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The Mummy

Great action with light horror
Seriously one of the best movies of its genre of all time. It has comedy with action with horror and special effects ahead of its time. You cannot go wrong by giving this movie a strong watch.


John Cena's best role?!
This show really has everything. It's what you expect after Amazon coming out with The Boys... but even better. Great actors. Great characters. James Gunn is an inspirational creator. And this is one of those shows that will redefine superhero movies/shows.

Six Feet Under

The humor in this show was way before its time for sure

Jersey Shore

The best of its kind
The best reality show of its era. Whatever you think of this type of plot, this is easily the most satisfying one. Out of the very few reality shows I've watched cause I truthfully can't stand them, this one sticks out. 10/10

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Waiting for Big Mo
Episode 10, Season 14

Staying true to their roots
Great episode where the characters show how their truly portrayed to be. Dennis goes full sociopath mode and everyone else contributes greatly. Small setting but big comedy from the best group in comedy

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Paddy's Has a Jumper
Episode 8, Season 14

One of my new favorites
Best episode I've seen them do in a while, but this season has been great and better every episode. The relevant jokes and bits they do in this show year after year are unmatched.

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