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Great adventure
Animation done well! Great storyline. Good message behind the movie, parent & sibling love.

The Way Back

Ben did a good job!
Ben definitely portrait his character well. He definitely shows how life tragedy affected his life. The movie also is inspiring of not giving up.

My Hero Academia - Boku no hîrô akademia THE MOVIE - Heroes: Rising - Hîrôzu: Raijingu

Poor animation
There are so many animation movies out there. This movie has poor quality. The images aren't sharp, the graphics are just poor quality. The storyline is not so interesting.

The Invisible Man

Lead actress did a good job
Interesting storyline. Didn't expect the ending. The lead actress did a good job portraying her character.

My Boyfriend's Meds

Storyline is so so
A few scene are funny. He did well portraying the crazy side of the characters. The script isn't too interesting. But okay entertainment.


Gorgeous costume
All her dresses are so beautiful. The decorations of each set scene are so elegant.

The Call of the Wild

Well done film
The animation is so real!! The facial expressions of those dogs are absolutely told the story well. The storyline is touching. The directing is great, definitely ha few scene that gave me "WOW" moment. I hope there will be a sequel of this film!

Sonic the Hedgehog

Video game character
Main cast is from the video game character. A collaboration of animation and real movie. The storyline is simple but not too interesting. Hopefully the upcoming sequel will be more exciting.

Harley Quinn

Bad.... Bad...
Poor storyline. So so acting skills. Not really an action movie and definitely not a comedy too.

The Photograph

Love story
About a love story, sometimes is fate or justmeant to be with that special person. Good storyline but just wish for more touching scenes. More wow and awww moment.

The Assistant

Like Vlog
It's like watching a YouTube Vlog. A day with an office assistant. Nothing dramatic happened. Not really telling any story... Just a camera following her for a day.

The Rhythm Section

Good storyline
Good storyline but wish they could make her more tough, more Sharpe and better skill for her revenge. She definitely did an amazing job trying this character.

Uncut Gems

Not the typical Sandler's movie
Lots of yelling and cursing. The whole movie was "loud".... people talking over people. Not the typical Sandler's movie, very different acting skill. I thought the movie would relate more on the "uncut gem"? Instead just gambling and loan shark issue.


Kids movie
Totally a kids movies.... Lots of talking animals. The story is just okay. Nothing really special.

The Last Full Measure

Based on true event
Based on true event. How touching to know a hero and seeing how people fighting for his recognition.

The Gentlemen

Big casts
So many big casts in this movie! Enjoyed the movie. It was like a storytelling. Have to focus to really follow the story. Can't wait for the sequel.


Big production
Big production for the crews and scenes. Storyline is simple. Didn't have the "wow" moment for me.

Bad Boys for Life

Awesome fighting scene
Will Smith never disappoint me!!! Well written script and good twist at the end of the movie. Awesome fighting scene. Can't wait to see the next sequence!

Like a Boss

Good message about friendship
Good messages about friendship in this movie. However, the script was so so. The acting was okay.


Unexpected ending
It did scare the hell of me a few times. Because under water.... too dark to see anything clear. Ending a little bit unexpected.

Just Mercy

Bases on true story
Based on true story. Well written script. Such respect for his good work. Love the updates on all the characters at the end of the movie. Lots of respect for him for going above and beyond and saving lives.

Little Women

Very touching sisterhood story
This movie shows the strong relationship between these 4 sisters. Very touching! However, have to really focus on the movie because the scenes jumping from past to present all the time. Sometimes hard to figure out.

Star Wars: Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker

CG is good.
Storyline is alright. CG is good. 2.5 hours movie. Kind of stretching the movie. Maybe too many sequence hard to make the story interesting.


The make up is impressive
The only impressive part is the make up. The music, the dance & the storyline.... are just so-so. Didn't get much of my attention. The supporting characters are doing majority of the singing.


Awesome directing
OMG!! It is shocking to see how disgusting the truth is. Love the way they told the story. Appreciated those women came forward and let the world know the truth.

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