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  • Warning: Spoilers
    The best piece of localised sci-fi since former Prime Minister of New Zealand/Aotearoa Sir Julius Vogel, wrote 'Anno Domini 2000'. An 1889 futuristic utopian novel that portrays women holding the primary positions of power in the far off future of the years post 2000.

    Disappointingly it looses some originality, with many obvious parallels to the short lived 'Gardening Ban', which featured exclusively on reddit in 2016.

    The continued presence of one of the show's key characters, national heartthrob and poster boy Dr Ashley Bloomfield, continues to draw attention from both men and women across both islands. I love the introduction of offscreen villain Judith (crusher) Collins, and the chemistry between her and main star Jacinda Ardern is palpable. These two having played similar, albeit more glamorous, parts in 'Metro Interview' released in 2015.

    Fascinated to know if this runs all the way to election 2020, or if things will resolve before then. I know I'll be staying at home on the couch 'in my bubble' as they like to say, until the finale.

    I wanted to go full 10/10, but had to minus one point for not being quite as good as that late 90's and early 2000's show ER. That was a really great show.
  • If I had to sum up this film in one word, that word would be:


    I thought The Room, Dangerous Men, The Holy Mountain, Psyched by the 4D Witch, The Creeping Terror, and that one where there is inexplicable lactation fetish throughout the film (Visitor Q)...I thought they had prepared me for anything. But then I finally got my hands on a copy of Hausu.

    There is what can be described as a plot, so that's something to cling to. Because once this film gets underway it casts you adrift with rapidly changing scenes that make no sense, clipped together at shutter like speed.

    Did someone turn into a pile of bananas? The cat? Like seriously, pretty much everything about the cat can be questioned in any way. Why aren't we throwing spoons at the screen, every time the step mum's scarf enters a scene?

    In some ways, as others have said, it's a classic (or what has become classic) teen slasher flick in a haunted house. But there is nothing else that can really prepare or describe this film.

    As a meme once said:

    "Thanks, I hate it"
  • I love both the book and the 1983 film, and was really worried how this version was going to bugger it up. I watched with skepticism, and then growing admiration. It certainly does what it says on the packet, and for the first time in a long time I feel slightly revolted in myself for watching and enjoying this kind of thing. Also extremely glad I went on my on and didn't make my husband watch it, he's not in to horror, and this is a doozey. The other 6+ reviews are pretty spot on if you want detail. If you want to watch a scary movie, get in.