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May bukas pa

Bro is always here!
This Filipino mini-TV series 'May Bukas Pa', that has lasted a year of episodes in the making, is truly the best ever TV show, that'll make you inspire by the true hearts of love and belief. It is a TV series, that gives a teaching. This show is packed with: Action, Drama, and

Santino, played by Zaijan Jaranilla, in his first ever TV show and first ever role as a young little actor, was far most, the best little actor that was ever put on to a main character, that gives a miracle. A wonderful young little actor, on his first ever role!

Brilliant acting to everyone in this mini TV series! This show, has brought everyone into a more complex belief with love and the teachings of God. Hence, the reason why this TV show was also awarded the best show in the Catholic Masses in the Philippines.

I give this show, a brilliant 10/10 because it is very inspirational, and of this one show, made everyone feel more expanded and happy.

Brilliant!!! 10/10

Chi to hone

A resonating hatred between violence and rape yet with greed, is a subject matter that the movie has got us learning about reality...
The movie 'Blood and Bones', is a movie, everyone certainly knows it is not an 'entertaining' film of all Japanese Dramas, but with all the bells and whistles, this movie certainly got us learning about the factors of what some people just don't understand when they're swimming around with money all around them.

Kim Shun-pei, is a man who was once a kid from South Korea and moved his life to Osaka, Japan. He was a man, who showed nothing but hatred and greed. His hatred, got everyone driven to depression and suicide. With Kum Shun-pei's greedy and violent attitude, women by women, making them pregnant, to lawn for his money. A fish cake factory, that he once ran, destroying the face of his employee, beating up his employers and his sons, he was surely a troubled man with nowhere else to run and hide.

Personally, this movie is, as I said, certainly not an entertaining film, but the image we see on this film, shows us the reality of what some people face without love and eternal feeling. With greed, violence and rape, this film surely showed that sometimes life, back and now, is what some lack. I rate this movie a 10 out of 10 because it is yet, a very touching movie and it's a movie to witness the atrocities of others when love is totally absent.

Atenshon purîzu

Sit back and enjoy the ride!
Attention Please (Atension Purizu), is a great funny Japanese show that will set you to set your seat belts and enjoy the flight from Japan Airlines.

The one main character from a young rock girl who was boy-ish to a grown-up cabin attendent, Misaki Youko is played by Aya Ueto who has yet again, struck a lightning bolt meaning that she has done another fabulous job playing a boy-ish rock chick! Considering her seriously whooping bloody performance in 'Azumi', this time, she goes funny!

As Aya Ueto plays Misaki Youko, Episode 8 is where Aya had to play her character in a way where she was put to failure by her instructor, in which Aya's character nearly gave up to where she climbed up in her path. It was the only episode where I've seen Aya playing her character, in a broken down situation.

This show is a great show in relations to JAL (Japan Airlines), that somehow each episodes has a subjected situation in parts of it.

7/10 - Good stuff.

Tayong dalawa

Outstanding performance!
This show is a really amazing mini TV series that has been one of the best shows I have watched on TFC (ABS-CBN). The story line had many suspenses and varied in many forms, which made the show: unmissable. More importantly, the actors who've parted in this show, has done a tremendous performance, especially in the last episode of the show. It's action- thrilling, suspensive, unmissable, but also: heartwarming that makes the women cry in every sad bits of the show.

Gerald Anderson, as the main actor of the show, this has got to be the best performance he has done that was also proved in his previous show 'Sana Maulit Muli' with Kim Chiu. Jake Cuenca also made a great performance even though his character is a bit frustrating but that's the part of the show. As the other, Cherry Pie Picache as the mother playing for the mom of the 3 brothers, reached a two thumbs up acting as she blew away what she got in the last episode and a few others before the show ended. Gina Pareno who played the Lola Gets, did a great job especially after her character gets into an accident and finally reaches death. And to the forgotten, outraged and hurtful character, played by Coco Martin, as the bad guy who was one of the 3 brothers, as a bad guy from most of the episodes until the end, did an amazing job being as a rebellious brother dealing with weaponry and hatred.

As the show has summed up, this was one of the most brilliant shows that anyone has watched, which may be bigger than 'Maging Sino Ka Man' back in 2006. The show sparked a lot of fans like the show 'May Bukas Pa'. This show, not only created an outstanding ovation, but the story was a really beautiful varied story that had many revelations and who will survive and who will not and take a love in the heart of it.



An A-OK Film.
This is the first movie I've watched from Aya Ueto that isn't so bloody (According that I've only watched two of her films and its Azumi 1 and 2). I must say, this film is A-OK Film, not so bad, it has some funny parts in it. In one point, I've never seen a movie using a 10 year old kid to go on a sex chat which of course it seem sort of weird in some way.

This movie is in relation to comedy and drama with a story line that I have never seen before, but to point this out, after about half way through the movie, the movie gets sort of boring, I expected more funnier things to happen which of course it sort of did but to point out that it was a bit dry. The story line, well it is based on a 10 year old kid taking over a sex chat site from a 25-year old woman which of course that is the part of the movie but revealing that a 10 year old kid is on hands with a sex chat and has a passion of being extremely horny - in revelation: it felt weird and awkward, including the part where Asako Nozawa (Aya Ueto) lets Kazuyoshi (Ryunosuke Kamiki) give a little feel. But pointing out the good view, the movie isn't so bad, after all it is quite funny and seeing that Aya looked really pretty in that film as a 17 year old high school student, at least there is some taste of the film.

6/10 - This movie is not that bad, but would like to see more excitement.

Lost in Translation

A timeless movie, simply a unique film!
Lost in Translation is one of the most unique films ever filmed in Tokyo, Japan. Filled with Comedy, Drama and a unique story. It's a timeless film that's never been seen on your screen! And its a very interesting and inspiring film of all time, with such awesome view and vision of Japan's most famous cities and towns (especially Kyoto) Bill and Scarlett did an excellent job on acting in this film, and the director, producer, and the crew members did an awesome job making this film! If your looking for an interesting film with such pure goodness, this is the movie for you to watch!


Maging sino ka man

The Best of the Best!
Maging Sino Ka Man is filled with the best of the best! One of the best filipino soap TV shows ever shown on the ABS-CBN channel especially for the TFC subscribers!

John Lloyd and Bea once again put on something fresh from the box. But Bea has put a lot of work into her acting and her role is just really awesome to see. All the motion, the crying, and stuff, she's put a lot of effort into it and I must say she's put Maging Sino Ka Man as the best TV show in the whole nation with John Lloyd.

This show has never disappointed any viewers at all! A great show with an excellent plot!


Evan Almighty

Funny but not as funny and Almighty as Bruce Almighty!
Evan Almighty seems to be an alright Family-Comedy movie which the main role played by Steve Carell. The movie is alright to do the "hahahaha" but this movie isn't as funny as the first one and that's Bruce Almighty.

I must say, Bruce Almighty is much more Almighty than this one, because this movie doesn't have much comedy and doesn't add more laughters than to the Bruce Almighty.

Steve Carell tried his best to put in such effort to play Evan "Almighty" Baxter, but.. As much as I'm concerned, it is not enough.

I rate this 6/10, its alright. But not as funny and almighty.


Awesome Japanese Fighting Movie of all time!
Azumi is the best movie that the Japanese has ever made! It's bloody, superb, thrilling, motivated and stunning movie of all time!

Azumi played by Aya Ueto, a pretty and cute chick who managed to defeat all the enemies who's wanting to start a war against each other and Azumi and her other friends survived to load a lot of guts to battle against to those who wants the war.

Aya Ueto has done an amazing job, doing all that swords scenes and motions, she's done an amazing job!

I must say, this is the greatest Japanese film that you will ever wanna see for yourselves. The crew and the director has put a lot of effort from turning Azumi from a manga comic into a Movie that's ever been so amazing!


Bondi Tsunami

Very atrocious and disappointing film of all time.
This movie seems to be perhaps one of the worst Australian/Japanese film ever made in the entire universe. The film is very atrocious, disappointing, uninspiring and very uninteresting to the filming market especially for the Australian and Japanese market of all time.

The movie seems to be like a long-length music video like the opening credit, Movie has no story line at ALL, Hardly any scripts, and no excitement.

The only good thing with the movie is that the movie itself is colorful like the grass. But the rest is very atrocious.

You will be disappointed when you'll watch this film, but for some of you's it may not be disappointing, but let me tell you .. It's very disappointing to watch.

Disgraceful. 0.5/10


This is the best filipino drama movie ever been made!
This movie "Magnifico" is one of the most extraordinary films of all-time and it's worth watching in a lifetime! There maybe a lot of sad stuff on this film, but hey: film is set to poverty.

Jiro Manio's character (as Magnifico) is one of the amazing characters on this film even though his character is the lead of this film. It has shown that his character has been responsible for his family and care, and it has made the audiences surprised. I'd say, Jiro Manio - Even though his a kid, he has played a very tough roll on this film but he act very awesome and his took parts very well.

This movie can be really sad to watch but this shows the life of people in poverty and what's the people like in the province in the Philippines. There are no negatives about this film, and there are no conflicts etc. This is the only drama movie that was made as the best and the extraordinary film that was made in the Philippines. This movie has also been the best picture in other Film Festivals as well.

I'd say, this movie is a 10/10 even though it's a really sad film to watch. But this is something to watch and this is something that no one has seen the best that was created in the Philippines.

All About Love

Three love stories in one Movie
This film "All About Love" Is one of the best romantic films. Three directors in three love stories in one movie? That's something.

I'd say at this point, the number 3 love story "John Lloyd Cruz(as Eric) and Bea Alonzo(as Lia)" is one of the best stories in the movie, and since this loveteam is the number one in the Philippines, they have once again made it the best.

The number 2 love story "Luis 'lucky' Manzano(as Wesley) and Anne Curtis(as Badong) appears to be OK on this part of the movie.

From the start as the number 1 love story "Jason Abalos(as Kiko) and Angelica Panganiban(as Kikay)" appears to be the weakest link in this story because the story seems like there's no meaning to it and no points of what is Right and Wrong to be seen, and the 2 characters roll is badly paced and name is completely horrible "Kiko and Kikay" sounds horrible. Really horrible.

I give it a 7/10. The movie seems to be one the best but the first part of movie is completely out of line and some scenes in the first part appears to be WRONG. So then it gave away the 9 or 10 for me to rate this film so just a 7.

You Are the One

The Best Romantic Filipino Movie ever to be seen!
This Film "You are the One" is the best romantic films that any Filipinos directors has made. Not too corny, not too sour, it's sweet.I believe that Sam Milby and Toni Gonzaga has made an excellent acting on this film and it's quite surprising that their roll on the film is sweet and hilarious. I think this film deserves a 10 out of 10 because watching this film is like better than watching Hollywood romantic films only this is a Filipinos romantic movie. The director of this film has made the best romantic films ever seen in Philippine Cinemas, as I said "not too corny, not too sour, it's sweet". This is the only film that you will ever watch that is not too corny for other people to find it as too disgusting, too boring or may it too much. If you are looking forward to watching this movie, you should watch it now.



One of the Most Dramatic and Emotional Philippine Movie ever to be screened!
This movie has a lot of meaning to it and a lot of emotional scenes on it and therefore making it: The Most Dramatic and Emotional Philippine Movies to be shown Pinoy-Wide! Seeing the first 20 minutes of the film was one of the happy parts on it until lightning struck during the movie. And most of all: Made some people cry throughout this film.

All the crew, directors, producer and the actors/actresses did an excellent job on doing this film, because this film has more meaning that will make everyone understand and making it dramatic to believe. Seeing this film is like: Making people turn on the Waterworks each time they see a sad scene! But most importantly, the story, the plot, the characters, the crews etc. Made something that they will make filos understand as much as them. Even though it's so dramatic to watch and so hard to resist, it makes it all understanding...


Enteng Kabisote: Okay ka, fairy ko, the legend

Good start on the film but got wrecked somewhere in the middle.
This film had a great start throughout the film, until suddenly in the middle: the film gets wrecked....The action got corny and the plot seems to go OUT-OF-LINE on adventurous scenes.

Having to have a good source of a legend superhero named Enteng Kabisote that's married to a fairy princess named Faye Kabisote were the only one that has a good characteristics but the movie was gone OUT-OF-LINE.

Even though Vic Sotto, Kristine Hermosa, Oye-Boy Sotto, Aiza Sueguerra were doing a great job on their acting, still: film is OUT-OF-HAND and OUT-OF-LINE.

The villain of this movie seems to be a bit too-much pushed over evilness and looking REALLY CREEPY! Kid's may understand it but some may think: it's corny.

7/10 Film Oriention was good, Resolution was bad.

The Mourning Girls

Absolutely shocking!
Well, what can I say about this filipino movie.....It's ABSOLUTELY SHOCKING AND DIRTY movie that most filipinos would go "What the hell does this movie mean?"

What's the plot all about anyway? Mourning Girls? What a title......Actually them girl's on this movie don't actually do anything, they just stand there and argue about a man who died having very hardcore sex with some young girl! Man, this is one corny plot and title does not make sense at all.

For the crew and the film-makers of this movie, it is absolutely dull, shocking, and dirty! They should've make the movie have more sense in it, but NO!

1/10 Very shocking.

High School Musical

Insanely Great!
Wow! I mean Wow! The movie was one of the most greatest, and modern DCOMs that you will ever watch on TV! If you think that this movie is going to be the crappiest movie ever, well: Think again. Watch it and you will take off the crap comment off your head.

The two people that played Troy Bolton and Gabriella Montez....They were absolutely act perfectly at this rate, and really good talented young-ling singers.

The theme of this movie is like Grease, but more clean, modern, and fun-to-watch for kids, teens(including me), and adults. Even musicians can have the enjoyment of the movie!

I'd say: If your in to music, or in to filming and watching movies, then: This is one recommended movie that you should watch.

10/10 Excellent!


Movie gives an excellent story!
Wow! This movie gives an excellent story itself. When I first watched it, I thought this was going to be another Claudine and Aga Mulach sex scene, but the story plot is about two brothers that one brother fell in love with a woman (as Claudine), but the other brother is his girlfriend. As the movie goes by, things will get sadder and sadder, and it gets really heart-warming when it gets to the end, but that's what make this movie a special love story movie.

As far as I know, this is the first time John Lloyd Cruz has actually showed his bad temper on big screen Cinemas or TV, but he did such a great job on this movie:::even though he got into an ancident somewhere on this movie.

If you think the plot is too sexual or too mind-blowing for you, well it isn't.....Try out the movie today, and enjoy the film and make some waterworks somewhere in the movie.....Just kidding!

San ging chaat goo si

Superbly return of Jackie Chan
This movie is awesome! This is one movie that had Jackie Chan's old stunts and new stunts together in one big action and drama movie. I like the way Jackie Chan acts on this movie, all the movies that comes from him is action and comedy, but this is a cool action and drama movie thats packed with something awesome. Speaking of drama, this is the only movie I've seen Jackie Chan cry with mad agony effects that makes the movie a bit more real-looking type. I'd say it's really cool how Chinese people and Jackie Chan making movies now, its like Hollywood movies but in Asia.

There's just a bit of an error, the sequence is wrong, there's a part where the police has to keep the people away from the place, the police should have keep them away right up until the other police people put the tourists in there, and there's a part where jackie's girlfriend in the movie gets hooked up by a bomb from the bad guy, if only they stayed up in the conference room, it would be easier because it had tables but they put her in the safe and put it on the lap: EASIER OPTION TO CHANGE IT A BIT --- make her lie down and put it somewhere thats flat on her.

But its an awesome movie, great movie with mad effects and great acting. Just a bit of an error, that's all.

8/10 Good job.

The Bold and the Beautiful

This Soap is nothing but dogs!
OK. How in the world did this soap be the best? First of all, this soap is cheesy, secondly - the story lines are corny, and thirdly - they made love as trash!

I mean come on, B&B would be the best but face it, the story is totally cheap and the characters keeps changing from one to another person. Like Brooke having her sex appeal to the rich guys, her daughter Bridgette keeps changing her temper of Nick like for example: I hate you - I love you, Thomas is always liking the ugly's and Nick is becoming to be playboy! IT'S ALL TERRIFYING! For all of you Soap opera fans, if you are choosing to watch this soap show: Don't watch it.

I rate it 1/10. They should change the story lines.

Love Hina Again

Its alright I guess.
Well, this part of Love Hina Again, its alright as I think it is, well still has some comedy in it, haha makes people laugh in some way. But, what lacks about Love Hina Again as the No. 2 of Love Hina, some of the scenes of Love Hina Again is too sexual. Which other people can get grossed out about it and making kids go very weird that one day parents would stop letting them watching this. Well, I think its alright, considering it also makes me laugh, its just the sexual parts and taking clothes off, its just might make other people go "Yuck" about it.

I'd say: The original Love Hina - the first one is better than I expected from this one. All the makers of this Love Hina Again has destroyed the good parts - Only the comedy has left, but all the good parts have been destroyed.

Close to You

Yahoo! Excellent Philippine Love Story Film!
Brilliant! What an excellent phillipine love story ever! It's one of the philippine's best love films ever to be made on Star Cinema.

I'd say about those 3 main characters like John Lloyd, Bea, and Sam - I'd say their act was very outstanding - Seriously! Sam Milby is his first movie ever and his first act on philippine movies was AMAZING, and during this film when he sings, his got a talent there. Also John and Bea, their acting on this film was FANTASTIC, on this film, how drama occur about John's character not telling the girl (as Bea's character) that he loves her, the dramatic scenes:their emotions, feelings and all that - Was so heartwarming that makes some people into tears. They didn't even make a fake cry like putting water in their eyes, its was not fake, it was true. Some other philippine love movies would have fake crying in it but the act is like much more realistic that will make people cry sometimes.

Anyway, this film is an excellent love story which people would enjoy watching it. This is the only love story in the Philippines that has better scenes, better acting, and better scripts than any other films that you would watch.

There are no problems about this film, not too dramatic, not too painful, its perfect. I'd rate this film a 10 out of 10.

Excellent job, very well done.

Boh lei chun

One of The Best Jackie Chan Movie's that I seen.
This is the best Jackie Chan film that I have watched in Chinese. At first, I thought it was going to be a very dull movie, but when I watched the whole thing, it was amazing! Jackie Chan did an excellent job acting as a guy who runs a recycling centre and a guy who can fight with mad style. Also that girl that was with him Bu (Qi Shu), she also did an excellent one as well as a taiwanese girl going all the way to hong kong to do adventure. This movie has some funny parts, the funniest is when Jackie and his opponent hit each other in the eye and got dizzy.

I give this movie a 7/10

Well done.

Rabu Hina

Excellent Anime......Not Bad
Wow, this is a very good anime, this anime has lots of comedy, lots of love and relationship, lots of beautiful characters, and lots of breath-taking scenes.

I got interested of watching this anime last year, because the way the story goes, gives you a very good story and explanation, so I had to get a try watching it, although I didn't know what channel has this program and when will it be on, so I just read the story about it. Until I found out that you can watch episode by the internet, so I gave it a try,i've only watched episode 21 and it got me laughing badly because of the guy Keitaro always gets smashed by his love Naru.....Yep, funny story. When I finished watching the 21st episode of Love Hina, my brain just wanted me to watch it again and again and again or watch a different episode.

This love anime isn't just about 5 girls and 1 boy working in a Hotel and studying at Japan Uni, its about how we can love one another and be one another, well a bit of smack in the bum though, but not only the series of love-hina 2000 TV series, people who have very difficult relationships like men or women, well, this anime can give you a very good example of how you can take care of your lovelife and (how you can smash each other if your lovelife is going to go way off the line. - Hehe, nah I'm just joking.) Anyways thats why I put the brackets so you know I'm just joking.

I recommend that this Show "Love Hina" is one of best animes I've seen, its super addictive, and super cool.

If you haven't seen Love Hina, watch it now or rent it on DVD so it will make you keep laughing at home all day, if not, mate, your missing whats there. So give it a try now - Even though if your a man and you think this is like a girls anime, mate, ITS FOR GIRLS AND BOYS! Don't get embarrassed, just sit and enjoy it. Simple is that.

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