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It doesn't work as a thriller, but it's a fine drama
The cover of the US DVD is a little confusing. It says, "Welcome to Room 207. Rest in Peace", and it looks as if it was a haunting remake of "The Exorcist" or "The Omen". The cover text suggested somewhat the same, so I was slightly disappointed when I watched it: I did expect a horror thriller, but I got a slow-moving, well-acted drama set in a station hotel in England, where Greta (superbly played by German singer Ute Lemper) and Jay (Trevor Eve, another great but under-appreciated actor) sort out their weird, uneven relationship. The supporting cast of Milton's beautifully staged directorial debut is excellent, especially Christien Anholt, who plays a sexy and mysterious sailor, proves his versatility. The song that Lemper performs in the end, "Whenever we get close (we fall apart)", is a rare masterpiece in itself. This may not be a good thriller, but it's a sophisticated drama about the strange paths of love, and fear.

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