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Kimbiseoga wae geureolkka

Thats all im gonna say,not gonna waste my time for explaining why cuz i already wasted too much watching it.

Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile

We never know the truth
It was a great movie and Zac did a nice job. But there's one thing we never find out in this movie,the guy who was following him with a car, I mean who sent him? Maybe Ted bundy was innocent,all we see and we know for sure is that he was a good man and he loved Liz. I mean he did all he could to prove that his innocent.And this movie was only her(Liz) side of a view,after all she was the one who turned him in. I guess We never know for sure.

Life After Beth

Bored AF
Trust me you would never want to see this movie.If u wanna torture some one, try this movie and make him watch till the end.

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