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Ralph Breaks the Internet

Decent but let down
The animation is good and i guess it was entertaining to watch all this Disney fandom parodies going on but i think they missed the core of Wreck it ralph , i think it would have made more sense if they had expanded on Videogame world and it´s evolution and problems when it comes to arcades maybe? i think there was a lot of wasted potential and instead strayed far away to the internet an over used thing already which made that video game feel the previous film had disappear for something overdone. The friendship between Ralph and Vanellope felt cringy and out of character. The animation of course was good! Soundtrack was nothing special. I would say it´s a watch it once but not worth more.


I fell asleep, the songs are boring and the pace too.

How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

Big disappointment
Compared to the other films this one makes no sense, the first one was a masterpiece and it made me a huge fan of this series, then came the second one and with Chris Sanders gone it wasn´t as good as the first but still sort of enjoyable or decent, but this one? it basically ruins what all the other 2 established Why would Toothless leave Hiccup for a female he just met? since when was this series about romance? why would they leave Berk now? i mean in the first film, second and tv shows it is established they have been through dragon attacks and worst enemies and never felt the need to leave, also the Light Fury looks like My Little Pony! meanwhile the Deathgrippers look awesome! In Gift of the Night fury Toothless destroyed the atomatic tailfin but now he sees a girl and runs off? really? he challenged an alpha because he loved Hiccup in the second but that gets ignored here, instead he would rather live inside a cave with a white sausage he just met instead of a life with more adventure and a human who sacrificed everything for him. The pace is terrible and too fast, and why is the mother Valka taking the departure of dragons so well, and giving advice about relying on humans? didn´t she live with dragons for 20 years and abandoned her family? shouldn´t she take this worse than anybody? Hiccup acts needy when we have seen him plenty of times standing on his own without Toothless before! he even lets him go that easily! (And Toothless acts disturbingly gross) Grimmel is the worst villain in this entire franchise, the only awesome things are his dragons. The animation looks too smooth! what happened to the cool textures Toothless used to have? the hidden world looked nice though! The soundtrack is good but not as good as the other 2 soundtracks. I could go on and on about how terrible this is, i appreciate the flashbacks with Stoick but i was expecting more grieving and leading problems (since this film takes place 1 year after httyd 2 according to Dean the director) instead it´s kind of ignored for the sake of spending time with the lame romance (with bad message saying friendship isn´t enough and that everybody needs a partner) It´s just that this film only wants to make you cry with cheap and lame formulas ruining the heart of How to train your dragon. It´s just a bad fanfiction with cheap storyline! love triangle plus one dimensional trophy hunter villain and lazy typical ending. Such a shame........ i refuse to recognize this as canon cause it makes ZERO sense!

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