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The Squabble Squad Files

As funny as 'Street Dancing' could get!
This is a completely hilarious and original take on street dance parody! I checked out the film first and then I saw that their were these three episodes that came before it! REALLY GOOD! I used to go to dance classes in London and everyone was really snarky and shady. Everyone takes it so seriously, I just love it when a parody of young people trying to be edgy gets so well executed. This one definitely hit the mark!

The Squabble Squad Files: @ Home with the Squabble Squad
Episode 5, Season 1

Excellent! Unique!
I'm a big Smack the Pony fan and I can clearly see where Ben Fairey got those ideas from! It's really good that it goes further than that and lets the characters, sounds and visuals have their own styles and identity. I think Sisqo is the housemate/dancer that I relate to the most. He seems like the peace maker whilst Rudy and Lydia are a bit ego-centric. Or is Roxy the Dog supposed to be the secret fourth member? Either way, I really liked this short! I can easily see it in a sketch show if anyone bothered to make those anymore!

Smack the Pony

Do some SMACK!
One of the best sketch shows ever made! Perfect observation of British social chemistry, work and living conditions. It's actually disturbingly accurate! I love the dating videos because of how mad they are but also how believable it is! It's not a far cry from a 90s version of Tinder.

Six Pairs of Pants

90s Nostalgia
This gives me a lot of 90's nostalgia in a very strong, retrospective way! I didn't see theses episodes when they were on but I found them recently online and thought they were quite funny! It's always interesting seeing renowned comedy actors in their early projects. Looks quite DIY and shoe-string budget but the strength of the performers and the out-there sketch ideas are all present. I don't think comedy is very adventurous nowadays so you'd have to look under the radar like Youtube to find anything interesting. It looks like this aired in 1995 and then got forgotten.

Meurtres à l'Empire State Building

Farewell Kirk.
I found this film really interesting for a lot of reasons. It opened my eyes to parts of Hollywood I'd never even thought about before. The interviews are excellent, charming, humorous and really well-performed by some of the best veteran actors around today. The one thing that really plucked at my heart strings was this was the last notable performance from Kirk Douglas. I always loved his films and I find it fitting that his last appearance on screen is in a tribute to the Golden Age of Hollywood. If I rewind his career and watch everything up to now, it feels like coming full circle for this acting giant! Long may he live!!

Cudesna suma

Realised it wasn't American
I saw it as an infant and didn't understand much of it, obviously. Found it fairly creepy even then but now I see it, seems so obvious that it wasn't American. This was just before my big Disney binge started so this film was more like a taste test. Don't think I've developed a taste for European animation.

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