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A Muppet Family Christmas

Best of the best
My sister and I love watching Christmas movies each year, and this is one of our favorites. It's such a feel-good fest. I watched it twice this year, actually! You get Fraggles AND the Sesame Street gang in addition to the regular Muppets, and lots of great singing of classic Christmas songs. Highly, highly enjoyable and nostalgic. Can't miss.

It's a Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie

This was not good. Not good at all.
This movie was all over the place. They placed a lot of emphasis onto people/things that were popular or trending at the time it was made, so it doesn't hold up well 18 years later in that regard. It was so bad that my sister and I didn't even finish watching it, and that's unusual for both of us. Can't recommend it at all.

A Christmas Carol

Good aspects, but this felt as if the book were written by Poe rather than Dickens
As a top review mentioned, it's bleak and dark, tough and gritty. It fits modern sensibilities, admittedly. But look at the cast list - you will search in vain for the name "Fezziwig". With Scrooge's earlier history being turned even darker than it was painted by Dickens (book: neglectful angry father leaves son at school for the holidays for x number of years, then changes and welcomes him back. movie: father essentially pimps son out to schoolmaster), and without the GOOD role model of Fezziwig, honestly, how could anyone have expected Scrooge to be even functional, much less good? Scrooge's self at the start of the book is not just damaged, it is meant to be WRONG in a moral sense, and seeing that he was treated well by Fezziwig is an important contrast by which we evaluate his treatment of Bob Crachit. I think this is really important because presumably today's billionaires were not all the product of epic childhood trauma's, and yet Dickens would surely condemn their greed and selfishness. This seemed to me one thing that they did try to capture with the closing of the movie - but it would be better supported without the omission of Fezziwig. I also really did not like the way they altered the Ghost of Christmas Past's character. If this were just a new story, this is how it would be written. But it is a Dickens story, and the essential Dickensian elements of hope and joy have been all but completely removed.

East of Everything

Good show - one standout character
I enjoyed the show on the whole, but the side characters were definitely more interesting and appealing than the leads. In particular, Kathryn Beck was luminous and captivating as Lizzy. Loved this character/performance immensely.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

I love this show!
While nearing the end of season 1, I saw (but did not read) a review that sounded like it was down on season 2 - don't know what they were talking about, I think the show has been great for both seasons. It's the kind of show where you hate having to interrupt your binge watching to go to work, and all day long you're wondering what's going to happen, and wanting to see these characters again, and you finish the available episodes and you're like aaaaaaaahhhh when will there be more of this to watch?!?!

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