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Swallow My Squirt 2

So Hot for Pee-Pee
I like, in this movie, when the women urinate and spit in each others mouths and then swap it back and forth. I would have been more into this film if there was more choking and electrocution. This movie only has mediocre sodomy. One of the redundant male actors looks like Iggy Pop which is great. They stomp on his head while he licks urine up off the floor, and spit in his mouth. I think the film maker is urging the viewing audience, strictly through symbolism, to vomit in our own mouths and to take sexual pleasure from this. One of the actresses in this film has braces, small tits, and a savage case of razor burn on her pubic mound. She represents for Jesus by getting nailed on a big piece of wood and screaming about God.

Darwin's Nightmare

Honest and Powerful
This documentary is wonderful because it puts the problems of the Lake Victoria area on display without leaving a viewer with the sour taste of chicanery that many documentaries do. The movie never seems like a director is using carefully selected footage to convince you of something, rather it plays like an interesting slide show from a friend's vacation.

Even more powerful than this movie's style, was its content. Some of the sequences in this movie are heartbreaking, particularly those depicting impoverished children, are made more effective by the seeming mundanity of the horrors displayed.

This is a good date movie if you want your evening to end in unprotected sex with a black woman. Or am I bluffing?

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