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Awesome Show They Should Bring IT Back!
I love this show so much Tahj Mowry who plays T.J. is a 10 year old who skips 6 grades and transfers to piedmont high with his brother and sister Yevette and Marcus and Marcus really is the one who is having the problem because t.j. is in all of his classes and this show is very entertaining and if u live in Canada u are in Luck this show is awesome and we might see a DVD release if so i'll be happy to buy other than that back to the show it is a very good show with supporting cast like Omar Gooding who plays is a wild and goofy best friend of TJ's brother Marcus so if u slept on this show u better wake up it is better than any show that is currently on Disney and if Disney wants to bring this show that a be a great idea it has resonable value and learning values for kids and it is just so funny.

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