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Coolie No. 1

this movie changed my view towards nepotism argument. alright i hate nepotism gang now.
Foolie No. 1

should be real name. nobody can replace govinda.. i thought i was 'right' modern movies can do something good.. but the thing is.. these movie makers are just there to produce trash. son doesn't wanna work in dady's black money based company so they decided to produce these type of trash to keep his son busy.

movie was painful in need a vaccine to get cured.


Welcome Home

when a tiktoker writes a plot you get this trash
It's crazy how trash is getting increased everywhere after tiktok got banned. it was a dustbin for humanity but looks like director escaped that trashbin and thought they can litter internet by joining other platforms and pushing a mindless plot.

waste of TIME. SKIP


mindless movie
Obvious propaganda!

same festival is celebrated in spain called Running of the bulls

everyone enjoys it! it's a native culture. same directors and movie start will eat animals that too using halal method and chant 'we are protector of animals' lol music is lame. dialogues and acting are weak.

i want refund. time to increase price of rice and bags

Bad Boy Billionaires: India

did not talk about UK's offshore banking network which invites scamers around the world
It's like you watch an advertisement by throwing your money at it. it doesn't make any sense right? it's just a propaganda series so that UK govt. and Frudies can justify why it's okay to do manipulate system and get away with scams. City of London financial interests created a web of secrecy jurisdictions that captured wealth from across the globe and hid it in a web of offshore islands. Today, up to half of global offshore wealth is hidden in British jurisdictions and Britain and its dependencies are the largest global players in the world of international finance. Watch The Spider's Web: Britain's Second Empire, they have debunked same issue without any bias.



this is why we should stop nepotism
Senseless, story less bad editing skills and extremely poor quality of dialogs.

we need to find vaccine for this unbeatable virus. this is more dangerous than wuhan virus.

Stories by Rabindranath Tagore

distorts 'Kabuliwala' to show Hindu girl offering Namaz
The original story by Tagore, based on which the show has been made, does not mention anything about a Hindu girl offering namaz. The makers of the show inserted it on their own. There does not appear to be any justification for force-fitting such a narrative into the adaptation of the story, apart from petty political agenda.

this maker is pushing his low quality vlogs on netflix!

AVOID. boring AF


another lame movie by the pro Nepotism gang
The script has no new stuff in it. super slow and boring.

deol is as usual still doing bad acting.

other characters doesn't colab with the main actor.

not worth your time. i wish i would have read advice by those negative reviewers.

AVOID this trash.


great movie
Glad to see, finally historical movies are getting made.

it's a good movie. go for it.

it's based on the legend who made world's first flying air craft.


it takes 8 hours of your time and still it isn't worth it
I was stupid that i didn't followed reviews done by other folks here.

i thought why they are giving negative reviews? let me just try it maybe i am smarter.

but i was wrong. those negative reviews are right. this series isn't worth it. it isn't giving you anything 'NEW'.

it's predictable. skip it.

Class of 83

SRK will get detained again at US Airport for making lame projects
They project Bobby Deol i the trailer but you won't see him much in the movie.

felt like they just copy paste dialogues and style of a pro-jehad movie called 'once upon a time in mumbai'

very predictable story.

showed hindus as goons, and corrupt police man.

but showed molvis as Honest and law abiding police.

didn't share any single mulla gang which was shocking, in those era majority of gang was run by mullas and commie-congi leaders.

showed all non-mullas as meat eaters.

bobby deol acted very well, all other players very pretty average.

Bãhubali: The Beginning

I NEVER KNEW THAT we had such amazing film. go for it.

Indian Matchmaking

finally a digital sleeping pill i was looking for!
It was so boring that i slept for 8 hours while this was playing!

another Indophobic netflix propaganda. i don't understand why they are wasting production money on garbage shows like this?

anyway save your time and money. SKIP.


urban commie/jihadi propaganda
Yes you heard it right! the series is full of cringe. victim card propaganda and so on..


wow! this was way more better than i expected
Content is super rich. acting skills are lit. amazing series. a must watch for all indeed.


movie tries to hide 'Mother Teresa India charity home 'sold babies'' story
Mother Teresa India charity home 'sold babies'!

yes it's factual! watch hells angel by christopher hitchens if you don't believe it.

movie is just a propaganda to do push the rice bag conversions.

let's talk about the plot. drug,crimminal. BORING stuff. movie is slower than the moon cycle. i took 4 power naps the movie was still going on!

Jodhaa Akbar

The myth of Jodha Akbar is FAKE.
Akbar had 300 wives.

His harem, including the wives & concubines, had a strength of 5000.

Akbar married Rajput princesses from pretty much every region of rajputana (except Mewar). Infact, it was NOT Akbar but his SON Jahangir who had a Rajput wife/concubine named Jagat Gosain.

She was from Jodhpur. Hence known as "Jodha Bai"!

She was named Taj Bibi Bilqis. And she was converted to Islam. She was buried like a Muslim and her grave is at Suhagpura, Agra These romantic myths of Jodha-Akbar are not even found in one single source of Akbar or Jahangir.

These tales of Jodha are first found in the writings of James Todd(c.1820), a British colonial pseudo-Historian who also wrote many other such fantasies

NO JODHA BAI is mentioned ANYWHERE among wives & concubines. "The official histories of Akbar were written in Persian and there is no mention of Queen Jodhabai.

There is no proof of her in history"-

Dr S M Azizuddin Hussain


another love jihad propaganda with lame acting
Govt should fine producers for having low IQ. i understand they had to push propaganda but at least make it seem like it isn't. don't waste even 2 cent on this tatti movie.

You will get this feeling after watching this tatti movie: 'E bhai maaro muje maaro'

My Name Is Khan

oh no! another propaganda movie!
SRK got arrested at airports for his fishy activities thus they created this propaganda movie.

in order to play victim card and hide his connections with pak based jihadis he made this movie.

it was a cringe movie overall. AVOID.


govt. should fine directors for making a cringe movie
I don't know man.. why bollywood is degrading these days. they are out of content or what? it's high time that govt introduce refund policy. if movie doesn't get hit they must refund amount. i feel like i just wasted my time. these time of movies are representation of mental hell. save your bucks. donate to some actual NGOs(not the naxal ones) and save humanity. if you got more money just plant some trees at project green hands or other ngos

Main Hoon Na

lame acting
Lame plot. boring cringe movie.

director used taqqiya and showed right guy as a bad guy.


yet another grooming gang story
Mullahwood does it again! i think it's high time govt should stop allowing funding from pakistani aneel mussarat

everytime he funds a project it turns out to be a hinduphobic!

story was lame and slow. pathatic vfx. AVOID


movie adds acid on the wounds
Worst thing you can do is by supporting this movie. kashmir pandits have suffered alot. this movie is just a curse on suffering.

vidhu vinod chopra is a hinduphobic he tries to justify jihad wtf!

AVOID this movie if you still don't know about this.

Street Dancer 3D

why are we still here just to suffer
This is not just about saving money.

It's about saving human race.

even grooming gang of UK would give it 1 star after funding this project.

Acting was pathatic..

same goes for the direction.

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

i never thought Ajeet Bharti could play such an amazing role!
Opindia really nailed it by funding this project. Ajeet looked great in the new pirate look. i also admire how he destroyed all vampathis of Black Pearl.

overall its a good flick. watch it.


they just mocked the victim
Even crime petrol got better direction and screenplay than this. We need a law that can refund my money. most pathatic movie i have seen so far. people won't even pirate this sh**t. they showed Bashir Khan as non islamic character by adding sacred kalawa of non-muslims. isn't it shady?

They should have added accurate detail.

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