make better episodes .the writing is bad.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine: The Good Ones
Episode 1, Season 8

Again show how cops are victims
Even in shows like this it always has to be about that nonsense. I watched this show to forget stuff like blm. Ugh.


Just so sad that gay people etc are portrayed that way. The media makes us even more shallow than people already think.

Black Ink Crew

like most black shows
Typical, very sad, is all i can say. This is why blm.

Killer Affair

too predictable
You even already know in the preview who's responsible. Its always in the affair indeed, but common, dont make it so freaking obvious. Only really stupid- and fake people wouldnt see it.

Cruel Summer

Mediocre at best but acting is poor. Esp that kate wallis, not very convincing.

City on a Hill

I love jackie
I just love it cuz of jackie and the italian family. But honestly all that race stuff, i get annoyed esp with shiobhan bleeh. But i love the show nevertheless.

Mare of Easttown

good show
I love the idea and the vibe but since the assistent guy hero detective made it unboard its poor. Its sooo unrealistic, every cop would know all that mare says and that makes it so sad, its like shes training a noob that never was a detective. Common, how does nobody see that and is annoyed by it?

All Rise

not genuine acting at all like many nowadays
Most of them esp the women on the show are more busy with themselves than their role.

Atlanta Justice

Not good
Why do they only show people of color that commit crimes? Discriminating.

ATL Homicide

sad but good
Good show, sad that the quin guy is such a big shot, but ofc hes good and cool. Honest program, but i wonder why so many black people kill others and tell whites and cops that black lives matter. Its kinda hypocrite.

Shameless Hall of Shame: Ian & Mickey: Daddy Issues
Episode 1, Season 1

pff, no man
Waste of time, whos seriously gonna watch a full episode of this? i tried, couldnt. i love the normal show to.

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