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The Lost Pirate Kingdom

Black sails meets Winnie the Pooh
Why was this made? Both the style and substance were terrible.

Style: the actors having brief conversations. Another group explaining the conversations. And a narrator summarizing the conversations. And this description might be totally wrong as I could care less about the original conversations.

Substance: Pirates existed. That's it. Like the style (see above), it is a hot mess of information that I couldn't care less about. I am told there was a war, the English won, and the sailors all became pirates??

How do shows like this find funding?

Saving Private Ryan

The #1 war movie..
This one has it all. Excellent acting; storyline; action; cinematography etc. Have seen it at least 5 times; still great.

The Night Of

Fantastic thriller!!
Love the lead actors. Lots of frustration felt due to the struggle to get through the legal system. Filmed in NYC to give it a gritty look and feel. Double thumbs up..

Safe House

Spectacular tense action packed thriller
Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds are a great anti -hero types. Conflicted within and facing violent conflict from outside. It's Jason Bourne meets training Day...excellent from start to finish. In the end, the audience wins.

The Promise

Another 10 from Chris Bale
This fact based drama is one of the most moving movies you will watch. How love can live amongst evil is a miracle. The Armenian genocide is heart breaking.


Excellent war movie
As an American I loved this movie. Fantastic story. Iraqi's fighting for their families in the face of evil. Acting is brilliant. I will watch it again and again..


Want a wild fun ride? Watch Parasite.
Top 10 movie of all time. The movie is hilarious and tense. There are no short cuts in life. Actions have consequences. And, family is really all one has in the end.


Fantastic epic bio fiction
Each episode is like a mini movie. Well acted, and great story. Too bad Colombia remains in the grips of the Narcos. Narcos the series highlights both the US and Colombia side of the Take down of Pablo story. I am on my second go through and it is even better.

Pablo Escobar: El Patrón del Mal

Gangster soap opera
Production value is like a tv soap opera. Acting and dialogue are amateurish. Pablo with limited education uses the word logistics? Lol. From whose perspective is the story told? Stick with Narcos. Much better production value.

Act of Valor

Great action movie!
Act of Valor does not have any Academy Award winning actors, but it is a very good story with fantastic Action. This was filmed with the intention to boost recruiting, so that is the point of view. It supports the US view that terrorists need to be met wherever they lay their heads down at night. This is a global fight.


Very good action series of a SEAL team
Better 1st season with a 2nd watch. Soldiers are human doing an inhumane job. Each team member handles the stress and loss of the job in different ways. With a tragic twist ending. Good realistic war action to keep me wanting more.

The Patriot

Best movie on the American Revolution
Great movie on a topic that should be a tv series. But it is nice to see Americans kick the Lobster back asses. For all of the Brit comments; you are the reason for 100% of international wars, so suck it up. USA!USA!

It's a Wonderful Life

Christmas classic
Remains as one of the finest Christmas movies of all times. Humor, drama, hisyory, love and family; all in the spirit of Christmas. Seen it 40 times, and once more to start the season.

Lawrence of Arabia

Top 5 film of all time
Get lost in the adventure with Lawrence. The music and desert scenery are a match made in cinematic history. Both historic and historical. Fantastic action and storyline.

The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes

Fantastic Disney movie
Thanks to Disney x, old movies like this ibe will be available for future generations to enjoy. Flubber, Bednobs and Broomsticks, etc.

Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace

Underrated sci fi genius episode
Fantastic story line. F/x supreme. Easily top 5 film of all time. Choice if actors and scene chemistry better than a New Hope. Can't get nuch better than this.

Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens

Could be the best episode of the Star Wars franchise
Great story and action. Even an emotional twist. Character's even better than the New Hope. JJ did it right. Absolute entertainment is what this episode has. I suggest go to Disney x and complete the marathon before #9.

Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi

Another A+addituon to the epic series
Super fantastic episode in a long line of Super fantastic episodes. Top 5 movie of all time. Fast moving. Great story. And Princess Leia looking her best.

Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back

Top 5 movie of all time
Another genius episode by George Lucas. Fantastic story, f/x and cimedy. This has it all.

Maybe the best of them all.

Star Wars

Top 5 movie of all time
40+ years ago, and it still holds up. Star Wars remains the best, of the 8 soon to be 9, in the series. With Disney x I suggest the Star Wars marathon prior to the release of #9.

I find the more times I watch each episode the more I enjoy them.


10 out of 10
Great concept and look to this series. Interesting that reviews from 2015-2019 continue to appear regarding the violence and sex depicted. Has to be one person from 2014, right? Or are there several morons who simply cant read a review from 2014?

So, from 2019, if you find sex and violence objectionable to watch as part of your entertainment, this is NOT the show for you. If you have trouble reading reviews on ANY tv show or movie, don't watch. And for gods sake, dont attempt to write a review.

Bill Burr: Paper Tiger

Bill Burr continues to delight and batter the idiots who drive 40 in the fast lane..
Great set, as usual. Those who rated this as a 1 are lying in their so called reviews. Bill never jokes about rape; and oh ya that other thing, he is a freakin comedian...he reveals some tough truths about himself l; and how his anger could affect his daughter and marriage...that was real....congrats...keep em coming.

Wild Bill

Fun Rob Lowe show.
Hint to the negative reviews: this show is a comedy not a straight drama. Oh, and it is fiction as well. Nothing better than an American teachin our overseas friends what's what..lol...Enjoy..


Season 2 is here!!!
One of the best series on any channel. Profiling of people of near genius in the crazy world is fascinating. Acting A. Storyline A. Sit back and binge watch away.

Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood

Strap up for another QT ride!!
A fun ride during the darkest year of the flower children. The yuppie/hippie/serial killer generation. QT antihero's at it again. For what the OG Helter Skelter gang did; this was a sweet retribution piece. Next maybe an OJ ass kicking? Oscars throughout, enjoy..

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