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Sotto il cielo di Roma

Good and bad
OK, where to begin! Talk about milking it and over dramatizing, this film is trying really really hard. The lead actress is so hard to watch and listen to, she's pretty and I guess that's why she was cast, her acting is shallow, wooden, nothing draws me into her character, it feels like she's just saying her lines, but does not embody her character. Maybe with time she'll grow as an actress, that's always the hope. Of course the director must take responsibility in the casting as he has final say and seems intent on casting cute peeps rather then real actors, though many of the actors were fine. Cromwell is always excellent. I can see why they only produced two episodes. The subject matter is always interesting, well mostly,

Django Unchained

An all time new low for all involved
Jesus, where to begin. Completely juvenile, rabbit trails galore, slow moving, get to the firkin point. The way the scenes drag and the endless explaining and talking. This movie was so distasteful, predictable and irritating. First of all, Foxx was miscast, he does not do period well, at all, totally unbelievable here, after years of slavery he's suddenly the fastes gun in the west, PLEASE!

The music, what are we to make of the modern day music with the period events here, you can't take any of it seriously. I had to laugh was so absolutely silly and out of place. I have lost all respect for writer/director, the actors I can only hope were in it for the money, but they lose my vote now too.

Open your EYES folks, for god sakes this is all about bringing division, "I wanna shoot white people and get paid for it". WOW, talk about the globalist elite wanting to distract and divide, this is one of their vehicles. Good for you Hollywood and Washington DC, add another notch to your ugly crown.

The Local

Intense film, very well done on all levels
Reminded me of The Bourne Supremacy, but much better because the sense of reality this film brings. This was an intense ride from beginning to end.

I was surprised to discover that Dan Eberle is the writer, and also the director and star, WOW. He has a very firm grasp of what he wants, what he's doing, the craft, very difficult to pull all these roles off and very few do it well. My hat's off to you Daniel, you're a very talented young man, keep it up.

Pay no mind to those that dissed this film, they sound jealous and ignorant.

I love that there are no stars in it. ALL the actors are excellent and totally believable, DP, color and edit, just really great stuff.

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