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The Serpent

Waste of time
Boring, Boring, boring... I don't have any other words to say about this. Waste of time


Comet Klark, hope not the Superman
From the begging the movie attracting you, good scenario nice role playing.... sometimes during the film you think that is happening in reality, the comet is here.... but... come on Comet Klark? I was hoping for better effects during catastrophe and a better ending more different than other catastrophic action movies!

The A-Team

Tanks can fly
Yes yes tanks can fly, amazing, the best scene on the movie.... something you don't see. Except from the actor playing poor work


With the global pandemic that humanity face, i believe this is the closest movie to the facts. 9 years after the realese The Director was miles ahead.


It was an amazing movie, lot of action, the actor fits to the role, some comedy parts. let's see venom in more movies!

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