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Mädchen Mädchen 2

The Funniest!
Another excellent German movie that I found while flipping to a channel that shows foreign movies when I was bored-- and I'm glad I found it! It has to be one of my favourite comedies of all time! Even though I had to go with the subtitles, there was no way that you couldn't understand the jokes in it. I was laughing so loudly in my room I'm surprised no one thought I'd gone crazy! Inken, Lucy and Lena are great characters, and not having seen the first movie before this one, I didn't have any bias against the new character.

The male characters also show WHY girls are on top-- hahaha. But they provide some serious 'eye-candy' and some heated moments :D At this point, I've got to say that Inken steals the show with her scenes! I don't know if the storyline was just written funnier for her-- but most of the scenes that would have me just bursting out laughing usually had her in it.

Also, their use of the movie Sissi, another of my favourite movies had me laughing so hard, that I just had an urge to try that game :D Lastly, it's not a sweet, always happy movie-- it's real (except of course, up-sized to movie size) and the struggles they go through are real.

Fast paced and with colourful characters-- I'd love to watch this movie over and over again :D

7 Zwerge

Just for Fun
I found this movie the same way I find foreign films that I want to buy on DVD, by being bored late at night and turning to the foreign channel. This is the third German offering that I've found to be quite enjoyable.

The storyline is surreal-- 7 dwarfs who aren't dwarfs. Though thankfully Snow White is still Snow White. The blonde, sorry 'brunette' jokes are a tasteful addition to Nina Hagen's evil queen character.

I was surprised there was a storyline in it, because its supposed to just be a spoof of the Snow White story, but the story is pretty good-- I especially like the Tupperware container-- whoever thought of that was a genius.

The dwarfs are funny and all contribute to the humour of things, by the end of it, you will be wanting to grab someone and play 'CHECK!' Might warn the kids not to try that at home.

It's been over two months since I've seen it, and I still laugh when I think of certain scenes.

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