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Gone Girl

What a bitch!
This movie, put you in place to think: What if someone have the inteligence, the persistence, an the motivation to harm you? The movie show also how the media can eat you alive, just to gain publicity. Rosamund Pike had a great performance, completely convincing that was tweested. I don't like the end, but is just my opinion.

If you like psyhological thrillers, give it a try.

Die Hard 2: Die Harder

Action then more action and then some more
Die hard 1 was limited to one building. Die hard 2 have a wider scenery. The hero have to deal with a great diversity of dangers. The plot have also an unexpected twist. This production seems very expensive! For those who likes adventure, despite the age of the movie, will enjoy it.

American Sniper

Brandley Cooper excellent, Clint Eastwood a briliant director, and a contraversal subject
First I would like to say few words for the subject. This movie, like many others, presents the soldiers in a foreigner soil as patriots. When a soldier pass the borderline, the morality stops. And so is not cool, is not nice. Additionaly soldiers have to deal with metatraumatic syndromes, and other health issues, not to mention the seperation from the family, and the impact to all, especially the children. All those described in this movie, but I wish in the future remain only in movies.

Beyond all the above, Clint Eastwood is an outstanding director, not only to this film. I remeber his youth movies as an actor, and never expect to be a such high quality director. Bradley Cooper defend his role with top performance. Is hard to believe is him! He is not Brandley Cooper anymore, he is absolutely this soldier, and without overacting. The scenery is absolutely realistic.

Those who like war movies, should put this in their list.


A drama for a sensitive subject, especially back to '90
The performances both for Tom Hawks and Denzel Washington, are absolutely wonderfull. The most intense scene was while listening opera. The emotional delirium of Hawks might secure the Oscar for him. Even greater surprise at the same scene, was Washington. Without open his mouth, without say a word, his face was full of compassion and understanding. The good cast doesn't end here. Great names play on second roles, and this is the reason they couldn't shine in this movie. An exception might was the female lawyer, showing successfuly her internal conflict between profession and morality. About the director, I like the angle views from the eyes of the counsel and the eyes of jury in the court. A court little more roomy, I think could be better. This should not discourage you to see this movie.

Sex Tape

Less funny than I expect
From the first quarter I saw an inclination to the boring side. The concept of the story was very promising. Unfortunatly the movie wasn't actually that good. Recomended? If your are trapped in a basement after a nuclear war, and this is the only tape you have available.

The Net

A good old fashion tech action movie !
The problem with the computer related movies, is they don't last very long. Technology show easily its age marks. Watching the movie appear old bulky laptops with ridiculously small screen and miserably low resolution. Appear old CRT monitors, some with a screen size of a today tablet! Appear the first bulky Motorola cell phone. Someones might remember it. Maybe after few decades this movie will be educational for our grandchildren, to see the ancient technology. Starting first with the "Caveman" movie, and then this.

Despite the above, the movie have a rich plot, captivating action, Sandra bullock, and a rich and neat production. Recommended to see, at least once.


The backbone of the script is good, the production is cheap
Katia Winter is very appealing and lift the whole movie. As I say the production is cheap, and this movie had space to be better. Is it suggested ? If you looking for an action movie, and you run out from an alternative choice.

As Good as It Gets

All cast have top perfomances, even the dog!
The funny thing with this film is the more times you see it, the more you like it. Nicolson play a psyco character "gifted" to insult other people. Is very very rare for him to be sweet, however when he does it is so intense, like tropical rain in the desert! Hunt play a hard working and very sensitive woman expressing the impact of Nicolson on her by an ideal way. She never stop to be a lady, what ever she does. Kinnear play a gay guy, artist, and as expected understand people better than anyone. Play a catalytic role in this film. Nothing else to say. See it. You have? See it again.

Poios Thanasis!

A full of kindness and love heart !
An other great movie with Thanassis Veggos. What a dilama. Should someone have a good heart and be a victim, or heartless and secure ? A funny and tender movie, worth to see !

O katergaris

Sometimes meritocracy is not enough !
Hronis Exarhakos is a huge actor. In two movies is at his very best. This is the one. West civilization intrude in the greek society. This affect also his home. the results unpredictable. An other great funny family movie.

Oi kyries tis avlis

Dinos Iliopoulos at his best !
There are times where great actors stink, some others where are great, and some very few where the performance surpass the perfection ! In the last state was Dinos Iliopoulos during filming of this movie. Is his best performance ever ! Jokes you can't see them coming, and small tender stories in a yard of Athens, back at '60 where social rules was strict and unforgiving.

O gois

An un-existent rich uncle from America, who... might exist ?
A very funny and intertaning movie ! The cast have many heavy names in. You can't choose who is the best ! Two friends, chasing the old Greek dream, of a prosper and full of love future, they plan a fake story, which turn into a real one. If you have fun with old greek comedies, or if you have'nt any experience, this movie is recommended.

'Thou-Vou' Falakros praktor - Epiheirisis: Gis madiam

Not the 007, but the 000 agent !
Probably the funniest film of Thanasis Veggos ! The jokes are ahead of his time! I never tired to see this film again and again!

I Aliki sto Naftiko

My love follow me in the military ship I serve !
A heavy cast of leading actors participate in this film. I'm not sure, I think the filming made in that ship, were the one of Philadelphia expirement has take place. Back then was delivered from USA to Greek naval defence. Is a funny family movie, with the super cute Aliki, might the beautiest Greek actrist of that time, in a sailor's uniform.

I neraida kai to palikari

A very attractive old greek comedy, filmed in Crete
Famous greek actors, a lot of them have play lead roles. Nice Cretan sceneries and costumes, might take you to a short trip in the famous Crete. The story is simple and put the love against hate, with a comic way. Who is going to win? Recomended for a happy family afternoon.

Jesus of Nazareth

Powel is the best jesus ever, and will be forever!
As I write in the title Powell appearence and performance can't compited. He is simply divine! Is the Jesus exactly as we imagine Him. Franco Zeffirelly made an exceptional job too. You probably have seen this movie. If you have'nt, you should, no matter your religion is.

Seven Pounds

The most humanitarian side of redemption!
Will Smith is known for playing comic and action characters. This is sometning very different. The movie is very touching, and make my eyes at least wet. The music theme was very nice and discreet. Fit very well in the movie. Is highly suggested for those how like this specific kind of drama.


A perfect detective, and certainly not perfect person!
I liked all seasons. The major difference between the initial from the later seasons was Mr Monk assistant. Mr Monk is a person with all his mental "channels" on. This is what make him gifted and cursed. The part I liked most is the way he links the evidences and solve the cases. I like also the police detective Liland Stoldmayer. Was very manly and bossy, with his great mustache. His heavy voice increased a lot this style. However is also human supportive and forgiving.

I don't think is a funny series. Is a crime series, and some times a tender one. I recommend you to see at least one episode.


Will be thrilled, especialy the musicians!
Both first roles are very good. I believe the cast was carefully selected. I like the photography and the colors left in my eyes. I like also the turning camera technique in somes important scenes, instead of using two cameras, giving me the feeling I was on stage, and turning my head around. Some criticize the teacher as overly sadistic. There are teacher like him. He remind me my acting lesson teacher. She believed preparing should be torturus to death in order to have a perfect result. I believe this movie will be especially interesting for the musicians. Will appriciate the technique, and might wake some of their memories.

Saving Hope

Medical science and supernatural unified
Is very uncommon to see science and supernatural to co-exist. I guess this happend because each of the above have a completely different audience. Anyway, I think this TV serial is very attractive, and the changeover between natural and supernatural keep the interest high. Also very attractive is the hot Alex with her big breast. When appear on screen I'm thinking "I want to marry you!". The calm and balanced face, allow her to play the mother too. The only downside of the series is the unstable childish sometimes behavior of Alex which most of the time behave as a complete balanced and adult person. Those radically different behaviors can not co-exist in one person.


The most successful and long lasting sitcom !
The actors are high level, and they defend the script pretty well. Credits deserves to the script writers too. Probably they had some kind of source of real incidents, and after process turn them into very funny situations. This sitcom have also very stable quality over the seasons, and duration. Still broadcasted till today, decades after its termination. I would like to thank all those which contribute to Friends, and add some happines to our life! My last wish is Friends the movie. Will be interesting to see the funny perspective of Friends get aging.


Send very wrong messages
I like WIll Smith as an actor, however I don't like the concept of this movie. The most hateful thing, is that promote crime by making it look attractive. Make a thief look like a magician. In reallity those people are the worst part of the society, and their activity left behind only sorrow. The victims loose often irreplaceable belogings useless for the thiefs.

The Vow

Not so attractive
Was a tender story, however although Leo was charming, I did'nt found his performance very convincing. His partner seem better actor. Also the sound of the movie was not so well processed. The voice of the actors sounds numb and not so clear, to grab your attention. The end was mild. Wanted more drama.

Vremya pervykh

Continue suspense, high quality effects
Is a real story, have hollywood grade graphics, and kept my interest up to the end. I love the performance of the chief of the mission (I don't remember his name). Also love the native russian language, which kept this real story closed to original. In some scenes this movie is emotional too. What can I say, is worth to see!


A fiction movie, based on a real story!
The history of America, during eradication of indians and other local people from their homes, is transfered in this sci-fi movie. The end of the story is the only difference. The movie is very interesting, however the greatest part of it have very video game graphics. I would like a more realistic result. If you have'nt watch it already, is worth to do it at least once.

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