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Unique and Delightful!
I found this movie absolutely delightful! -- who among us hasn't had a snowglobe with a wonderful Xmas scene that we wished we could walk into??

I also loved the contrast of the simple, innocent snowglobe people ( some of the funniest moments was their trying to cope with the world outside their globe) with the depiction of a VERY REAL slice -of -life Brooklyn , NY family--not your "Leave it to Beaver" family, but the way people REALLY behave. Some may find them dysfunctional, but I found them VERY REAL! I also liked the unique idea of making it an interracial family of the interesting combo of African-American and Italian. --a film I'll pull out and watch for holidays again and again!

The Entity

My Scariest film/real case??
Forget "Jaws', "The Exorcist" and Freddy--THIS is MY scariest movie, and what makes it so, I believe , is the very ordinariness and reality of the people in it. The scene of the psychiatrists talking about Carla's case after she leaves the office seems totally real, and possibly improvised, and Ron Silver, who I had never seen before when I 1st saw this movie, is TOTALLY believable as the sympathetic doctor. Also adding to the sense of reality is Carla's messy crowded little house with it's totally unmatched interior that doesn't seem like a set, but a real place. I was scared to turn off the lights and go to bed after seeing it, even though my husband was sleeping next to me!

By the way, a friend of my mother's moved out on her roommate because the woman claimed she was repeatedly being molested by an evil spirit, and would wake up in the morning with bruises all over her---ugh!

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