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Patriots Day

A heartbreaking real life disaster :(
Watching this dedication to all those who went though this horrific event and showing unity in a city in the face of something devastating like terrorism says alot about us as humans and this was an awesome dedication to all those died and injured in that time and the authorities acting fast to catch those monsters. Alot of love for this film.

Grudge Match

It's a good film, could be better
I did enjoy this film, it was entertaining and enjoyable so I gave it an 8 out of 10 because I felt it was just missing something. But I recommend watching it in any case.


I love this film!!!
Travis flimmel is an awesome actor and played his part well, i love the game and now I can say I enjoyed a film based off a game franchise which is rare because the films based of games usually turn out bad and don't do the games any justice so am glad they got at least 1 right! And Travis was definitely the right choice for his role.


One of the best films ever made
This is an absolutely fantastic amazing film, Tom Hardy playing both roles and done it amazingly, a fantastic actor who seems to play all his roles brilliantly, if you have not watched it, well you should

Bird Box

This film is bad from start to finish with no real sustenance to it at all, i stayed watching, hopefully it would pick up but sadly it did not. It goes on for over 2 hours and just makes you feel bored. This is in my opinion a MUST NOT SEE!


An outstanding Tom Hardy film once again
This is a must see, the acting, story plot everything is amazing.

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